Skybound – Chapter 1

Skybound Chapter 1 – The new technology

“Hey, Kieris! Did you hear about the first airships? They are so awesome, floating in the skies and stuff!” Ekahue shouted, attempting to tell me the news. Unfortunately, I was paying attention on the news and had just read about it on the newspaper, telling me how it all worked, and thus did not hear him.

“KIERIS!” Ekahue took away the newspaper and shouted in my face. “WHAT?” I replied, angrily due to him taking away the newspaper.

His eyes shifted along the first line of the article. “Oh it seems like you have read about it.  Never mind then. You want get Isabel to make something like that with us? As you know, she is a professional engineer, she is very likely to be interested in doing that. You are a sniper and your side profession is mining, and I’m a tank. So, venturing into tough locations is easy stuff.” He seemed excited about it, but he was right, looking at my sniping level, I could probably deal some damage while he tanked the damage from the monsters for me.

“Well, why not. I’d like to get to higher levels on my sniping skills. I bet Isabel would like this thing, she always tries to make something complicated but never has enough materials. She would be glad to make stuff with enough materials for once. Could also get Jedidiah to help us, since he is a Smith who can help us make stronger weapons, who knows his potential?” I agreed as I readied my rifle, showing that I was ready.

In this world, we have no shops to sell ammunition, but the shops or smiths sell coatings. Bullets are not made by Smith or any weaponry, but gunners have the natural ability to create rounds out of “Aura”. Basically, all humans have their own ability , some are snipers, some are tanks, some are  bladers, and even rarer, some are dual wielders, who have the ability to wield two of a single type of weapon, depending on what they are firstly trained with. Dual wielders get to choose their weapon of choice unlike others. All our abilities are born at puberty, which they get notified with their Aura.

The notification system tells the human what their ability is and they can only use that ability, and not anything else, meaning, a human with the sniper skill can never forge weapons. People with abilities to use guns can create their ammunition with their own Aura and different auras create ammunition of different elements, but that aura can only create a single element, and thus coating is created. Coating allows additional element, but weaker damage with that element. Of course, the basic element is strongest.

Professions are also random, so if you are a Smith but do not have a harvesting profession, its a pity such that you have to rely on others to obtain materials for you or buy from shops. For me, I have the mining profession, which can be used to harvest material rocks or crystals for smiths to create tools, for engineers to create contraptions. For Ekahue, he have the Chef profession. He can make food out of any type of edible ingredient, and depending on the quality on the ingredient, the taste and effects of the food differs.

“Isabel! Have you heard the news?” Ekahue shouted as we reached her house. The door was opened not long after and Isabel came out, then yawned. She seemed as if she just woke up, but awaken by Ekahue.

“Oh hello, Ekahue and Kieris… What news should I know of, Ekahue?” she greeted us.

“The first airship have been created and they told us of how it works! I think you can try to remake it and make it even better, right?” Ekahue asked excitedly.

Isabel’s ears twitched a bit as she payed attention to what Ekahue was saying, apparently very interested in news related to contraptions. “Well, that seems interesting, but hard to do. Materials of that quality are hard to come by. Gears, Engines, well they are pretty expensive to make. I don’t think that just you,” Isabel looked at me, “can obtain the materials required. There are other materials that a miner cant get.” My excitement ceased a little, hearing that we require another type of harvester. “Do you know Jed’s ability?” she asked. Not knowing much about Jedidiah, we shook our heads.

“All we know is that Jed’s a smith, could probably make tools for you to build with, high quality tools, more efficient and stuff.” I answered, calmly. “That is good, to a certain extent. In conclusion, to make a good ship, we need high quality tools and materials, and to get high quality materials, it seems like we have to venture deep into the wilderness, but I don’t think we are of high enough caliber to venture such deep locations.”

“Then the first thing to do is… Train!” A voice came a distance.

— To be continued.


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