[Raw] Colours of Change – Chapter 20

Colours of Change – Chapter 20

She opened her eyes once more. This time, the surroundings were brighter. Light shone through the translucent curtains, washing the entire room with the sun’s warm glow. She felt hungry, she haven’t ate anything since the previous morning. She felt more energetic than the previous night though. Having a long rest definitely helps with recovery. However, without food, there was a limit to the recovery.

She sat up on Kierix’s bed, its owner sleeping on the chair beside the bed. The red lines that were on his body was no more. On where the wounds were, she could detect a magical signature that was left behind. The signature matched Alex’s. It was most probably a healing spell that was casted by Alex to help his body recover faster. Well, if he felt better, she would not feel that guilty sleeping on his bed. She found the thought of that a little funny.

Jumping off the bed, she slowly walked towards the wooden staircase that laid to the far right of the door of the house, along the corridor of the second floor It was a short corridor, and in no time, she was on the first floor. No one was awake yet, but it was already late morning, judging by the shadows that were created by the sun. She looked out of the window. It was back to a peaceful day, except that the streets outside of their house were not filled with people like normal days. The incident at the school have been very pervasive. The school was now gone, Kierix probably cannot go back to his normal life even if he wanted to and abandoned his new duty. That incident created a huge ruckus, every human in the neighbourhood have gone into alert mode, not leaving their houses unnecessarily, and if they do, they bring weapons with them everywhere they go.

Her stomach grumbled… She turned around, moving towards the kitchen. She opened up the refrigerator. The refrigerator send out a cold wind as the door opened. She embraced the coldness. She have been away from her home for a long while and that was what reminded her of home, although the temperature was not as cold as what it felt like in the Ice Kingdom. It was not even close. She pulled out three bright reddish-orange carrots, putting two in her pocket before starting to nibble on one. At that time, she heard footsteps.

“Good morning, Princess! Feel any better?” Calidis said as she walked down the staircase. She felt energetic. She was excited about leaving the house to head to the Plant Kingdom. She have only been to the Aqua Empire and the human world. She haven’t been to the Plant Kingdom before so she was expecting to get to explore and observe new things. She was ready for the unknown.

“…Leave out the honorifics, just call me Snow. I feel much better, with my minor woulds recovered.” She continued nibbling away at the carrot once she completed her sentence. Carrots were something she would not forgo for anything else once she begun eating it.

“Alright, I’ll do that from now on.” she mentioned as she went to the kitchen to take the loaf of bread she bought the day before. She also felt hungry.

He felt more rejuvenated than before. He moved towards the shower, hearing sound of water trickling. This time, he was prepared, he knew what he was about to face. He moved to the side of the doors. He blushed as he closed his eyes and instantly closed the door of the shower.

“Why did you close the door?” a voice from within resounded. His guess was correct. Snow was inside the washroom taking a shower, without closing the door. He wanted to give himself a facepalm. In a moment, she left the shower, with a new set of white dress. Similarly, it had inscriptions on the dress and looked as elegant as before. Her rabbit ears were standing up tall from her head, replacing what used to be a white bow. Not giving any more care to her looks, he instantly entered the shower, and remembered to close the door behind him, taking a short shower.

When he was done, the was clean of any blood stain that may have dried up on him. He felt more refreshed and he changed into a light pink hoodie that hung over another white shirt, matched by a milk coloured pants. Quickly, he moved to the ground floor, where everyone was waiting at. Everyone sat around the table that rested on a side of the room, opposite of the wooden staircase.

“Kierix, what do we do now?” Snow asked, unaware of the letter that Kierix obtained from John. She blinked her eyes innocently, not knowing any of Kierix’s plans. Her ears stood up straight as she paid attention to what Kierix had to announce.

“Right…” He remembered Snow was sleeping when he read the letter. “We are heading to the Plant Kingdom, as instructed by John. The previous incident is evidence enough that the virus is expanding its range of infection to the Plant Kingdom. We need to go there to help sort things out.”

