[Raw] Colours of Change – Chapter 10

Colours of Change – Chapter 10

She remembered the trick she was taught by his father, the Ice Kingdom’s Ruler. If she was able to solidify ice out of nowhere, she was invincible. If she could make a chair out of ice out of thin air, why could she not form an entire floor for her to stand on? Right before she fell and got hit by the energy beam, she pulled the water molecules in the air together, reducing the temperature of it to with her powers and created ice below her. A place to stand on. Standing on the ice, she barely avoided the beam. The beam grazed through the bottom of the thin ice, but fortunately enough, she could fix the ice such that it was more durable and stayed the way it is in air, preventing the ice from breaking apart and causing her death.

Snow jumped in the air, and solidified another platform for her footing. The infected below thought that she was about to cut him from the top, so it placed its arm on top of him, releasing its defence from the front and the back. She predicted that motion and planned her movements. She jumped forward, and attacked the achilles’ heel. Holding the sword downwards with two hands, she pushed the knife into the face of the infected. Following that, she kicked off the infected’s face and moved on to the other infected, stabbing it in the chest. That continued for awhile, leaving her blade covered with bloodstain. Purple strips float into the air, disintegrating into nothingness. She let go of her blade and it disappeared, returning into the state before, water molecules that were in the air.

Looking towards Kierix, she saw a warm yet familiar glow, it was a glow that she had seen only once for herself when she was young. He probably finally had something he was determined to do. His abilities were unlocked.

In the past, humans used to rule the world with their high capacity to learn new abilities and their speed of learning. They could adapt to many situations in no time due to their unbalanced learning speed. However, humans became lazy. They reduced the use of their abilities and instead, they created things to help them. Due to the over-reliance of technology and other external gadgets, their abilities atrophied. Hence they were powerless and could be easily overtaken by viruses, such as the Mutatio Vitium. Such virus would be handled easily by themselves with their horrifying immune system, which was insanely fast to kill any intruder that attempted to destroy the body or override it.

For other people, they could obtain new abilities, but only when they will themselves to do something. Only then, their will would unlock their ability seal and their inner abilities. In Kierix’s case, living in a human world for a long time, he had traits of humans as well as his origins, but the abilities atrophied and were hibernating. He finally awakened them.

She felt glad that Kierix finally answered one of his own questions. Now he probably understood what he needed to do.

His body emanated a spherical shield within two metres that emanated a bright golden glow. The shield prevented anything from passing through, even the sharp tusks of the class 5 creature could not pierce through it. With the peaceful environment that was created, he could finally find out what was in the book. He flipped open the cover page. Within was a content page, with only the first line filled in. Air Step.

He looked up at the infected, they had no human resonating within them any more. He had to end it quick, he should not let any of them continue to suffer. He flipped over to the next page and saw only two words that occupied the entire page. He knew what it meant, but he did not know how to cast it. He had only one thing to do, test it out. Closing the book, it disappeared, similar to how her ice chair disappears, except that the book became golden glows, disappearing into the sky.

Standing up, the golden shield dimmed and faded away. He had the determination now. He had to stop the suffering of those creatures. He looked at the infected.

The creatures were no longer afraid. The glow was no more, the threatening glow was no more. They began their attack. The infected that was at the front moved up towards him, attempting to hook him upwards with its tusk.

The incoming attack was slow. It was as if his senses were enlightened. He felt lighter, and he could react faster. As the tusk approached him, he could see it slowly nearing. He jumped instantly. Instead of falling down after a metre high jump, he remained in the air. A magic circle appeared under him, spinning as it acted as a platform for him. He looked down, realising the magic circle’s appearance. Somehow this change was funny, he thought. He lifted the side of his lips. It was only awhile ago when he was thinking about physics and how logical it was. Now it had all been defied.

He did not wait for the infected to react before acting upon them, he threw his knife downwards at one’s head before jumping off and landing on another magic circle. Though it was hard to balance, he was getting the hang of it. He could move around easily, and decide when he wanted to stay in the air. He continued by jumping onto the infected that was charging at him, kicking his head off and creating another magic circle right after he pushed the infected away from him, allowing him to bounce back. He continued the chain of actions by walking on top all the infected, dropping down to ground level only to pick up his knife that stuck to the edge of the void.

At that very moment, he saw a chance to finish them all in a short moment. The infected continued to rush at him, but just as they were about to hit, he did an air step after a high jump, creating a magic circle in the air, which disintegrated after he hopped off. He stood on a platform he made high up with Air Step, watching the infected collide into one another as they charged at him. They only attempted to stop when they realised he had already jumped off, but they were already on their collision course. Some where eliminated on the spot due to the tusks cutting too deep into one another. However, some managed to survive and turn around to look at him.

They turned away, realising that there was no point in attacking him. He was already infected. They instantly turned around and headed towards Snow, knowing there was an opportunity to infect her.

Inspecting their movements closely, Kierix knew that Snow was in trouble. Running on magic circles that formed and disappeared as his foot landed and lifted, he was able to exceed them by a few metres. The infected was large and bulky, making movement hard for them. He held his knife and threw it downwards, landing it on the infected that was in front. The infected that got hit fell and collapsed. The ones following behind also tumbled and fell on top of the one that got hit, creating a wall that prevented the ones behind from passing. Snow seemed to be handling it well herself, noticing only one left nearby her.

As the infected threw itself on Snow, it was stopped abruptly by a wall of ice that appeared out of no where. It crashed into the solid ice wall, falling flat on the ground. Noticing a huge amount of infected heading her way, she created an ice platform for her to travel on upwards. These infected are not able to move vertically. That was their weakness. She threw her ice blade as if it was a javelin at the last one she was dealing with, ending its misery. The rest of the infected seems to be dealt by Kierix.

In a short moment, the strips of purple tore off all the infected, before turning grey and disintegrating. Following that was the people that had no life source remaining disintegrating into dust right in front of their eyes. That happened within a minute. All the life disappeared like how matches burnt out.

Kierix and Snow regrouped on the ground, looking at all the human corpse that retook its shape after the purple strips disappeared. Snow moved forward and retrieved her blade back from the ground.

“Spacium Coagmentatio.” Her blade reformed itself, shaping back into a staff. Just as the end of her staff hit the ground, light reentered the space they were in and there was no longer any void. Such void walls were no more. After that, she dropped her staff and it sublimed back into water vapour in the air, taking the energy within as it sublimed.

He fell to the ground, he was really exhausted after all that.

Looking at the boy that fainted, she smiled. He did not have much experience with magic and battles anyway, it had been a long day too. It was normal to be tired. She picked him up and carried him to his room, leaving him there.

“Hallucinatio Levis.” She casted a low level spell, sealing the broken wall with an illusion that only affects those with little power, such as humans who lived around here. The illusion also made the place look as if nothing has happened. However, she could tell that the boy would not be affected by the illusion, so she had better start cleaning things up.

“We’ll start moving soon, but not now.”


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