[Raw] Colours of Change – Chapter 17

Colours of Change – Chapter 17

He pulled out his spell book. It remained the same, only the content page, Air Step and the unknown spell listed there. On the top right corner of the content page, something was different. There was the four magic circle that he saw on the floor when he was slowly recognised as a guardian, part of the Central Party’s assistants. The four were just as they seemed. The top left of them all was the largest circle, the Ventus Empire’s signature. On the top right was the third largest circle, Tempus Empire’s signature. The bottom left was the the smallest circle, the Plant Kingdom’s signature. And lastly, on the bottom right was the second largest circle, the Ice Kingdom’s signature. Both the Ventus Empire and the Ice Kingdom’s signatures were finely outlined with gold. Not only did the content page signify the powers that were lent to him but also signify his elemental signature. It was at the bottom of the content page, small in size. There was the magic circle that he saw on the contract which Alex and Calidis signed on, except that the colours were different. Inspecting carefully, he realised there was a total of sixteen triangles around the magic circle which had different colours each. The colours seemed random to him, he did not understand how it worked.

Closing the magic book and allowing it to disintegrate, he realised that John was not where he was. Did he leave? Kierix thought he was to brief him on what he had to do. He looked at the time, it was nearly noon. Alex and Calidis left after the ritual, heading out to do some grocery shopping, since Snow was running out of food to use for her cooking ventures. Snow had already rejoined the worlds, allowing light to return to where it was and removing that seemingly unbreakable wall of darkness. She then moved to sit at the side, watching him as he explored new things.

“What is that foul smell?” Kierix questioned out of the blue. There was a very foul smell that lingered in the air all of a sudden.

“I can’t tell. It seems to originate from beyond the gates.” Snow responded immediately.

“I’ll go check.” Kierix replied, standing up and heading towards the door. He opened the door, before he was flooded with a concentrated burst of the foul smell. It was worst than within. He felt really nauseous, he wanted to vomit instantly. It was as if he was in a room that has been filled with flatulence. Covering his nose immediately after he opened the door, he looked up. He could hardly see anything; there was a purple mist covering the entire place, and visibility was near zero. Even the shield that Snow set up was not able to be seen. It did not work against the purple mist.

“I don’t think we can detect the source of it in this mist…” Kierix spoke to the person who appeared next to him from the house. The door was closed shortly after by the person that appeared.

“I think it’s better we stay inside.” Snow instantly regretted following Kierix out the door. She pulled open the door and hastily entered it. She could not stand the stench…

Kierix agreed with her as he reentered the house, closing the door behind. The purple mist have made its way into the house, but it was not as severe as outside. But that was not the only thing that made its way in. Two small purple flowers swung its body left and right. It was moving. The roots were supporting the body, and there was no dirt or anything for it to anchor on, it just moved as if the roots were its legs and the petals acted like its arms. It stood on the floor in the living room, swaying its body.

“I think they got in when we opened the door…” Kierix was shocked. Plants that he have seen before were those that could not move, their roots anchor them to the dirt below them and if they were to be uprooted, they would not live for long… But this was definitely abnormal. Since when had anything made sense ever since Snow appeared? Time stopping in the middle of assembly, new classmates that can use create fire at the tip of their fingers and infected humans… they were all abnormal. Surprisingly, he had been very calm when dealing with those situations, he did not freak out upon experiencing them and become insane.

They looked absolutely harmless, just green plants with purple flowers. No fault in that. However, what seemed to be wrong is he could hear some sounds being produced by the plants. He just could not make out what was the sound he heard. Was it a message? Was it a piece of music? He had no idea.

The air in the house became cleaner. Snow looked up in the air. The purple mist that entered seemed to have diminished, there were no purple clouds to be seen indoors. The foul smell disappeared. That was the positive side of the situation. The negative side… She heard a loud crackle. Immediately after, the only thing she could see was darkness. Something blocked the light source.

He stared at the plants, trying to make out what he heard from them. It was very vague. The purple clouds started congregating, whirling towards the middle of the two purple flowers. And the tinge of purple in the house was no more. He could no longer smell anything bad. The purple flowers started shaking vigorously, expanding in all directions. He fell backwards, looking up to what was once the small purple flowers. They became gargantuan purple flowers.

His house was about to be broken apart once more. He felt the roof and the ground shaking. The sudden increase in size pushed air outwards in all direction since it took up more space. Air flow changed and he felt the wind pushing him backwards. Glass windows in his house shattered instantly. Snow instantly casted the world separation spell. She did not want the neighbours to be shocked. The outside world became darkness.

“…ah this is really heavy! We are almost there!” Alex said as he slowly approached the house. Holding equally heavy bags of grocery, Calidis smiled at Alex. John followed behind Calidis, he was not holding on to anything. He followed the duo out to see what the human world was like. It was much less than expected. Instead of a gigantic marketplace he had visited in the Elemental Empires or Kingdoms, the human world had minuscule marketplaces. There was only a few shop keepers too. It was very different. However, there were more variety of things he could find, just not much quantity.

