[Raw] Colours of Change – Chapter 11

Colours of Change – Chapter 11

She continued to pack up the area. The walls were sealed with every broken piece placed back into position like a puzzle and ice was used to seal the gaps in between. The ice would not last long, but it was good enough as a temporary measure. Furnitures that were fine were placed back in position while those that were damaged in the ambush were pilled up in a corner of the house, ready for disposal.

She cleared the debris that remained on the floor, the dusts that were created by the walls and furnitures breaking apart. She moved all the dusts into a trash bag that she found in Kierix’s house. She was surprised. She did not realise that humans were that technological advanced to create storage for such fine particles. After that, she exited the house. Releasing the white bow on her head, she set them free. Her ears could finally move after so much time. As an agreed rule throughout the world, no one from the Elemental Kingdoms and Empires were to show their true form in front of humans or people who lived in the human world for long periods of time. That rule was to prevent humans from getting traumatised by what they saw, creating pandemonium in the human world.

She was alone, she could be free and release her ears. She liked being free. Not just that, she could return to her normal form, but she wanted to retain the human form, she was lazy to keep swapping back and forth between forms. It was time to reactivate her abilities, she might need it soon, time magic definitely do not affect those virus infected humans. She kneeled down on one knee, preparing to jump like a spring. White lines began from her front, drawing clockwise, creating an arc, and forming a circle. Extending inwards, another smaller circle was formed, with inscriptions in between the outer circle and the inner circle. Continuing further inside, lines slowly reached out to one another, linking together at the middle point. A snow flake was formed. That all happened within a few seconds, if not instantly. Right after the magic circle fully formed, she jumped, ascending about ten metres into the sky. It was not even her limit, but all she needed to reach was the roof.

She sat down at the edge of the roof staring into the sky. Things were a little slow for her, but she would imagine that things would slowly become tougher and it would be a little difficult for her to handle. Just the Class 5 creatures got her panting as she eliminated them, that was not good at all. She looked down at the ground, humans continued to pass by the area. None of them were infected. She gave a sky before looking back at the horizon, which had a reddish-brown to it that did not exist when she arrived. She closed her eyes, enjoying the warm sunset.

“Ugh…” He moaned as he tried to sit up from the bed. He could not. His body ached all over, moving even a single inch hurt a lot. He turned his head to the left, noticing the orange glow that shone into the room through the window, it was sunset. He remembered the incident that happened before he passed out, he only fainted when all was dealt with. Who brought him into the room? He noticed the blanket over him on his bed. Who could it have been? The first person that came into his mind was Snow. She was the last person he had been with. He had no parents, he had no close friends that came over, the only possibility would be her. He felt embarrassed, having a girl carry him into his bedroom… That was something that would get him laughed at if the story spread. Usually it was the other way round. She even covered the blanket for him…

Shaking the thought away, he looked at his digital watch, just how long was he out for?

“Five days.” the person he was thinking about spoke.

“You fainted because your body was exhausted. Usually people who had their ability seals unlocked would not last long on the same day. The unlocking takes a great toll upon the body since the body have to adapt to the change. You feel different, do you not?” Snow continued speaking. She decided to come check on the unconscious, since she felt that he may have woken up. And indeed he was. Usually people who were fainted because of exhaustion due to their abilities awakening take three to five days. She felt that he would be one of those that took a longer period of time since he was in the human world for a long time.

“That’s a long while. I thought I would not be coming back here once I was at the ground floor. Many things happened in a short moment.” Kierix spoke what he felt. He sat up straight despite the pain. He could not show himself aching in front of her. “We still have two days right?” Thinking about it, he found the book the same day the Central Party arrived.

Snow nodded but frowned. If not for Kierix saying that he would consider joining as a guardian, she need not worry for what was to come. Joining the Central Party had many implications, one of, she was not willing to face. She wanted Kierix to reject.

Kierix noticed the frown on her face, and looked into her eye. “Look, if you really do not want me to join, I will not. Smile a little bit more, that will hide your thoughts.” Kierix gave a smile before continuing. “Do you know about the Book of Sorcery? It disappeared as soon as I closed it after I looked at the contents. Only the first page and the second page was filled in…”

She lifted an eyebrow. She did not know many who had that. She only heard about it. It was one of the weapon types that required nothing to be held. For her, her weapon was a staff, an ice staff, but as she advanced in mastering her abilities, she was able to wield it as a sword. It seemed to be something instinctive; she did not know how a magic book worked, but she knew that to use her magics, she had to think about what she wanted to do. An incantation would then appear in her mind which she required to mutter before anything would happen. However, her staff was required if she had to do any complicated spells. Simple spells could be done hands-free.

“I don’t know how it works.” Snow shook her head and admitted. “Try thinking about the book itself, imagine it appearing in your hands. That is what I do when I want to cast magic, think and it appears.” She tried to give advice, but she did not know if it would work.

“Okay.” Kierix looked at his palms and imagined the book appear on his hands. Nothing happened. He cocked an eyebrow before trying again. He willed the book to appear. A magic circle drew on his palms, before a book slowly formed out of nothing on top of the magic circle. Once the book formed, the magic circle disappeared, allowing the book to fall on his hands. It no longer glowed a bright golden like it did during the fight when it appeared in his bag.

Snow watched as Kierix placed his palms on his laps. It was only after a full minute before he beamed as a magic circle formed on his palms. She wanted to laugh at his inexperience but she kept her poker face. She watched as Kierix carefully pulled open the cover page of the Book of Sorcery, revealing a page with jumbled up characters she did not and could not understand. She moved to his side but could not see anything that she understood at all.

Kierix flipped the cover page and revealed the content page. It had two lines, compared to one line then. One with the name air step, the other of unknown characters. He continued flipping, to see that Air Step occupied two page. The first page was still filled with the two words, Air Step. However, the A glowed white while the rest remained a dormant black. The next page contained a magic circle at the top right corner that appeared as the magic casted and what seemed to be a full description of the magic itself and what it did. He wanted to ask Snow what it meant but he realised her face was one that was confused.

“What’s wrong?” Kierix asked her.

“I can’t see what is in the book.” It is as if the words were jumbled up on purpose, not allowing her to understand anything. She stared at him blankly.

“So it is somewhat like encryption eh? I guess it is somehow set to disallow others from seeing what the person has in his arsenal… I do not think I could somehow tell what spells you can use, could I?” He somehow knew the reason to that too.

Snow nodded in agreement before sitting down on her portable ice chair.

He continued to flip to the next page and he understood what she meant. Now he could not see anything. Everything was a mess. It was the second spell, but it was not revealed yet. The following pages were all blank. They probably only filled in when a spell was casted or learnt. Knowing that he reached the limit of what the book could show, he closed his book and it disappeared into thin air.

“What do we do now?” He turned his head to the right and looked at Snow who seemed to have been observing him for the past few minutes.

“Instead of doing anything, I would wait for your body to recover. It is night now anyway,” she looked back, before adding, “it is not safe.”


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