Journal Entry #2

Kieris’ Journal – Entry #2

Today, I’ve learn a lot from the battle with the Larps. Each aura has unique properties which will affect the user when activated. Bullet s are ineffective against Larps… why? If only I could be the one dealing the most damage… Maybe the Lux sniper rifle would evolve, like Bel’s hammer? Hmm. Tons of loot from the Larps, and we’re all at Level 9. That was great improvement, no?

Proxy Sniper, how am I supposed to carry you and the Lux sniper at the same time? One thing I noticed however, the Lux sniper was lighter when the proxy sniper formed, and it was easy to lift both up… I might have to work on coordination of both hands if I were to use the dual sniper in future… I wonder if the Proxy sniper has a restriction?

Ah well, I’ll continue to keep the news of the dual sniper to myself. Don’t want to capture that much attention. Proxy sniper, we will meet again when the time is right.

Journal, that is all.


3rd April, 199


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