[Raw] Colours of Change – Chapter 16

Colours of Change – Chapter 16

He felt as if a whole week have passed. It was as if he had a full week of non-stop hiking. His flame could not last that long. As he woke up, he felt his body ache all over. He could hardly move his body, but he had to. He opened his eyes, noticing a bright ceiling and a white figure hovering above. His eyes slowly focused and he saw Snow’s face above his.

“Good morning.” He mumbled short sentences that he could manage to think of without a clear mind, “are they here yet?

“Not yet.” Snow only replied two words. Judging by the time the Central Party arrived on the previous week, they should soon arrive, she thought. She obtained a nod in response.

“Snow, can you leave the room for awhile?” Kierix asked as he sat up straight on the bed. He wanted to change into something he could wear beyond the house. There was a possibility that he had to leave and he wanted to be prepared. He did a stretched and a yawn. He still felt tired.

“What’s wrong with me being in the room…?” A side of her lip drooped downwards.

“Wait, Snow, you are getting the wrong idea!” He did not mean to make her sad! He did not mean that he did not want her there! He silently cursed his wordings. “I need to change!”

“I can stay in the room while you change…” She was confused. What was wrong with her being in the room as he changed? Was there something she should not see?

“…” He was speechless. He did not know what to do, he gave up. Did she forget about the previous incident when she saw him not wearing anything on the top? That seemed to be the case. Even so, if someone was to see him changing in front of a female, something must be very wrong! He went to his wardrobe and picked the clothes he wanted to wear before pushing her out of the room and locking the door.

She was more confused than ever. Why was the boy so insistent of her being out of the room? Did she do something wrong? She frowned, frustrated and not knowing what she did wrong. She shook away the thoughts as Kierix was done. When he opened the door, he was donned differently. He was wearing a cyan hoodie on top of a white tee, matched with a pair of white jeans.

“I can feel them arriving.” She was certain that they were going to break the shield she put in place, hence she created the lock for Kierix, adding another layer of defence. Before breaking in, they should probably knock on the door… She remembered the incident… and she realised why he was insistent. He wanted privacy. Why did she react that way in the past? She did not understand. In any case, the Central Party should at least knock on the gate unless they wanted to fight, usually that was what followed after shields were demolished.

“Hey, wait a moment!” Kierix hurriedly swung his slingbag on his shoulder before following the person who dashed ahead of her down the stairs.

“Good morning!” Alex’s voice sounded as Kierix passed by, clumsily walking to follow Snow who was far ahead of him, standing by the gate.

She glanced around the gate. No one was there yet. She payed attention to the sound around her. Even though she was not in her real form, and that her ear was hidden below her white bow, she could hear better than most of the other people, being born as a rabbit. A rustle was heard not far from the outside of the gate. She instinctively went into alert mode. The shield was not meant for those people to break. It was meant to defend the house from the outsiders that wanted to aim for everyone within.

“Careful.” She warned people behind. She detected that something hit the shield. The magical signature did not leave any hint as to who it was, but it was a spell, rather than a physical object hitting it. It could not have been any infected.

In the far distance on the road ahead of them, a dark shadow could be seen. Black capes were swaying along with the wind. As the black figures became bigger and bigger, Snow could recognise none but one face. The one that called himself John.

“Temporalis Dissipo.” she muttered. The shield faded away. The whole house was instantly fully vulnerable to attacks. The Central Party was here to enter. They were once again in a group, with John leading the group.

“Thanks for undoing the shield, saves us the trouble.” John turned around to look at Snow as he entered the gate, receiving a glare that did not end until he entered the house fully.

Kierix looked at Snow and John. He was shocked. Do the Elementals always destroy their friend’s protection when entering their house? If he was the friend, he would not ever invite or allow the person that was entering, to their house! That would do nothing but just cite anger in the host!

“Temporalis Resurgo.” She muttered. The shield reappeared instantly outside the gate. Closing the gate, Snow followed Kierix into the house, standing in the inner side of the house.

“We have guests here to witness.” Snow mentioned as she stopped in her pace. She knew Kierix’s decision.

Kierix turned around to face the Central Party. He knew he had to accept. That was probably the only way he could get enough help and power to cleanse the virus. Currently, he is nowhere near, even clearing a few class five tire him out so easily. Just having one spell of his own was bad enough, he could not keep up.

“I don’t think I can let them witness, considering where I will be bringing him. I’m not letting anyone except for you to tag along.” John frowned. He need not bring those that are not involved back for this procedure.

“You need to bring me elsewhere?” Kierix spoke. He thought everything was to be done in his house.

“Once you accept, I will have to bring you somewhere else to complete the procedure.” John answered his question.

“Why not do it here?” Snow replied.

“It’s not like I cannot do it here…” he frowned once more. “It would be a little bit more troublesome…” He looked at the people who sat down at the side of the room, watching their conversations. They had an amazed look on their faces. He looked back before continuing, “I’ll need them to sign a contract for privacy.”

