[Raw] Colours of Change – Chapter 18

Colours of Change – Chapter 18

He looked at the plant. It was definitely an infected Elemental. He was not to harm any Elemental unless the situation required the culling of them or if he faced any other reasonable unique circumstances. But, the situation seemed to him like such a circumstance, where he had to act. The elemental was already infected. If he could save it, that would be the best ending. However, that did not seem like the case.

John dashed forward, gripping tight on his sword. The plant’s leaf arms started lunging at him, trying to dissuade John from getting any closer. When one arm was about to hit him, he jumped upwards, landing on the plant’s arm. Not stopping his strides, he continued to dash, although on the plant’s arm. The plant actually helped him get closer, creating a bridge from the ground to itself. Knowing that, John had to take the opportunity. The plant realised John’s plan and started to shake him off its arm, but to no avail. John leaped when the arm shook. He noticed the movement below him, and the only way to prevent falling off was to get off the thing that shook. In the air, he pulled and swung his sword upwards, revealing the plant’s innards as petal filled the air. The change in position of the sword advantaged him. He had the sword in front of him and he fell downwards due to gravity, pulling a straight wound from the tip of the diagonal cut he created as he turned the blade to face down.

That all happened within less than a minute. However, the next movement was the game changer.

The leaf headed downwards, swooping up the vulnerable falling object, coiling itself around it. John had a long fall – the plant was nearly three storeys high, and as he fell, he could do nothing but to fall downwards along gravity. There was no foothold for him to kick off, disabling him in terms of dodging capabilities. Easily, John was constricted within the leaf. Within the leaf, a new branch grew, creating a small arm within the constriction. It extended towards John’s arm. Before John could push the blade downwards to break himself free, the small arm wrapped around his wrist and tightened, forcing him to release his grip. The branch then pushed the knife outwards, causing it to move out of the leaf wrapping and fall onto the ground. The plant could now safely tighten the leaf around him, without the blade threatening to cut it any further.

He was stuck, with his arms bound to his body.

Alex stared blankly at the person ahead of him getting coiled around and hurt. He only recovered when the sword fell onto the ground and created a loud clank that woke him up. He was a magic and human hybrid elemental. He was a spell caster, but he was not an offensive based spell caster. Rather, he was a support type, where he have protective and disruptive spells to help protect others.

“P-perplexo Exonero!” he muttered as he pulled the familiar object from his pocket after dropping the grocery bags. He nearly forgotten the spell name. He stumbled at the beginning but continued swiftly. At the tip of the wand, a beige magic circle appeared. His wand started sending a translucent beige wavy beam towards the leaf. It seemed to be attempting to pull the leaf apart, allowing John’s escape, but it was not as easy. The leaf had great resistance, continuing to force itself to close. Focusing at releasing John, Alex stared at the leaf and started repeating the spell. Every chant of that spell sent a pulse of energy from the wand towards the leaf, causing it to release ever so slightly. The leaf was wavering, attempting to close even tighter, but forced to release John a little when the pulse of beige hit it. It was a challenge of tolerance for the plant. If the plant were to be unable to tolerate the energy of the magic, it would have to release John. It was a fight of brute force against willpower.

Calidis looked at the battle that surfaced ahead of her. She knew herself that her abilities were useless in the situation. Water spells were useless against Plant Elementals… Water would enrich the strength of them, and that was not the desired outcome. If the plants required water for nourishment, what would happen without water?

Calidis snapped her fingers. That was it. Without water, plants would not be able to sustain its strength, much less grip onto John. She knew just the method to save John. The answer lied in the grocery bags. She moved towards Alex, bending down to search for the thing she needed. Carrots, no. Eggs, nope. Salt. That was the answer.

“Alex, stop for a moment, I know a way to make this easier.”

Alex looked backwards as he retracted his wand. The leaf lost its resistance and was able to retighten its grip. As soon as Alex turned backwards, something was sent flying into his face. After the smack that landed on his face, he pulled the object from his face. At first, it was too close to see anything from the object. He pulled it further from his eyes. Salt, what was he to do with it?

“Remember my lessons, Alex. Osmosis.”

His memory was jolted. He instantly knew what she was talking about. When the plant lost water, it would become flaccid, letting John out. He held the salt tight.

“I’ll open it and you send a wave of water towards it.” Alex suggested. He did not have any means of sending the salt to the plant. He peeled open one side of the packaging, looking towards Calidis. She nodded, giving her approval of the plan.

“Ready when you are.” Calidis smiled at the plan, it probably was not a good idea but they had to give it a shot. Instantly, Alex threw the packet of salt up in the air before running away from it. Calidis held her palm and faced it towards the plant, waiting for the packet to be in the line of fire. As soon as it was, Calidis fired a stream of water, carrying the salt that was within the packet into it and sending it towards the plant.

