[Raw] Colours of Change – Chapter 15

Colours of Change – Chapter 15

He walked into the kitchen. The rest were sitting on the chairs in the living room. Doing what he usually does, he went to get water for his guests. He carefully poured water into four cups, one for each of them. Carrying two in each hand, he slowly walked towards the three people that have already begun their chat. He cautiously placed the cups on the table in front of them, before taking a seat next to Snow.

“Are we the only ones that are part of the elemental kingdom in school?” Alex probed.

“So far, that is what I noticed, except for Kelvin and Kevina’s sudden appearance.” Calidis quickly replied. ‘There may be other powerful once, but I did not notice other’s presence. If there were, they probably already fled to avoid being noticed or harmed.”

“Do you have any idea how I’m not a human?” Kierix looked at Calidis and asked. He thought he was human all along. He got the response from someone else however.

“I know your parents are not human and therefore you are not. You just have the scent of human and act like human due to human influence for a long period of time. That is why your abilities remained dormant for a long time. You will know more as time passes or if time permits.” Snow muttered.

Kierix sighed as he had to wait a longer amount of time to be able know. He always had to wait for time to permit before getting any proper answer that he wanted to know from Snow.

“So what are the Elemental Empires and Kingdoms?” Kierix asked. He was very unfamiliar with them, yet Snow and the rest kept mentioning them.

Earth was only made out of the Primal Empires, the Ignis Empire, the Aqua Empire, the Ventus Empire and the Terra Empire. Other Empires that came in later was the Umbra Empire and the Nitor Empire. The different Empires were secluded in their own regions, until one day after many generations passed, people of different empires started mixing with one another, creating young of unique types. These young then formed the smaller kingdoms. Such Kingdoms were the Ice Kingdom, Plant Kingdom and the Magic Kingdom.

Those varieties formed what we now know as Earth and what we see as millions of communities living together as one. The primal age had many differences from what we see today; it was a world that humans could not live in. There were either no food or the temperature was not right. But after a long time of interaction between Empires and Kingdoms, the world began to stabilise and harmonise as one, rather than the isolated Primal Empires. However, one day, the Nitor Empire and the Magic Kingdom made a horrible mistake. The mistake they made caused much change in the stability of the world. They created humans.

Humans made use of all the resources they had around, depleting resources that did not belong to them. They used everything from the other Empires and Kingdoms, and they became the ruling party of the Earth. Every Elemental Empire and Kingdom were afraid of them and did not want to be near them. Wherever the humans went, disaster occurred and resources depleted. It was not a happy sight. They expanded quickly, and soon they took over most of the world’s land. That was when they became weak. They relied on machinery, and they forwent their own Alteratio abilities, such as taking in other’s powers to use as their own, or imbuing other’s powers on material or weapons. Without much work by themselves, they slowly lost their abilities, and became weaker by the generation. However, with their number, they could continue to wreck havoc as they went. They even created deadly weapons that could wreck places in seconds, hence none of the Empires dared to lay a finger on them. Instead, they remained dormant and stayed in peace with one another. With the fear of disrupting peace, to be able to live with humans, the Elementals had to mimic the looks of humans.

Awhile ago, a meteorite landed on Earth. The meteorite contained virus of unknown elemental type. It was later named as Mutatio Vitium. It infected humans like wildfire, controlling their minds to infect more. Only humans could be controlled however. When people of the Elementals were infected, they slowly lost their energy and died, unless they were cured. Some people who were infected became immune to it, but they showed no signs of difference as of yet. With that knowledge that they were immune, the Central Party started finding suitable candidates that were immune to it to become guardians protecting the Elementals. The Elementals also provided incentives that aids the Central Party guardians with their protection. Powers were lent to the guardians from different Kingdoms and Empires. Different guardians receive powers from different Kingdoms and Empires, and the guardians were allowed to seek their respective Kingdoms and Empires for shelter and further help if required.

The night fell after the three experienced elementals explained their knowledge of the world to Kierix. Tomorrow was the day he made his decision, and now he was more certain in his decision. He looked back at the three of them. It was a moment of silence after the explanation. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Breaking the silence, Kierix stood up and brought his guests to the guest rooms so they could rest after the long day. He still had a meeting the next day… He went to the bathing room and took a bath, before retreating back to his own room. He found Snow inside his room, sitting on the ice chair.

“Are you going to take a rest?” Snow questioned him.

“Are you not?” Kierix threw a question back at her.

“Not much, we do not require much rest…”

“Then I’ll see you tomorrow.” Kierix jumped on his bed and lied on it, closing his eyelids.

“Good night.” She stayed in the room even after she said the two words. She was curious how a person that had human’s influence slept and she had to protect him, when he was sleeping. That was human’s weakest moments, they were dormant when they sleep and would not be able to react to any of the external changes. Perhaps Kierix was similar, after long periods of being with humans.

He did not hear footsteps that were supposed to be there if Snow left the room. She probably did not, he thought. He sighed to himself, before continuing to his sleep. It was going to be another long day.


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