Skybound – Chapter 6

Skybound Chapter 6 – Buffs

“Hey Kieris, what was that noise earlier?” Ekahue asked as he threw a piece of sluke meat into his mouth.

“What noise?” I replied. As nervous as I was, I tried to suppress my fears and speak calmly and innocently.

“I can’t describe the sound by words, but it sounded really soft yet swift.” Ekahue continued to elaborate.

“I must have been too busy packing my backpack to notice, didn’t notice any noise.” I lied.

“I see. Can’t help but continue to be curious!” Ekahue sighed and continued to eat.

Dinner was not delicious, but it was not as bad as I thought it to be. Sluke meat was actually edible. Being able to trick Ekahue, that’s another first. Usually, he sniffs out every single clue and uses them against me when I lie. I slowly walked towards my room to look at the loot I obtained.

“Kieris, I’ll head to bed first. We’ll be heading out after breakfast!” Ekahue shouted across the living room. I raised my arm and gestured a thumbs up to him.

Back in the room, I took out my Clux rifle again. I shifted my eyes to the annoying jumping button. To explore or not to explore? Dual sniper and Assistive sniper rifle enabled. I gave in to the curiosity. The beauty of the vibrations, the Clux rifle glowed magnificently, then lost its glow. Lines traced back and forth like before, from my left hand. At every bend, the lines glowed a little more, and the lines also produced a great amount of light. When the shape was formed, the lights died down and the proxy sniper appears once again.

As light as the proxy rifle is, I found a huge flaw in it. It was weightless. With the Clux rifle on my right arm and the proxy rifle on my left, it was hard to balance, one with a great deal of weight, one with close to none. How am I supposed to use both at once with such difficulty? Yes, it was beautiful and light, but if both rifles have different weight, how am I to use it? I’ll always be tilted to the right if so!

The proxy sniper lost its glow and shattered, just as I dropped it. As light as feather, it was still affected by gravity and fragile.

I looked out through the window and realised it was already rather late. The full moon hung high in the sky. I threw my clux rifle onto my backpack, thinking it would land without a sound, but a clang broke the silence of the night.

I bent down, about to grasp the rifle before I saw outlines everywhere. I remained contact with the rifle. Outlines of monsters showed that they surrounded the house, desperate for flesh. I dashed down the staircase and shouted for Ekahue.

“What’s happening?” Ekahue replied with a frustrated tone, confused by the sudden awakening.

“Monsters everywhere, outside our house. I see them through the sniper rifle.” I quickly explained.

“Let’s clear them up.” he spoke instantaneously.

Ekahue took his shield from his room and dashed out of the door. His fiery aura burst with light from the shield.

— Wereslukes —
Level: 12
Skills: Infect

The Weresluke were everywhere, their crimson eyes and bloodied fangs were more ferocious then their level one counterpart. Wereslukes piled on top of one another horizontally as soon as they touched the burning hot shield. I ran out of the door, following behind him to cover his back. Turning around 180 degrees, I noticed a Weresluke jumping and aiming for me. By reflex, I raised my sniper rifle and pulled the trigger, putting a bullet in its body. Not a time to rest, I immediately drew my aura, forming bullets and focusing it in the rifle. The red and silver auras shined brightly, lighting up the general area around us. Gunshots were heard repeatedly, only at most second between each shot.

“They are not dying down!” Ekahue exclaimed. His tired voice showed exhaustion of using his aura constantly.

“I think we can create a mountain with those.” I joked, but continued to be wary of the waves of Wereslukes.

We slowly moved, approaching Jed’s house as we pushed through the countless waves of Wereslukes. Ekahue shielded me from them while I attempted to wake Jedidiah up. A pair of pistols should do the trick in eliminating the waves.

The door opened, and Jedidiah appeared.

“Don’t enter!” Jedidiah shouted.

“Look outside, look at the situation.” I replied.

He pushed me aside and took a glance. Then, he continued.

“That’s bad… Never mind, I’ll come out and help you.”

He walked out of the door, holding a pair of pistols unfamiliar to me. Behind him were glowing objects, but he closed the door shut before I could observe further. He rushed out and started shooting. In seconds, the Wereslukes were eliminated.

“How in the…” Ekahue muttered, face in shock.

“Clux Pistol Mk II, for me. Got the piercing ability.” Jedidiah boasted.

-Equipment updated
–Clux Pistol Mk II–
A rusty looking yet with carvings that glowed. A mixture of ancient and current technology. Gears spun on the outside after every shot, loading the bullets before hand, providing the user with more efficiency for shooting.

The shield glowed vigorously, lights shining through from different points of the shield. The shield cracked and pieces slowly chipped off from itself. Slowly, from the bottom, the shield became dust and fell onto the ground. A glow appeared on his hand.

“Wait, what is ha-” Ekahue jumped.

Lines extended from his hand, forming and outline of a shield. The line stopped at every bent, creating a glowing point, and from there, more lines extended. Soon, the full image of the shield formed. Colours filled the shield, and it solidified.

-Equipment updated
–Clux Shield Mk II [V]–
A variation of the normal shield, taking a second branch. It has separate abilities from its normal branch but is less metallic. The borders are transparent and has carvings that glowed red.

My sniper rifle also glowed softly, this time, in a calm manner, unlike other Clux weapon upgrades. The light stopped glowing. my other hand appeared a bright glow, just like when my assistive rifle is on. I looked to the right of the Interface, it indicated that dual sniper is disabled. Lines traced the shape of the sniper rifle, but dissimilar from the assistive sniper. Is it solidifying a second sniper rifle? The lines collapsed into a ball of light, split into two. One jumped onto the Clux Sniper and the other headed straight in the direction of my room. The former merged with the rifle and exploded in the familiar silvery aura. The internal sniper shattered and another appeared in its stead.

-Equipment updated
–Clux Sniper Mk II [Right]–
An upgraded version of its previous state. Suited to fit the right hand and has an extendible butt. Geared on the outside, when a bullet fires, the rifle is automatically cocked, so the user can continue to use it without the use of time to pull back the trigger. Ancient carvings lined the barrel and glowed calmly.

Right? There must be another one with the label left then?

Thud. Thud. Thud.

“Now all our weapons are upgraded, we should be able to head deeper into the forest… right?” Ekahue smiled.

Thud. Thud. Thud.

“Do you hear that?” Jedidiah said.

Thud. Thud. Thud. I followed the direction of the sound and turned.

“Over there!” I shouted.

— Were Luxuphant —
Level: 30
Skills: Infect, Upwards thrust & Luxium Resonance

— To be continued.


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