[Raw] Colours of Change – Chapter 12

Colours of Change – Chapter 12

A knock was heard on the door. It was early in the morning before the sun rose. Snow was in the kitchen, cooking breakfast from what she found in the refrigerator. She took out eggs and tomatoes from the refrigerator, and started cooking. Before she began, she found a recipe book in the study room. Inside contained many recipes, including the tomato omelette she was attempting to cook. She had no experience with cooking since she never had to worry about cooking food. She held the recipe book as she flipped the omelette that had diced tomatoes on it carefully. It was a successful dish, the omelette turned out beautiful. She served it on a plate before placing it on the table. As she was done, she took off her apron and hung it where it belonged.

The door was knocked once more, this time, in quicker intervals. A little irritated, she ran to the door, and opened it. Behind the door was a male who wore a set of uniform similar to Kierix’s. It was a brown top matched with white jeans.

“Uh… Hello. Has Kierix woken up yet?” The somewhat tall male spoke with nervousness as he did not expect a lady to open the door ahead. He had even planned what he wanted to say, but the target audience changed so he had to change his greeting in the short moment’s time.

“No, he is still asleep.” Snow replied coldly as she usually did with people she did not know.

“Is he sick? He have not come to school for the past few days, so…” His voiced trailed away as he did not know how to continue.

“You do not have to worry, he is fine, he will be coming to school today.” Snow realised that he had no ill meaning and gave smile. The other party was too nervous. She had to do something before the situation became awkward.

“Thanks.” He smiled back, before adding, “help me tell him that I came, my name’s Alex.” Waving his hands, he walked away, continuing his way to school.

It was very unusual. The sun had not risen and yet he was already heading to school. She closed the door, ignoring the weirdness of the situation. There may be people who liked going out early, she may not know. It probably was a trait of humans, a trait that Kierix did not have. As she continued thinking, a glow of light appeared from the horizon. That was the hint that she had to wake him up. She close the door and climbed up the stairs to his room. Without knocking on his door, she opened the door.

It was another morning. He felt fully rested, his body no longer ached and he could move without hurting himself. He sat up straight on the bed and stretched his arms as he yawned. It was a school day. Kierix opened his eyes, just as he heard the creaking sound of the door being opened. He was wondering who it was that opened the door before the moment of staring back and forth occurred. It was an awkward moment as Snow opened his door. Kierix looked down at his body before noticing that he was topless. He remembered that he took off his top as he felt a little warm the previous night, but now it created a weird atmosphere.

She slammed the door back into its previous position. She looked away and began walking towards the kitchen. In the kitchen, she pulled out a carrot from the refrigerator and began nibbling on it, while staring at it.

Shaking off the weird atmosphere, he pulled on his uniform and headed down to the first floor. He followed the aroma and walked towards the kitchen, noticing Snow munching on the carrot. He looked on the table that she sat around. The aroma came from the tomato omelette.

“You made this?” He looked at the omelette and asked, only to receive silence on his end.

The strange atmosphere was still around, so she looked away.

“Thanks.” He smiled. “Just do not enter my room without knocking, you know, privacy…” He sighed as he looked at the lady that seemed to be very foreign to the human world. He took a seat beside her, and started to poke the omelette with a fork. It tasted rather nice.

“This.” She picked up the recipe book and pointed to it. She did not want to speak much. She could understand what he was curious about. “Oh right, Alex came earlier today to check on you.”

Alex? He did not know him that well but he was in his class. Kierix nodded his head before continuing on his meal. He felt sufficient, with just the plate of omelette. Thinking back, he had not eaten breakfast for the past few months. He felt more energetic. After finishing the meal shortly, he swung his slingbag around him and moved to the doorstep.

“You’ll take care of the house right?” He asked, the person who was inside and he got a nod instantly. He smiled and started wearing his shoes. Pulling the door to its locked position, a click was sounded, which told him he was fine to leave. The sky was bright, and the sun was still rising slowly. It was the time he should leave for school.

