Welcome to my blog! This is where I write things when I am bored. I have a story that is completed for NaNoWriMo, short for National Novel Writing Month, namely Colours of Change. I also have an ongoing story, namely Skybound.

Take note of a few things:

Firstly, due to WordPress’ system, all posts are posted in chronological manner, and thus, the story must be read from bottom to top.

Secondly, the journal posts under Skybound are meant to be read only when linked from a certain chapter, so don’t go ahead and spoil yourself with all that casual reading of the journal posts.

Thirdly, the pages, Character profiles and Encyclopedia, contains spoilers. Please only visit them when you have finished viewing up to the latest chapters.


2 Responses to Home

  1. Daniel says:

    Hey, why don’t you update anymore? I miss reading your stories

    • rabbitaly says:

      Hello Daniel! I’m glad you follow my stories! School has been a little hectic for me and I haven’t had enough time to continue with the series, but I will try my best to continue it!

      Just a little question, which story did you prefer and what comments do you have for them?

      Thank you for following me 🙂

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