[Raw] Colours of Change – Chapter 14

Colours of Change – Chapter 14

The surrounding turned grey. He watched as the strip solidified and stopped twitching within the magic ring. Frost started growing on the strip, before engulfing it within. The frost continued spreading towards the rest of the virus strips, before getting yanked out by the magic rings that tried to pull the virus out. The support was weakened by the sudden ice attack, and Alex’s spell was able to move the virus out of the host. The host fell on to the ground, slowly but surely recovering its original shape. The two separated viruses floated in the air, frozen, with the combination of spells. He remained on his magic circle, above the virus where the knife had cut past and landed. The knife was on his hand and this time, he was certain. He swung his knife, cutting the purple strip into two, before the entire thing greyed out, spreading from the incision. In awhile the virus died out, turning to ashes as it disappeared into the sky.

“Quick, deal with the rest!” Alex shouted. He was nearing, if not at the end of his energy capacity. He was strengthless, and he felt tired. It was as if his eyelids had a few tons of weight hooked to it but he forced himself to open his eyes. He wanted to rest.

Snow jumped in from her platform from this outside, forming an ice knife from the surrounding air, throwing at the virus. There were more than ten virus strips that were bounded individually by Alex’s spell. She could not do that alone, time was running out for the magic. It was slowly losing its opacity. As the knife that was thrown hit one of the virus strip, it was as if the ice was getting poisoned. The knife turned purple after the virus strip was broken apart and disintegrated. The knife became infected. It instantly headed for her. Realising that, she instantly stopped her magic from keeping the knife solid, allowing the knife to sublime. It sublimed shortly after, and brought the virus with it, disappearing as it turned grey. There were more to handle, she had to be cautious to avoid any of it infecting her. She looked to the right, even though Calidis destroying the strips, the water was getting infected but the virus was only dead when Calidis let go of controlling the water stream.

Of all weapons, his knife was not infected. He looked at his knife, there was no trace of purple anywhere. It remained white and nearly transparent. He had to help out, he was the only one who was immune to the virus; he was infected already and the knife could not be infected. It was not time to think about his infection, he dashed forward and began cutting apart all the purple strips. In no time, the virus strips were all destroyed.

“My spell’s weakening, the flame is about to spread to this region, we better move. Humans are going to find it really weird that only one place did not burn.” Calidis told the rest. It was better they left now, before they were swallowed by the fire that would soon spread to the area they were in. The water wall that was frozen disappeared, and Alex could leave the area as he no longer needed protection.

“Where do we go next?” Alex asked, “I would assume there would be a lot of those creatures since they invaded the school… The numbers would rise drastically, the amount we killed were definitely not much in comparison.”

“Kierix’s house? I have set up a few layers of protection, perhaps that may be one of the safest place around here.” Snow looked in the direction of his house. Kierix did not even have the chance to stop her. He did not want his house to be the centre of all things. He had his peace for the past few years, why could he not continue to have it? Kierix sighed.

“Princess Snow, I’ll set up a portal connecting to the doorstep. I cannot directly link to the inside of the house, it would create a gap in the shield and that would probably cause a bit of trouble.” Alex mentioned what he knew. His parents told him about that and disallowed him to enter the house with portals. He instantly swung his wand, he could do it, albeit a little slower due to his fatigue. A grey magic circle appeared on the ground. The magic circle was a little small, about the diameter of the door’s length, allowing only one person to stand within at one time.

“Locus Transilio.” From the magic circle, a nearly transparent line with a circle at its end extended at a surprising speed outwards, moving towards the house. If one did not inspect closely, he would miss it. In a short moment’s time, the line disappeared, and a second magic circle appeared, lifting from the first, creating a cylindrical distortion in space. Only the place within the cylinder that was formed from the two magic circles was distorted. Any normal human would not dare to step in such a thing. Without any second thought, Snow walked in and disappeared, followed by Calidis, then Alex. Kierix looked behind him, fire began spreading as Calidis left the area. The line that glowed blue faded and the fire roared behind him, cackling as it burnt everything in its path.

Kierix had no choice, but to walk in. As he stepped his second foot on the portal, he lost footing and fell beckwards. He screamed. The surrounding began warping around, before it became black for a split second. When his back hit the ground, he was already at his door step. He looked around, it was a familiar surrounding, he recognised the trees around here and behind him was his gate. It took about five seconds for that transfer.

“Welcome to your own house.” Calidis smiled at him, while Alex laughed. They knew it would happen. He was not used to the effect that the portal caused. Snow moved forward to face the gate and pulled her staff from the air. She spun it before poking the air with the tip of the staff. A keyhole appeared in the sky.

“Kierix, come over.” Snow instructed the person who still sat on the ground to move. Kierix looked back a little confused at his task. He stood up, and slowly walked towards her.

“Pass me your hand.”

Kierix lifted up his palm. Snow placed her hand on top of his, before muttering something. He felt something appear on his palm. It felt small, but it had a certain weight to it. A magic circle appeared in between their palms, before disappearing. When it disappeared, Snow lifted up her hand and looked forward. Kierix looked at the thing that appeared on his palm. It was something that looked like a key. He looked up at the keyhole up in the sky.

“Lock the house with it and only the people who you determine can enter will be able to enter… unless they are strong enough to break the lock.” Snow continued. Calidis and Alex stood there, watching as Snow did the sealing ritual.

Kierix jumped up, initiating the Air Step sequence. Gripping the key tight, he dashed upwards towards the huge keyhole. When he was level, he stared at his key, how was he supposed to fit the key into such a big keyhole? He did not know what he was supposed to do but he tried anyway, pushing the arm with the key forward into the keyhole and turned it clockwise, locking the lock. As soon as the lock was sealed, a wave of air swept across the world, resonating from the lock, before it disappeared. He jumped back down, wanting to pass the key back to Snow, but he was rejected.

“This is your key now, you are supposed to keep it.” Snow sighed as he seemed to lack common sense. “We are done with the ritual, you want to open the door to let us in?”

“Right.” He threw the new key into his slingbag, which also contained the knife that he slotted in before jumping into the portal. From his pocket, he retrieved his keys. He opened the gate, allowing everyone else to enter.

His life was no longer normal, and in just a week, everything was changed. He need not go to school any longer, it burnt down by the work of the infected. People were getting infected. People around him was getting hurt. He no longer had the status of a student. How did all that happen in a short span of one week? He stared at the ground as he tried to think. He was a little tired, he could not adapt that fast, he felt, though he was able to use his abilities smoothly. He laughed at himself for that irony.

Thinking of it, he just have to go with the flow.


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