[Raw] Colours of Change – Chapter 13

Colours of Change – Chapter 13

Alex fell to the ground. A creature he never seen before walked towards him. Were those the things his parents told him to be careful of? Those were right in front of him and he did not know what to do. He was on his back, slowly retreating backwards with the aid of his arms. Screams continued to fill the air. They were not providing moral support. He stood back up before those things could attempt to hit him. As he retreated backwards, dodging each attack, he was cornered. Behind him was a wall and he had nowhere to go. If a miracle did not happen, he was dead.

A blue line with inscriptions on top of it drawn from left to right appeared on the floor in front of him. Within a second after the line was fully drawn, the line glowed and a burst of water shot out from the line, separating Alex from the infected. Alex calmed down a little. He noticed purple strips on his friends arms, but he thought they were tattoos! But he noticed it on everyone in his class except for him… Now they became monsters… He got a little worried. There must be a reason why his father and mother said he should not get near any of those… A logical person would flee and run away from the situation, but he did not want to, those things were his friends! He pulled out something from his pocket. It was these kinds of situation where he was allowed to use his powers was it not? If his friends were under a magic spell, then that magic would just work, he thought.

The infected were all displaying aggression towards Alex. None of them noticed their presence yet, but they were annoyed by the gap in between that was caused by the spell that was casted. The ones at the front could do nothing but roar. One courageous infected move forward, before beginning to sprint, aiming to go through the water wall. For one moment, it was about to go through, but it stopped, turned and ran back to its position, seemingly hurt. There were some who also climbed up to the second floor. Realising that, Calidis casted the spell again, this time creating two more walls at the side. The infected will now by unable to jump in from the side through the gap between the ceiling and the corridor wall; it was an open air corridor. The infected that tried to enter had their parts that were touching the wall cut off with its high temperature and water pressure. The dissected parts glowed in purple, recovering instantly as it roared. They climbed back down and regrouped with the rest of the infected.

“I think they retain the brains of the host when they infect it…” Kierix theorised. The infected was able to think about different routes they could take. It did not seem like what a mindless virus could do. They definitely had the help of the host’s neural system. Kierix and Calidis remained behind the crowd. Kierix looked behind, to make sure nothing was behind them to ambush them. That was not the case however, more infected appeared from behind. Kierix held his sword near to him, not wanting to attack. All of those were his schoolmates… He cannot kill them. They did not seem to be fully consumed… perhaps they could be rescued somehow? He had to move quick, the infected were closing in.

“Dispello!” Alex chanted and he swung the thing on his hand. A white circle was drawn on the floor around him, creating a magic circle. Something that looked like spikes was drawn on the outer circle, before extending outwards, causing the infected to flinch. The spikes continued extending, before leaving the circle, entangling on the infected black bodies, causing it to shake vigorously. In a moment or two, the purple strips were forced upwards, leaving the bodies. The bodies below slowly recovered their beige colour, but they fell on the ground, weak and strengthless while the purple glowing strips floated in the air, with white rings around them, which used to be the spikes on the magic circle. Alex was having trouble. His powers were not strong enough to keep the spell running for a long time, not to even mention having great resistance from the virus’ power. If he did not keep up, he was a goner. He still had the water wall in between him and the infected. That kept him feeling less stress, but he can only last so long.

Calidis remained amazed at what was happening, the lights were everywhere near the ceiling, coiling around the purple strips. However, they were losing their opacity. The boy in front seemed to be weakening a lot too, he seems to be a little tired; the wand was wavering back and forth, it was no longer stable. She knew things were not going well, hence she adjusted the trajectory of the water wall to cover the top of him as well. It would not be fun if anything jumped and entered his space while he was weak. The water continued to shoot out into the sky, disappearing as it touched the ground.

At that very moment when the water wall formed a cage around Alex, the magic broke and he tiredly sat on the ground. The purple strips were instantly freed. However they did not return to their previous owners. The strips attracted to one another, joining together as a pile of purple strips, before becoming a big purple net. It fell on top of one student, wrapping him with it. A painful scream was instantly heard as the net entered his body and disappeared. His body instantly mutated into a gigantic black creature, with purple lines where bones were supposed to be. There was no similarities between the creature and human.

“It’s becoming a class six.” Calidis muttered as she watched the situation, before she dodged whatever ambushed from behind.

The scream followed by the cracking sound averted his attention. Behind Kierix was five other class five infected creatures. They all turned to look at what was behind – a creature that was forming. The small human body started expanding as it turned jet black, while making the uncomfortable cracking sound. When it slowly stabilised at the full size which almost fully covered the corridor, the purple lines resurfaced. He felt really uncomfortable seeing what he saw. That was not even close to how human growth worked. He nearly puked. He turned away, looking at the few unaware infected humans that attempted to ambush them while they were observing the attack on Alex. As soon as the infected turned around to look at him, all they felt was pain. The knife cut through their legs as Kierix bent down and threw his knife. They fell onto the ground, sideways, unable to rebalance themselves, until they recover. Seeing the opportunity, he dashed for it, obtaining his knife from the far side of the corridor. The place past the corridor was fire. With Calidis’ magic, the fire could not spread into the location they were in.

Calidis had some to handle herself. She was not immune to the virus, so she had to be extra careful to keep her range. If she touches the virus, that was it, she would have no choice but to be dead as that would be the best solution for reducing virus spread. The virus would definitely overtake her and use her as a weapon once she got infected. She dodged another attack, before setting up more water walls to seal the infected’s locations. She did not want to hurt her students, so the only way to attack was to attack passively, setting up traps to dissuade the creatures from advancing any further.

Alex watched as the water wall solidified into ice. He was encapsulated into ice. He was safe… until that thing poked open a hole to kill him. Why was he even aimed at? He did not remember making any of those infected angry. He stood back up. He was really scared but he was going to continue. He did not want to stop, until they were gone. That was the only help he could provide the others fighting in front a chance to revert them to normal. He held his wand up straight. The power around him was intense. The golden glow was emitted when the magic circle under him glowed once more.

“Dispello Valens!” The magic circle was more detailed and more spikes appeared, impaling the infected from all directions, before pulling the strips upwards, and coiling around them. The class six creature had its purple strips anchored into him, even the stronger spell spell could not fully relieve the body of the virus. However, it was slightly lifted up from the body at the back, and the creature struggled to retract it but to no avail as the spell kept it afloat, creating a thick prevention ring around the strip, preventing it from reentering the body.

He was supposed to miss the shot, but suddenly a new target appeared. The knife was sent flying once more, but he missed by a bit, throwing the knife too high. He was painfully certain it would not hit. Suddenly, the purple strip was pulled upwards by a white glowing line, before it became a ring, coiling around the strip. The strip moved upwards towards the knife’s trajectory, and in a split second, the knife cut the strip into two. The strip separated and turned grey, before turning into ash and disappearing into thin air. He instantly knew what he should do. There was no way that the class five virus strips would be able to leave in such a short time, so he instantly headed for the class six. The humans that were free from the class five virus strips remained on the ground, unconscious. He jumped upwards with air step and remained at a height, avoiding all the unconscious humans that were in between him and the class six infected.

He threw his knife when he was at a comfortable range, breaking the strip apart, separating the creature’s upper body strip and the lower body strip. The creature was not ready to give up yet. The magic ring split into two and started to pull apart the separate loose segments on the body, attempting to separate the virus and the body. He picked up his knife and he was ready for another shot. The virus was almost out, but attempting to throw would only cause the virus to continue breaking into different segments, rather than demolishing it as certain parts were still in the body of the host. He was thinking when he felt the temperature in the general location drop. Weird, the school was burning awhile ago…



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