Skybound – Chapter 7

Skybound Chapter 7 – Voices

A ball of light whizzed past and red lines swiftly appeared one by one, on the Were luxuphant’s trunk. Red liquid instantly turned into black blots, the skin around the lines shrivel and blackened. With every second passing, the amount of pain increased. The Were luxuphant made a sound that hurt without physical damage. Soon, it fell onto its side, flinching with every further damage. I could no longer describe it’s physical features.

“There, it’s fallen. Why did you wander out so late in the night? You shouldn’t ..” the ball of light spoke.

“Look behind us.” I interrupted her speech. A form of a lady appeared, after the glow disappeared from the ball. On two hands were daggers, no doubt made of some precious mineral; it has a colour and glow that does not fit the bill of any material I’ve ever seen. Pale complexion, long auburn hair. Not sure how one would fight without getting distracted and brutally attacked by the untied hair’s swinging about. Doesn’t look like an assassin. Then again, they don’t reveal their class, hence she would have done a pretty good job at hiding it, if we didn’t see her fighting with those daggers.

“Wereslukes? What are they doing here? They only get attracted to duel wielders… like me. Don’t tell me there’s one around here?” she cast aside the fact that I interrupted and continued.

“You want to introduce yourself before we give you any more information?” Jedidiah said instantaneously, fidgeting around, attempting to hide his guns.

“Miche. Miche Silverwing, a dual wielding assassin. Nice to meet you. I don’t belong to any group, a solo adventurer. Try too.” Miche introduced herself with a big smile.”Don’t have to hide your guns, saw it long ago!”

“Jedidiah Pierce, dual pistol user. These are my teammates. We’re an unnamed novice group. Kieris’ the leader.” Jedidiah continued grumpily”

I raised my rifle up. “Hello there, nice to meet you Miche. I’m Kieris, Kieris Borealis, a sniper as you can see. Our team consists of four, you’ve now seen three. We live around here, how about you?”

“I’m not native, came from the cities, veterens all over the place. I tend to avoid crowded places, don’t want to get unwanted attention, you see. Introduce yourself too, Shieldbearer!”

“Uh. Right. Ekahue Australis. I’m more of a support, so… I use the shield to protect myself while I tend to others.” Ekahue briefly explained about himself.

“This sounds fun. Can I join the party? I’d like to team with a dual wielder, at least I’m not alone that way!”

“Sur-” I tried to reply, but my chest suddenly became very tight. I could not stand any longer. What. Is. Going. On. I took a deep breath and hit my chest a little before standing back up.

Initiate dual sniper. Do it. 

A flash of light blinked in my room. It dimmed in an instant and flew towards me. What do I do? I can’t not show my actual abilities if this goes on. I looked around, with difficulty due to the pain still occurring. I try my best to resist the secondary sniper’s energy, yet the more I resist, the more it hurts. Jedidiah and Miche seems to be in pain too. Ekahue is just standing there, at a loss to what is happening. Moreover, where is the voice coming from?

Dual wielders are all in pain. Quickly!

“Enable.” I whispered, unable to see the rest take the pain any more.

The orb of light landed on my left hand, extending to form a second rifle in just a mere split second. A beam of light exploded from the very ground beneath and shot into the sky.

-Equipment Updated
+Clux Sniper Mk II [Left]
A replacement for the stock proxy. Suited to fit the left hand and has a bayonet fitted on the front of the barrel. Geared on the outside, when a bullet fires, the rifle is automatically cocked, so the user can continue to use it without the use of time to pull back the trigger. Ancient carvings of white as opposed to the right, blue, lined the barrel and glowed calmly.

The pair is complete. The two colours, blue and white form your aura. Blue for water and white for harmony, keeping the water together to form your aura, ice. Never separate the two.

Floating in the light beam, I’m isolated. I don’t know what the voice is telling me, but I will not risk anyone else finding out about the dual sniper. It is automatically disabled, but why is it still on my hand? I swing it onto my back before the light subsided. I fall onto the ground, everything else seems unchanged. Silence. Good sign, people in the village seems to be unaware too. Ekahue, unconscious on the floor, along with Jedidiah.

“The rest’s just fainted due to exhaustion being near the light beam. For your case… I won’t tell anyone else.” Miche gave a wink, before walking away from the scene. Did she mean the dual rifle?

Casting aside the questions in my mind, I opened Jedidiah’s houses’ door. Pipes lining the walls, heat and pressure sensors at different parts of the piping. Just like how it was when we came here before. I carried Jedidiah in and set him on his bed, letting him sleep. I managed to translocate Ekahue to his room within ten minutes. He was surprisingly light. I wonder how he’ll live without the shield.

— To be continued.

Link to Journal Entry #3


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