A man behind him pulled out a sheet of paper, bearing a light blue symbol on the top. That was probably the logo of the Central Party. Below was a short paragraph.

I hereby declare that whatever I see in this moment will thus remain where and when I saw it. It will not be shared or repeated anywhere and anytime else. I will not mention any thing about it to anyone that is not involved in today’s event in any way, shape or form.

The paper had blanks at the bottom for the signatory’s signature. Two of such papers were handed to the people who sat down at the side. They were not handed any pen.

“How do I sign?” Alex was confused. There was no pen to fill in the blank that we was supposed to sign on.

“You do not. Put your index finger on the blank. The paper will recognise your body’s elemental signature.” The man who passed the paper to them told him as such.

Understanding what to do, Alex and Calidis quickly placed their index finger on the blank. As soon as they touched the paper, a small grey magic circle appeared where the finger and the paper met, before slowly filling in the triangles that were around the circle with colours. Calidis and Alex had their magic circles filled with different colours. After the colours are finished filling in, they lifted their fingers off the paper. The magic circle imprinted itself on the empty space of the paper.

Kierix watched in amazement, it was so beautiful. He turned back to look at John once the paper was collected back by the man.

“Let’s begin. I assume you have no last minute second thoughts?” John asked.

Kierix nodded. He had to do it, or else he would also be consumed by the virus. It was to either attack or be attacked. His life already changed so much, so there was no harm in changing any further. He might as well.

John nodded and he looked at Snow, who did not seem to have any objections.

“Snow, can you help me separate this location from the outside world?” John spoke once more.

“Spacium Laceratis.” She chanted as she pulled out her staff without hesitation, following his requests. Light no longer enter from the outside. There was nothing outside, there was only darkness.

Kierix was curious once more, why did they have to separate the world? He looked at Snow while tilting his head to the side. Snow looked back and gave him a “not now” look.

The environment instantly became very quiet. John walked towards Kierix, before chanting many different spells. The temperature of the room instantly dropped to a temperature he did not experience before. He felt really cold, but it had a feeling of home. The floor had two large magic circles that were spinning passively. They glowed with a tinge of gold each. One had a large snowflake in the middle of the circle, which glowed brightly with silver. The other glowed brightly with a translucent grey, with a symbol in the middle that seemed like the curve of the wind. He did not know what it meant, but it seemed to be related to him.

When she saw the Ice Kingdom’s symbol, she remembered. She could head home with him together in the future. She could give him a tour around the home that he never lived in before. She smiled as she thought of what she could do in the future. The golden glow however, she did not know before. He was one of the royal family along with her. She finally did not feel alone.

“Affiliated by blood, the Ice Kingdom and the Ventus Empire, you have been granted power by both parties. The royal link unlocks the tapping of power from the royal sectors. The Tempus Empire as well as the Plant Kingdom have agreed to lend their powers to you too.”

Two new smaller magic circle appeared on the floor, one was bronze in colour, with an hourglass symbol within the circle, and the other was green in colour with the grass symbol. The outer circle of both of them began spinning slowly, glowing with similar colours.

“Once you begin this journey, you cannot stop, until the virus disappears, or your body crumbles.”

Kierix nodded as he remained standing in between the four magic circle. It was a beautiful sight if one saw. Kierix glowed brightly as the magic circles slowly became smaller and smaller. It overlapped one another as it became smaller, moving out of the horizontal plane and floating in the air. A silver chain linked all the magic circles together, before hooking around Kierix’s right wrist. The small magic circles touched his arm, and stuck onto it. The glow faded, and it became something similar to tattoos. The larger magic circles, the Ventus and Ice symbols stuck on the top and bottom of his arm respectively and the Hourglass and Plant symbol stuck on the left and right of his arm. They occasionally glowed, but it was not obvious. If one did not pay attention to the symbols, he would not realise that they glowed.

“The ritual is over.” John spoke as he swiped his hand across his head. Even only chanting spells for ten minutes, he felt tired. They were complicated spells, he consoled himself. “Similar to other elementals, you are not to use your spells where humans are around, unless you sever the location from the outside world or use the time slowing magic.”

“Alright.” Kierix nodded once more and looked down at his wrist. There were four circles, of different colours. Grey, silver, green and bronze. He did not like tattoos, but that, he did not mind.

“By the time now, the human world have nearly been fully infected. I’ll brief you later on, take a break.” John looked back to the others. He waved, signing to them to leave.

“Do you feel that? Our child have finally connected to our world.” Noticing the sudden fluctuation in his energy, he asked his wife. They were back on the bridge, like the previous time, sitting at the edge. But Snow was not there.

“Yes. He has grown…” Also noticed the fluctuation of her energy, she agreed. She did not imagine it to be that early, but she was proud. “He would soon have to finish the job we left for him. It has been a long time since we met that crazy man. To be able to get thus far he probably have already gotten the knife.”

“Yeah. I can feel it with him. For now, let’s continue to clear the path for him.”


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