He started his path towards school. Thinking back to the day he got his abilities, he actually murdered people. He could push the blame to the virus, mentioning that he killed the people to relieve them, but he still felt guilty. He moved his hand to his pocket, which contained the knife he used. Surprisingly, it did not cut through the threads of his pants and create a hole. Instead, it stayed in the pocket, dormant and not causing damage to anything within. He felt safe when his fingers touched the weapon. That was something he should not reveal unless he was in a very dangerous situation. Same goes to air step, unless something life threatening occurs, he probably should not ever use it, especially in the human world. Chaos would ensue.

He smelled something foul, but he could not tell what it was. He was halfway there, there was another segment of road that he had to walk before he reached the school, but if he stopped and investigated, he would probably be late. He did not want to be the last to reach school again. He looked forward quickened his pace, hoping he would not be late.

The bell struck when he was in the hall. It was eight. He managed to enter the hall and be in his position before eight, something he hardly did and he was proud of it. As per normal, there was no abrupt stops in time and shortly after, the assembly ended. After the assembly, the student councillors left the stage and everyone were dismissed back to their classes.

“Hey Alex, thanks for wondering, I’m perfectly fine now. I was sick for the past week.” Kierix moved towards Alex as the crowd slowly retreated to their classrooms.

“Oh I see. Oh one weird incident happened two days ago, I noticed Kelvin and Kevina’s absence, but when I asked around, no one seems to remember them at all. Those people followed them everywhere yet now they do not even remember…” Alex muttered what he knew.

“That sounds weird alright, so we are the only ones who remember them then?” Kierix replied.

Alex nodded as they entered their classroom and back to their seats. To the back of Kierix, seats remained unoccupied like before. It was as if Kelvin and Kevina never came. No one sat there. While he was wondering why, Ms Calidis entered the room. Ms Calidis noticed Kierix’s arrival and smiled at him, attempting to welcome him, before continuing to take out her stationery.

The lesson started and everyone began paying attention, Kierix were more focused than usual, he did not understand why. Although it was a torturous five hours worth of lecture, he seemed to understand everything that was thought. Perhaps it was an after effect of that day?

“Kierix, I would like to see you right after this in the staff room.” Ms Calidis spoke to Kierix right after the lessons ended. Kierix looked back and nodded, stating that he got the message. Everyone else in the class turned to look at him, wondering why he was called out to the staff room. The classroom filled with chatter of what may be the possibility of him getting called out.

Kierix pulled up his slingbag, preparing to move towards the staff room. He did not care about the other’s gazes. They did not matter. It was a norm in classrooms, whenever any student got called out, people would avert their gazes to the student, as if he committed a crime or the like. In a short moment, he was pulled towards the staff room as Ms Calidis joined him in the walk.

Instead of pulling him into the staff room, she brought him to an empty classroom. In the empty classroom, there was more privacy. She muttered something and the surrounding turned a little more grey. She stopped time.

“Are you alright? I detected some fluctuation around your house.” Ms Calidis began her questioning as soon as she felt it was safe to talk.

“I’m fine, I assume you know about the Mutatio Vitium.” Kierix instantly responded, ”I’m not sure what it meant, but Snow said the humans… no, the infected were Class 5 creatures.”

“Class 5?” Ms Calidis was shocked. “How did you manage to deal with those? Weren’t those too dangerous for you, wouldn’t you get infected too?”

Kierix explained how he used his knife as he pulled out his knife. However, he did not point out that he was an infected too and had air step. He only explain about how he avoided getting much skin contact by avoiding hits.

Just when Calidis was about to respond, a loud blast was heard, great enough to create a large vibration in the school. Screams can be heard. Calidis ran out of the room, along with Kierix, to see what happened outside. Students were in the state of panic, they were running everywhere, trying to escape for their life. Someone jumped out in front of them as they were about to move. A strand of blue hair fell to the ground as this person barely avoided the attack.



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