Skybound – Prologue

Skybound – Prologue

The machines, the engines. The screeching sounds echoing in my ears. Another day has passed without notice and we are still safe. Good news indeed. We are not pirates, but we have our own defense mechanisms to protect ourselves. Fortunately, our technology is probably better than the others.

“Rabbit! Where are you?” A voice of a female reverberated throughout the metal walls.

“In here, in the engine room, Bel.” I replied.

Bel is just a shortened name for Isabel, our team’s engineer. She works on the mechanisms in the ship and most were made by her, our lasers, shields. It sure took a long time to get this ship working, but I’m pretty sure that it took a short time if the time was compared what other organisations took to make one. Bel is an awesome engineer, knowing about technology, and knowing how to make technology, technology that probably no one has seen before. Well, most of the other groups do have engineers that can make good stuff that we haven’t see before too, so it isn’t much of a surprise.

She calls me rabbit because I myself, made a tool that allows me to jump high to reach stuff, and at the same time prevents fall damage. Well, my real name is Kieris.

“I need you to pass me that tool of yours, what was it..? The steam wrench.”

Always working on things I see. That is actually how our days go, improving the ship non-stop to prevent us from being a target for raid as weaklings are usually targets for airpirates. Not a fun thing to be happening.

-To be continued.


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