Skybound – Chapter 2

Skybound Chapter 2 – Preparation

There are many ways to train, but who knows which is efficient? Training is just one way to get stronger and raise your level, but there are many methods of training.

“Training can wait, Jed.” Bel countered, and broke of my trail of thoughts.

“Why?” Jed asked.

“I have something for you to do. I have some materials here, make us some weapons. Armours can wait.”

“What materials do you have, Bel? Tritonium? Living shards?”

“Go to hell, I’m not that rich for those materials. I have some Luxium. I know they are not much, but you can make fancy stuff with that. I’ll give you some copper too, steam-powered weapons are nice.” Luxium is a crystal that illuminates without the need of any energy and copper is known to be good for handling steam. Copper weapons are not the strongest weapons, but when fused with Luxium, it produces a very good alloy called Clux that glows, and is also strong. Clux also has the properties of both Luxium and Copper.

“I see. I’ll make beautiful weapons for you guys. Do you have any mold that I can use or do I have to…”

“Damn it, don’t ignore us… we’re still here! Anyway, Clux weapons are not bad, and I have some Nixin, which is an insulant for the grips, don’t want to get burnt just by wielding the weapons do we?” Ekahue shouted.

“I’m sorry, Ekahue and Kieris, didn’t mean to separate the wheat from the chaff… Just wanted to get everything done. But, Jed, I don’t have a mold, though that would be better than having a mold. You can personalise the weapons for each of us right?” Bel continued.

“Yes Ma’am! Hammer for you, sniper rifle for Kieris, sword and shield for Ekahue and dual pistols for me,” he studied our shocked faces and continued, “Yes, I am a dual wielder who uses pistols.”

Jealousy was on all our faces, getting to be a dual wielder is very rare, but at the same time is dangerous. If you’re known to be a dual wielder, people will try anything to obtain you, anything. And thus, they don’t reveal themselves to just anyone. Well, a dual wielder has a more interesting life.

After Ekahue and Bel passed the materials to Jed, we parted ways.

Night has fell and it was dangerous for us to be out. Monsters are more aggressive at night and are even more daring. They even dare to enter the village and thus we cannot remain outside at night.

Our village is called Burningwood. The name comes from the trees we have here which are called Petch. They last very long and is a great source for fuel. Since Ekahue’s parents are not in Burningwood, he had to live with me, in my house.

“We’re back, Mum!”

“Welcome back, Kieris and Ekahue!” My mother welcomed us home. Father had been out for work for a long time, so we were used to being alone. She works as a seamstress and most of the villager’s clothing are made by her. I wondered what would happen when we venture into the wilderness and leave her alone at home… The thought alone made me want to cry, I sincerely hope she can cope being alone.

We took off our shoes and ran upwards to our room.

“You know how Jed is famous for finishing his smithery in a day? Yeah. Prepare your items for the adventure because we’re heading out into the wilderness tomorrow. I told Bel to prepare too, so let’s just hope she wakes up on time.” Laughter filled the room. We were imagining how Bel can wake up with the hair strewn over the place, making her look like a ghost, but that was not what made us shudder. The thought of her chasing us with her hammer did though. Never would want to anger her. After that, we rushed to complete our preparations.

“Well, let’s just take a nap and prepare for tomorrow. Don’t want to wake up being very tired and have no stamina to run and explore.” I smiled.

I switched off the lights and something popped up at the side of my view, a rectangle was jumping. Enable Dual Sniper?

— To be continued.

Link to Journal Entry #1


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