“What’s this smell…” Alex mentioned as he slowly entered the mist. He assumed the purple mist was normal around here, but he had never visited Kierix’s home often, so he did not know.

“What smell…” John stopped his sentence short as he took in something he had never smelled before. It was absolutely foul. He looked to the left and right. To the left was buildings – nothing wrong, but to the right… It was a huge and dense group of purple. Instead of the green trees and prairie, it was a huge dense purple jungle. It was as if the green have been dyed purple. Purple was the Mutatio Vitium’s primary colour. It must be its work. He thought the virus was mostly targeting humans. He was proved wrong.

“Snow and Kierix are probably stuck inside the house, but now we can’t move forward to them in this haze.” Calidis mentioned.

“We better protect ourselves.” John advised as he saw a purple plant on the road ahead of them. In the wide open space, thinking of using space severing spell was not feasible. On his hand, a circle appeared. Moving out of his hand, it behaved similarly to the teleportation spell. The circle duplicated, before expanding the gap between them. Within, a sword appeared, landing on John’s hand as the circle fully expanded and disappeared. The sword glowed with light and had the Central Party’s logo branded on it. He grabbed onto the sword’s hilt, before stabbing it onto the ground. A bronze ring expanded from where he was to the far horizon. The leaves stopped swaying in the wind and the wind stopped blowing. Time stopped, but the plant in front continued to move.

Although the mist stopped moving after the magic was casted, it slowly began to move. It gathered together, slowly gathering above the plant. It zoomed down into the plant’s flower, entering from the top, and the area around the plant was clear. The plant started shaking fiercely, before growing in a shocking speed. Its stem extended swiftly, branching outwards like how a tree grew, except that it happened in a few seconds. The entwined branches glowed bright, before forming what was the purple plant’s body, except bigger. The whole plant grew and became a colossal version of the previous version.

“Now how do we do that?” Alex looked at the others, rooted to the ground.

The roof seemed like it was losing support, it was making sounds that did not sound good at all. It seemed as if at any time, it could fall down and collapse on them. Kierix looked back at the situation at hand. He pulled out his knife. That was probably the only way to solve the problem, except that he did not know how to deal with those huge plants if they did not return to their original sizes.

“One each?” He suggested to Snow. There was two purple flowers, they could split the job and deal with one each. Receiving a nod from Snow, he turned his knife around, holding it facing downwards and outwards. He jumped upwards, using his air step. Compared to the massive body size of the plant, his body was probably just a speck of dust, if not an ant. He made a total of twenty air steps, before even getting near the flower. He pulled his right arm to the left, making a huge horizontal cut on the flower. Many smaller petals flew out of the flower, as if they were blood to a human. The plant have already made its move, but due to its size, movement was slow. Kierix did not react in time. The plant’s leaf arm swung at him, shattering the air step magic circle into sparkling dust before landing a hit on him. He lost his footing, but the gigantic leaf headed its way upwards from below him, throwing him at a high velocity at the ceiling. If he was a human, that impact would have killed him. But living in a human world for a long period of time, his body have also atrophied and became brittle. Pain resonated from all parts of his body. He was stuck in the roof, a hole has been created with his shape. Gravity pulled him downwards. The slightest of friction that the roof hole gave him held him ever so slightly on the roof, but it did not last long. He slowly slid downwards, and in no time, he fell.

Snow pulled out her ice sword. She created an ice staircase from the floor. She dashed up the staircase that was ever growing upwards. The staircase diminished from a few steps below where she was and grew upwards. She was soon at the height of the flower. When she reached her desired height, the staircase stopped solidifying from the atmosphere. To her left, Kierix was at the same altitude, about to slice the flower. She looked back at her target. The flower have moved to tackle her with the flower petals. It opened up, swinging about. Snow instinctively jumped, barely avoiding the sharp flower petal. She recreate footing below her, creating a path in front of her. Holding her ice sword in front of her, the blade away from her body, she slid down the path that she took, like how humans ice skated. Her blade cut through the flower petals as she slid down the ever growing ice path. It was about a metre wide, but it properly lead her around the flower. A leaf arm was swung at her, attempting to hit her from the side. Noticing the move, she lowered the next path, giving it a steeper gradient downwards, before returning to the gentle path she took to cut the flower, narrowly avoiding the hit. Another leaf was swung vertically from below, and she banked to the right, avoiding the hit, before heading back on her desired course. The path touched the leaf by a bit, freezing the leaf. But the ice did not last. With a short movement of the leaf, the ice shattered and landed on the ground.

If individual leaves did not harm her, multiple leaves would. A leaf was swung at her vertically in front of her path. Knowing she could avoid it with the same method, she banked to the right. As she did, a leaf swerved into her path from the right. She went downwards this time, avoiding it, but the last one she could not. The next leaf appeared below, blocking her steep path. She instantly flew towards the leaf, landing on it. The leaf that managed to block her path swung her downwards, throwing her towards the ground. She landed in the ground. She could still manage, she jumped to her left, avoiding the next hit. She looked up at the disfigured flower. How was she to kill it?


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