Snow remained silent and nodded. Her ears twitched at every information, as if her ear was taking notes down. She remembered the previous day’s incident. Small flowering plants were infected by the virus, and were controlled to invade places. Especially with the foul purple mist.

“Speaking of which, Alex and Calidis, are you going to be joining me?” Kierix remembered that there were two guests that were in his house.

“I am going to be. The school is already destroyed, and I have no other responsibilities so if you don’t mind, I will follow along. Alex?” Calidis instantly made her stand, choosing to participate along.

“If Ms Calidis is joining, I guess there is no harm of me joining. Besides, I can help using my abilities.” Alex instantly replied. He seemed excited, stuttering in his sentences as he spoke.

“But your parents?” Calidis remembered. As per school rules, she was not allowed to bring students to anywhere without parent’s consent, but even if they were not in school, that was supposed to be the case as well. The rule was not created without thinking through.

“Well, I have contacted them already, asking them to stay over at Kierix’s place in the first place. They allowed me, and also asked me to stick with everyone here to keep myself safe.” He answered her question, happy that he was most probably able to join.

“Then that is settled! So… how do we get there?” What followed was a moment of silence. No one thought of that question. Kierix assumed that the rest would know, seeing as to how they have been aware of the whole elemental thing ever since they were young.

“I know how to.” She spoke. She could not stand the situation. She could not believe that none of them knew and that she had to speak up. But either way, she knew the location of the Plant Kingdom. She have went there multiple times. In fact, as a princess, she have once followed her parents out to the Plant Kingdom to a meeting with the royal families. They had to talk about relationships, trades, alliances, et cetera. They were things that she was not interested in however.

Everyone turned to stare at the princess, giving her pressure.

“…The Plant Kingdom is hidden in a spot over…” She gave up explaining after awhile. She realised she could not explain in words. Quickly, she pulled out her staff out of the air. The fastest way to explain was to bring them there instantly. “Locus Transilio Valens!” She knew that the basic spell would not be able to bring them far enough to reach the Plant Kingdom.

A grey magic circle was drawn on the ground. It was similar to the one that he saw when Alex casted the translocation spell, except that it was simpler. This spell seemed to be a lot more complex, having more steps to the casting and the magic circle seemed to be more details. There was two rings that composed the magic circle. The larger one was thicker and had inscriptions within. The smaller one was finer, with patterns and lines connecting within to create a symbol in the middle. Slowly, the teleportation magic circle started spinning, and a translucent line shot out of the magic circle at shocking speeds like a harpoon, which pointed to the direction of the location. After awhile, the line stopped extending and a duplicate of the magic circle floated upwards to about two metres high like before, before creating a cylinder.

“Someone is arriving!” A guard shouted from the guard tower in front of the gate. A translucent white line shot towards the gate and the ring at its end stopped before the entrance. The ring slowly expanded, forming a duplicate of the magic circle that was formed in the house, before having another formed and floated upwards. When the cylinder was formed, the magic circle stopped moving and it started glowing with bright colours.

The town was bustling. In front of the gate, it was a small town, with many elementals. Many elementals were in the general location, where the main path was located. To the sides of the main path located many shop houses that were carved out of short trees. These short trees have huge trunks, allowing much space for shop owners to do their work.

“Make way!” A man shouted in the middle of the road. Instantly, the green path full of people split into two parts, creating a small path in between just able to two people within. Although there was this gap that they had created, they did not stop their shopping. Business went on as usual and everything continued, despite the split.

The man moved quickly through the crowd in the gap. He tried to move as fast as possible to meet the people that arrived. They were the guests that the Central Party told them about eh? He was really interested to know who were those people. He moved quicker, wanting to find out. In front of him was a gigantic wooden gate.

“They are here, guardian! I’ll open the gate this instance!” The guard shouted, before tugging on the mechanism that opened the door.

The man pulled his collar, adjusted his attire and stood straight. He was ready to welcome them, into the Plant Kingdom.


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