Journal Entry #3

Kieris’ Journal – Entry #3

Unexpected. This is highly unusual. Now I have two rifles that I have to carry on my hand. Ekahue is currently sleeping soundly, so it’s fine for me to experiment.

Firstly, how do I integrate it? Sniper rifles are meant to be a one shot wonder, with an extensive range, and a destructive power, but now with two, how would it work out? One with a retractible bayonet, the other with a extendible butt. What is it trying to tell me?

Secondly, how am I going to hide the fact tha- what is this? The whole of the second rifle can be folded into a small compartment! That’s no longer an issue then! I have to be extra careful though, even with a smaller size, it is possible for them to find out. I should not let any one else know that am also a dual wielder.

Lastly, who is that voice…? Guide me on, whoever you are.

Journal, that is all.


7th April, 199


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