Skybound – Chapter 4

Skybound Chapter 4 – New beginning

“I’m fine, don’t worry about me. Deal with that Luxuphant!” Ekahue stood up and took out his shield, running forward. The shield exploded with the colour red, his Aura. The red colour signified that his element is Fire. He dashed forward, touching the Luxuphant with his shield. The Luxuphant’s arm turned hot red, as if it was burnt.

– Ekahue
New skill
+ Scorching Shield
Burns the enemy when in contact with the shield

“Okay, let’s go!” I shouted. I took out my Clux Sniper Rifle, and focused. I imagined the shaping of my white aura, shaping it into bullets and filling the sniper rifle. The sniper rifle glowed with a silvery aura and the temperature around lowered. After that, I held the sniper rifle, held my breath, aimed at the Luxuphant’s arm, and pressed the trigger. The bullet hit its arm, and severely damaged it, preventing it from standing upright.

New skill
+Glacial Shot
Launches a bullet with a very cold temperature.

Jedidiah took out the two Clux pistols, holding it on both hands, and loaded it with ammunition created with his aura. His pistols glowed with a very bright yellow. Clouds started forming in the skies above, and as he pulled the trigger, the bullets left a deadly trail of lightning. The bullets hit the Luxuphant, and the Luxuphant collapsed, sending a shockwave outwards.

New skill
+Lightning Shots
Within a certain timeframe, all bullets will have the ability to stun in addition to the damage of every bullet. The bullets also leave a trail of lightning which damages anything that touches the trail.

Before Bel could take out her hammer, our weapons started to glow, not in the colour of our own aura, but purple in colour. The Luxuphant’s tusks also glowed brightly, and it started to stand slowly. The effects of the damage we dealt to it was slowly disappearing as it lifted itself off the ground. Slowly, we became a little fatigued as it continued to heal. It was the effects of the Luxium Resonance. It pulls energy from us through the Luxium Crystals and absorbed it to heal. As I slowly realised what was happening, I stopped the input of aura towards my rifle, which caused it to stop glowing in purple, as if it was dead.

“Stop the input of aura into your weapons! Its using the crystals to channel the energy!” I shouted. However, without the input of aura, abilities and ammunition can’t be produced, but melee weapons can still damage.

“I see. Ekahue and I should take this chance to distract it from using its ability, and when it stops channelling energy, go on and shoot him down, Jed and Kieris.” Bel assessed the situation. She dashed forward with her hammer, which was glowing bright grey, and started pummeling the Luxuphant’s tusks, preventing it from using the ability. The trees around us started to sway a little due to her aura, which allowed her to move easily with the wind. Ekahue took its shield and threw it at the Luxuphant like a boomerang. It flew, grazed the Luxuphant’s forehead and flew back to Ekahue, and he grabbed the shield, preparing for another shot.

New skill
+Wind Dance
As long as the skill is activated, the user will have little to no air resistance, reducing the amount of energy required for every movement.

Grabbing the chance, I started to reload my rifle with my aura, also aiming at the Luxuphant. It was busy, trying to swat Bel, yet she was nimble, dodging every attack from the Luxuphant with her lightning reflexes, along with help from her skill. I held my rifle, held my breath, and aimed at the Luxuphant’s head, wanting to land a headshot. Without a second thought, I pulled the trigger and watched as my bullet pierce its head, killing it. The Interface removed the Luxuphant’s health indicator, which told us that it was dead.

In no time at all, Isabel dashed to its tusks and started to harvest the crystals, yet was unable to do so.

“Isabel, I’m the miner here, let me do the job.” I told Bel, and took out the diamond tipped chisel I had used for removing useful minerals from stone since I was seven. As I started to carve the Luxium crystals out of the tusks, Ekahue went ahead to obtain the parts of the Luxuphant which was edible after being cooked. Jed continued on to explore the Interface, which showed us that we have been promoted from Level 1 to Level 5, due to killing a Level 10 Luxuphant. I momentarily paused to wonder what the levels meant and what would we gain from it, but continued to obtain the Luxium crystals.

“Today’s spoils in total, thirty Luxium Crystal shards, could possibly use it for many more equipment, a large piece of Luxuphant meat, should last us quite awhile, and gigantic tusks… What can we use it for?” I explained the loots we obtained from today.

“These tusks… Much better than the rest. Allows you to grow crystals in it, and even, make gears with it. If you imbue the Luxuphant Gears with the Luxium Crystals, they make good gears for machinery, rarely any gear slips. ” Bel answered my query with her expertise in engineering. After much debate on what we should do with the remaining bones, we decided to let it decompose, to become fertilisers for these Petch trees.

Thirty minutes after, we started to head deeper into the forest, being complacent of our abilities. Fortunately, after a twenty minutes walk, there was no sight of any creatures. We were deep into the forest, fleeing back to Burningwood Village was no longer an option. There were many flora in the area, unknown to me, yet beautiful. Vines extended downwards, from the canopies of the trees high up above ground. Remembering what Jed mentioned about my Sniper Rifle, I took it out and used it to scan the area of any hostile creatures that were hiding. Then, I realised something. We was ambushed, not from ground, but from the sky. The canopies of the trees around us had highlights on them, revealing hiding hostile creatures.

“Crap. Run, trust me!” I shouted to my group members while we were about to be killed by many unknown creatures.

Level: 12
Skills: ?

— To be continued.


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