Skybound – Chapter 5

Skybound Chapter 5 – Larps and Proxy

“Why?” Ekahue shouted as he panted, yet continued to run.

“I… will explain later,” I paused to catch my breath, “No time to explain!” I twisted my head just to catch a glimpse of what was was our predators. There was a group of them, running on twos like us human, and holding what seemed to me as crossbows. The crossbows glowed with a explosive blue aura, possibly possessing the element [Water].

Assessing the situation, I realised a few things. Ekahue’s element, [Fire], is weak against the Larps’ element, [Water], thus Ekahue would most likely not able to use his element, but what if he could find a way to deactivate the blue aura with his ability? Jedidiah’s element, [Lightning] is definitely a catalyst which would greatly increase the damage of the blue aura users, yet also harm them. Probably a good idea to stay far away and avoid getting hit by any bolts if Jedidiah were to ,activate the aura. In my head, I started to strategise with the pros and cons we had as we ran.

-Information Updated
Level : 12
Skills : Water Cycle, Extinguish

“HEY! They have water coating for their ammo too! That’s unfair!” Ekahue ranted.

I looked back to confirm, there was a blue tube sitting on the crossbow, linking to the riser. Right after I turned back, a bolt was shot one centimetre to the left of my head. That was definitely lucky. The terrain started to differ as we furthered the jungle, the trees started to lessen, the land became flatter, with lesser obstacles. It was a good place to start the battle after a long run. The Larps detected our decrease in speed and slowed down as well.

Surprisingly, after the long run, Bel hasn’t panted a bit. She took out her canteen, started drinking, and just calmly took out her hammer. I followed suit, drank water from my canteen and armed myself with my sniper rifle.

“Do NOT attack until I say so, Jedidiah and Kieris.” Bel commandeered and as she dashed, she started bursting with the grey aura, which enveloped her in a gust of wind, deflecting all bolts and redirecting them somewhere else. As she headed closer to the group of five Larps, her hammer disappeared out of the blue and then she went fighting unarmed with one of the Larps. She scooped the Larp up and slammed him down onto the floor, then she stretched her hand up in the air, grabbed her hammer, and struck the Larp in the chest, which instantly eliminated one target for us.

“NOW!” Bel shouted as she dodged out of our aiming range. We started sending a barrage of bullets into the Larps. When we were just out of ammunition and was about to reload them, Ekahue took out his shield and guarded us. The fiery red aura, although nearly extinguished with the water coating of the bullets, provided us enough time to reload, and as we were done, Ekahue went behind us and allowed us to continue shooting.

“Switch!” I shouted. Jedidiah and I instantly went behind Ekahue’s cover to allow Bel to continue her rampage. The group of Larps were almost eliminated. With the final swing of the hammer, and with the boost of wind, the whole group was taken out.

“Nice synchronisation there. And wow, you’re strong, Bel.” Jed admired.

“Well, I am a powerhouse after all.” Bel attempted to show off.

“Well, that’s just great! It’s so gonna help when you face a [Guardian] or [God] rank monster,” teased Ekahue.

Bel rolled her eyeballs and looked away. I ran towards the corpse and started to loot what is useful to us. As I scanned the scales of the Larps, I realised that our bullets were not strong against them, and was definitely not what defeated them. It was the hammer which damaged the flesh using the impact of the hammer. I turned and looked at Bel. Something caught my attention.

“Bel, the hammer!” I alerted her. Everyone diverted their attention to Isabel’s hammer. She reached her hands behind her back and loosened the grip of the leather sheath which was holding onto the hammer and stopping it from falling, and pulled the hammer out. It was glowing violently, not because of the ability of Clux. Clux only provided a calm glow. As soon as she touched the hammer head, particles exploded out of the hammer, only to leave a totally unfamiliar hammer.

-Equipment updated
–Clux Hammer Mk II—
A better and stronger hammer, with ancient word carvings on it. It may seem older and more ancient than its previous state, but it unlocks many more abilities for the user to discover.

“Ah, it’s so amazing, seeing a weapon evolve. My first, at that too.” Bel said, enthralled by the Hammer’s beauty.

“Time to catch up, no?” I turned to face the guys.

Jedidiah and Ekahue nodded their heads.

-Loot updated
–Larps flesh– x10
Remains fresh for a long period of time with the residue of water aura coating it. Good ingredient for cooking, but comes in small quantity.
–Larps scale– x5
Keeps the body of the larps moist constantly with the ability of the scales. Is bullet resistant. Material for armours, and ingredient for facial products.

–Location Update – Burningwood Village

“Ah, after a long trip, finally back at home!” I exclaimed.

“Don’t forget your task, Jedidiah. Make us some good equipment with the Luxium Crystals and Larps scales alright?” Bel reminded.

“Alright, alright. By the way, where’s Ekahue?” Jedidiah questioned.

Instantly, we fixed our gazes at something running about, holding the Luxuphant meat in the far distance.

“Always distracted. Well, let’s rest for the day before heading out again into the forest again!” Bel murmured before dashing off to her house.

“Alright, see you tomorrow, Jedidiah.” I waved and bid him good bye.

Dashing through the fields of green and avoiding the cows that were grazing in the pastures, I finally reached my house. At the doorstep, I was able to smell a fragrant smell of meat. I really hoped Ekahue didn’t cook the rare succulent Luxuphant meat this fast… I gripped onto the doorknob, twisted it, opened the door and dashed into the kitchen, about to scream in his face hundred reasons why he should not have used the Luxuphant meat.

“Don’t worry, I’m just cooking the Sluke meat. Not going to waste such good food now am I?” He instantly predicted what I was about to question him about and replied with such accuracy.

“Good.” I replied and slowly walked up to my room. I put my backpack on the floor, and took a look at the delicate Clux Sniper on my hand. I wonder, what do I do when the time comes when I require double sniper? How would I get another sniper rifle without my partners noticing? Knowing Ekahue was down on the first floor cooking the food, he would not head to my room unless there was an issue of utmost urgency. My curiosity got the better of me and the annoyance of the button jumping did not help at all. I gave in to my curiosity and enabled Dual sniper.

Another rectangle appeared. Enable assistive sniper rifle? Yes. The Clux sniper on my hand instantly vibrated vigorously, not vigorous enough to alert Ekahue fortunately. On my left hand formed appeared a line, then another, and another. It all started extending, bending around corners and started to form an outline of something familiar. A sniper rifle. What in the world… A proxy secondary sniper? The proxy rifle was not opaque, but translucent. It was weightless, and was easy to control.

The sound of someone walking on the steps was heard all of a sudden. What do I do? In a panic, I disabled Dual Sniper and reenabled Sniper. The proxy sniper disappeared in an instant, and at the same moment, the door opened. I heaved a sigh of relief and wiped the perspiration off my forehead. That was stressful.

“Let’s get eating shall we?” Ekahue asked.

— To be continued.

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  1. alphaburst says:

    Hey Warren. It’s Athiyah.
    Great. You’ve gone and done it. Now I’m addicted to your story.
    How are you keeping such intense plots with such little vocabulary? I envy you.
    I’m eager to read more of your chapters! Keep updating!

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