Alex looked at Calidis’ spell with approval. The aiming was perfect and it carried most of the salt along. The packaging of the salt was also carried along, but the water was not strong enough, and it followed gravity and landed on the ground. The saltwater stream landed on the plant’s stem and the plant absorbed it all. However, within a second or two, water began to leak out from all parts of the plant’s body. Alex started regretting his action after awhile. Water started gathering at the base of the plant, not in drops but in puddles. It was as if it was a rain cloud, expelling water at a superbly high speed. The plant slowly reduced in size and flattened, losing its original shape. It could no longer retain John within the piece of paper-thin leaf.

The plant started to drop downwards, losing its structural support. John jumped out of what was once his cage and pulled out his sword from the ground where it landed and pierced into. He looked at Alex, knowing his ability to separate the virus from the host when he observed the battle at the school. He was a good candidate to join John’s team to clear viruses. He would be a very helpful ally.

Alex noticed the purple flower remained turgid. The purple was familiar… Right. It was the virus again, he thought. Holding his wand, he swung it.

“Dispello!” A white magic circle appeared, contrasting with the tarmac road. It started spinning as it glowed, and spikes started to draw on the outer circle of the magic circle. In the next moment, the spikes launched. They flew directly towards their target, the plant. The spikes pierced the plant on contact. However, it did not seem to have any pain afflicted on it. The plant had no reaction to the spell. The spikes passed through the plant, before pulling upwards something different. The plant no longer had a purple flower, it became red. The spikes pulled up a purple ball from the middle of the plant. He instantly recognised it as the virus. It had the same tint of purple as the strips of purple on his friend’s arms. Calidis cocked one eyebrow, it had a different shape than the ones she have seen thus far. They were all stripes; this was the first time she had saw the virus in the shape of a ball.

John had no such interest in the virus. He just wanted to eradicate it. The virus cannot be allowed to infect any more. He pointed his sword at the virus, and threw the sword at the ball like a javelin. The sword flew, and directly hit the virus, piercing it at the middle, breaking it. The ball turned grey and disintegrated. He looked back at the plant. The plant have been dehydrated and was withering. It would last no much longer. He sighed as he looked at the innocent victim.

It was time to end it. Snow aimed her sword at the plant in front of her. The sword moulted from the top, shedding ice from the tip to the back. The resulting figure was her ice staff. The top was aimed at the plant.

“Glacies Signum.” She mentioned. Her bow slid down from her head. Her perky ears popped out of rest and stood up. Her body was washed in the silvery light as the magic circle below her glowed. It was a magic circle of huge diameter; it enveloped the plant within it. It was a very intricate magic circle, with a huge snow flake in the middle of the magic circle. The temperature around her dropped instantly. As the glow became more intense, the plant found it hard to move. Originating from the floor, ice grew upwards, consuming the plant within. The plant tried to shake itself out of its position, but the flailing only caused it to trip and fall downwards onto the ground. As soon as the flower landed on the ground, the ice started to grow from the magic circle, growing up onto the plant at a very high speed. In moments, the whole plant was enveloped in ice. There was no longer any motion from the plant. She moved forward, touching the ice that sealed the creature within. Out of the blue, she turned around and swung her staff at the ice. Within seconds, the ice shattered, along with the thing within. It all turned into dust and sparkled in the light that was finally able to shine through without the colossal body blocking it.

The creature was finally done.

Kierix stared at the plant he was dealing with. The purple was very obvious to the eye, contrasting with the green stem and leaves. It was very wrong. He realised that it was the virus at work. If the flower was the only part that was infected, why not deal with it first?

He stood up slowly. Falling down from such a height should have killed a normal human. Fortunately, he was still alive, but every part of him was rejecting and screaming pain to the brain. He forced himself to walk towards the plant. The plant relentlessly swung its leaf at him. He was straining his body, but if he did not, he would be dead. He dodged to the right, barely missing the leaf. He started running, using air step to aid him with his progress out. He moved from left to right and back to left again, dodging every single leaf that came towards him. There was one leaf that headed his way from the back. Swinging his knife back and forth on his right arm as he was running, he unintentionally cut the leaf, and the leaf instantly retracted, barely saving Kierix’s life. Kierix continued to run, oblivious to what happened that prevented his lifeline from being severed. As he reached to the stem where the flower was connected, he swung his knife. The next moment was the flower sliding downwards, falling down as gravity pulled. Petals filled the air, and dropped down like rain. At the same time, he felt temperature dropping. That probably was Snow eliminating her enemy, he thought.

Turning to the right as he heard a loud sound coming from the right. It was like glass shattering, but it was of large scale. He turned his head just in time to see a magnificent view. The ice shattered into powder, glittering in the sky.

He was tired, but he moved towards the white beauty. Snow was swaying back and forth precariously, and in the next second, she fell backwards. Kierix became shocked for a split second before jumping to catch her. He was successful in his catch, and he held Snow on his arms.

“Looks like I’m not the only one that get tired easily…” He watched as Snow slept in his arms. He smiled. He had a tough time of carrying her up stairs to his room, especially with a hurt body. He limped into his room, setting her gently on his bed, not wanting to wake her up. He sat down on the chair beside, and looked at her as she continued sleeping. He had to rest too. Not bothering to fix anything, he closed his eyes in fatigue. Snow must be really tired.


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