Skybound – Chapter 3

Skybound Chapter 3 – Adventure begins!

Dad has always been the one who taught me how to use a sniper rifle, but now he’s away and cannot help me. How am I supposed to wield two of them at once…?

“Wake up, Kieris! You have been chanting the words ‘Sniper rifle’ for about thirty minutes already!”

“Who.. are you?” I rubbed my eyes as I sat upright on my bed. Ekahue was sitting on the chair beside my bed.

“Oh its you.” I became sober.

“Well, glad you recognise me. Go on and wash up, today’s a big day!” Ekahue cheered.

Big day… That could only meant that we were heading out on this very day. Darn, I haven’t complete packing my backpack yet! I hastily packed my backpack and ran down to the living room, where breakfast was laid out on the dining table. Ekahue has always helped us prepare food. Every time I watch him make breakfast, it was as if his cooking ingredient listened to him, played well together and turned into good dishes just for him.

“Are you ready? We should leave now, Jedidiah came to me earlier and said our weapons were ready and we should head out to collect our weapons at his house. Then, we should also wake Isabel.” Ekahue surprised me from behind.

“Oh yeah. I almost forgotten that she always oversleeps. Well, I am ready, so let’s head out!” I replied.

Opening the door, I prepared myself from any sort of surprise attack from the monsters. Usually there are monsters ready to ambush you outside your door. Taking out a wooden sword, I opened the door and ran out, with Ekahue following behind.

A creature, also called Sluke, with a dog-like head and a snake-like body slithered towards me, attempting to attack me. Being experienced in dealing with it, I held my sword and slashed downwards, knowing it would jump. The interface displayed data I have never seen before, perhaps due to the fact I have never fought one since the interface appeared.

Level : 1
Skills : NIL

It displayed only very little information, but was enough to tell me I was weak. A second later, the Sluke split into two and it fell onto the ground.

“Good ingredient. I think I could make good food with it,” Ekahue picked up the two halves of the Sluke with a smile on his face.

After the encounter with a Sluke, there were no more encounters of monsters. We continued the walk and headed up the mountain to Jedidiah’s house. It looked completely different from the outside. From the outside, it looked just like a normal house, yet in the inside, there was a boiler, steam engines, furnaces and molds. Tubes were everywhere, channeling steam and water to different location, fulfilling the needs of every machine in the house.

“Welcome guys, your weapons are ready!” Jedidiah said, proud of his creation. The weapons greeted us with its glow. They look wonderful. I went ahead, and picked up the sniper rifle. It was marvelous, every part of it delicately made.

“Also, Kieris, I only realised this when I made your sniper rifle. When the sniper rifle was made, it has glowed very brightly, which only meant that there was a unique ability, which was an ability that highlights enemies that are hiding.” Jedidiah continued.

“That’s not fair, why doesn’t my shield have a special ability?” Ekahue whined.

“That is because you weren’t lucky enough. Now stop whining and let’s go wake Bel up.” Jedidiah retorted.

I picked up Bel’s hammer from the table and admired its beauty. I didn’t expect Jedidiah to be so good at smithery. After that, we waited for Jedidiah to finish his preparations, before we headed out. While waiting, I tried drawing my aura and solidifying it, as I was taught by my dad before he went out for work. He was a strong sniper, the one who taught me how to shoot. Drawing my aura was easy, yet tiring, but I wasn’t able to solidify it to form a bullet.

“Let’s go, Kieris!” Ekahue shouted to me. I guess forming ammunition will be for another day. We headed down the hill, heading east. Isabel’s house was very close to the forest we would be exploring. We knocked on the door and prepared ourselves to hear her yawning as per usual.

“Hey guys!” Bel shouted from behind. Surprisingly, she wasn’t asleep, but already well prepared. Wearing a sleeveless blouse and checkered skirt, she looked elegant. She prepared another wrench in case she had to do anything mechanical. I hid the Clux Hammer, wanting to surprise her.

“Pass me the Clux Hammer and stop hiding it from me. I saw you hiding it before you even arrived.”

“Man, you really saw through me, spoiling all the fun. What made you so attentive to what I had done?” I asked.

“Well, excitement! I wanted to see my Clux Hammer,” she stared at me, then I passed the Hammer reluctantly to her, “but it seems to be wonderfully made. I wonder how much damage I could deal to you, maybe knock you out with this?” Bel stared at me.

“Knock it out you guys. Can we head out already? I can’t wait to see how much damage I can deal to those creatures in the forest. With this shield, I think I can face anything!” Ekahue exclaimed.

Without much thought, Ekahue dashed into the dense forest. Being so close to the forest, I finally got to admire its magnificence. Towering Petch trees with dense canopy overshadowed me, making me feel small. Many creatures live in the forest, ranging from tamable flying pigs to Parskes which have  sharp teeths, small heads and swims very fast, making them deadly.

Suddenly, Ekahue flew out of the forest, and face-planted onto the ground, and behind him came a gargantuan elephant with Luxium Crystal lining its tusks.

Level : 10
Skills: Upwards thrust & Luxium Resonance

To be continued.


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