[Raw] Colours of Change – Chapter 19

Colours of Change – Chapter 19

“Anyone there?” Alex shouted into the house. The door was left ajar but there was no movement inside that he could see. The purple mist that had been present around the place was no longer lingering in the air. It disappeared after the purple plant was dealt with, along with the body. Where was the ice duo? John moved ahead to open the door for the person who held many bags of grocery on his hands. Muttering a word of thanks, Alex hastily entered the house before dropping the bags on the floor.

“What in the world…” Alex stared at the house interior. Everything was a mess, and it was as if robbers entered the house and ransacked it, but worse. Not only was everything strewn all over the floor, but the roof was also about to collapse. He then noticed something really wrong. There was a hole in the roof, that had a shape of a body. What happened?

“I detect magical signatures of leftover energy in this area.” Calidis mentioned.

“A fight probably broke out. The signatures were Snow and Kierix’s signatures. Since the house was also covered in that purple mist, I would assume they faced similar creatures as we did…” John added. He could guess that that was probably the case. The air had some residue of the purple mist. The foul smell existed mildly.

“So where would they be now?” Alex continued to question. He could see no trace of the duo. The entire house was very silent, all they could hear was his voice. He continued to move to the kitchen, before dropping off whatever he had on his hand on the kitchen table.

“Probably in their rooms, resting.” Calidis suggested. If they were to have a fight in the house, it would not have been as easy their battle. It was a three against one match, giving them a great advantage. However, that would not have been the case as there was only two people, against who knew how many they fought. Being tired to a certain extent was definite. She followed Alex into the kitchen and dropped off her load.

“Let’s not disturb them then. I’ll wait a bit more before leaving. I have work to do so I cannot stay any longer. I’ll leave a message, help me pass it to him.” John said. He pulled out a pen and took out a piece of paper. He remained in the living room, and started writing on the table in front of him.


She opened her eyes. Snow felt mildly rested, except that her body hurt from the impact of the fall. What happened to Kierix? She did not manage to look at Kierix’s state as she fainted before she managed to look towards Kierix. She was very tired then, she could hardly balance after that spell. She thought she could cast that spell without problems. She was wrong. She was not as good as she thought she was… She had more to improve on. She still felt weak. The spell had drained most of her energy. But it was a beautiful sight to behold.

She realised, she was on something comfortable. If she fainted after the spell, she would probably be on the cold hard marble floor, waking up with a back ache. She touched the thing below her. It was a soft bed. She turned to her left and looked. It looked familiar. Kierix’s bed. She turned around once more. At the corner of her eye, she spotted the person who brought her in. Red lines marked every point of his body. Her eyes felt a little moist. He was fully wounded, yet he carried her into the room, placing her on the bed, and resting on the chair instead.

Why did that silly boy do that? She looked at the person that sat in front of her. He was unbelievably high in tolerance. Having so many wounds and still be able to move, not to even mention carry her and walk up stairs. She closed her eyes, tears flowed down her cheek. Now who was the guardian and who was the person that needed protection…? The situation was reversed.

“Why are you crying?” the warmth around her spoke. She continued to tear. She could not stop.

“How could you do this when you are all wounded…” She muttered softly and her voice was barely audible. She felt really guilty. She could not let Kierix be hurt and yet he was so severely hurt.

“Don’t worry, in awhile I would recover.” He smiled. He did not let go of her. His wounds hurt. He was barely able to move onto the bed to hug her. His body was really heavy, none of the muscles wanted to move. They wanted to rest. He woke up to see a tearing face. He was somewhat confused, but he did not want Snow to be sad.

They remained that way for awhile. Kierix looked out to the window. It was already night time. Snow fell asleep after awhile, but her face held a smile. Kierix let go of her, allowing her to lie down on the bed, before walking down to the first floor. For some reason, he did not feel hungry at all.

He looked at the floor, nothing was left behind. He understood that the the flower head he cut off would disintegrate because of the virus, but the body disappeared too. He noticed the body of the plant shrink into its previous size after the flower was removed earlier. However, the body that was supposed to be there was not there. How did it disappear? His trail of thoughts was broken by Calidis’ words.

“Is she asleep?” Calidis asked the person who walked down, who replied with a nod. Calidis looked at his body, which was fully covered with wounds. She instantly understood how the roof was damaged. She picked up the paper that John left behind on the table, and passed it to Kierix. Kierix took it from Calidis and slowly made his way to the living room’s table, sitting down on the chair.

“Alex, could you help do some spells?” Calidis called for Alex, who was in the kitchen, eating snacks that he bought earlier. Alex responded with an okay, putting down his snack before dashing to the living room. He was shocked once more upon leaving the living room. Kierix was not like the one he saw before, he was now covered in blood stain in many places. He dashed towards Kierix, and instantly pulled out his wand.

“Consano!” he chanted. He could not stand the amount of blood that seemed to have dried up on him. He had to do something, being a support type spell caster. Spell casters of support type were responsible for dealing with such situations. A green magic circle appeared below Kierix. Swirly beams of light started to extend from the magic circle upwards, encircling around Kierix. In a short moment, he was washed with green. Fortunately, his wounds were not deep, they were minor cuts here and there.

He felt his body feel lighter. The pain slowly subsided, and it was magical. As the red colours on him faded, the green followed suit and faded. He felt no more pain, but he was still physically and mentally tired, with all that happened that day.

“Thanks.” He smiled towards Alex, before lifting up the paper that was left behind by John to his eye level.

Dear Kierix,

I hope your wounds would have healed by the time you read this. I had to return and since I could not stay to brief you, I have written what I wanted to say below.

As a guardian, you are supposed to protect the Elementals when you are fit to do so, and since they lent you powers, you are meant to repay them in some form or another. Whether you clear the virus or not is not an issue. All that matters is that the Elementals stay safe. Do whatever you can to keep them safe, that is your duty. I suggest you head to the Plant Kingdom first. They have already been invaded by the virus. Ask Snow or Calidis for their location. Alex will be able to get you there with his magic. Quarantine the infected from the non-infected and find a way to cure the infected. With the current situation that the Plant Kingdom is facing, there is no doubts that they will be attacked by other Kingdoms that want to expand. Protect them at all costs, and remember, you have the ability to stop battles.

To be able to enter the Plant Kingdom and not be recognised as an invader, you have only one thing to do. Either be recognised as part of their allied races or show them your wrists. The mark is good enough proof that you are there to assist.

Good luck.

P.S. If you need to contact me, pull out the seal on the top of the paper and break it. It has my name behind the Central Party’s seal so no one else but me would know.

So his next destination was to head to the Plant Kingdom… He should leave soon, the area around his house was no longer safe, he thought. The plants around his area have already been infected and they could attack any time.

“We have to head to Plant Kingdom next, seeing their situation. We’ll leave tomorrow morning. For now, let’s head to rest, it’s late.” Kierix spoke to Calidis and Alex who were sitting on the chair while he read the letter.

“Okay, good night then.” Calidis replied before heading towards the guest room.

“See you tomorrow.” Alex added and slowly walked to his room.

Kierix pulled out the seal that was on the top of the paper. One would think that seals were usually ink and unremovable. He never seen seals that were meant to be removed. After keeping the seal safe, he headed up to his room. His muscles ached…


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