[Raw] Colours of Change – Chapter 22

Colours of Change – Chapter 22

“Your Majesty.” Everyone bowed to the King of the Plant Kingdom. No one seemed to be affected by what was the king’s look.

“Welcome to the Plant Kingdom to meet you, young guardian. Thank you for visiting too, Princess of the Ice Kingdom, as well as the people who tagged along with the guardian.” The king gave a warm welcome, before bringing his guests to a table where they could sit down and talk.

“We are having a little bit of trouble over here in the Plant Kingdom. The virus have mutated and found its way into our regions. It have been” The king summarised the situation for the people who were present. Most of the news were already well known to many but not only was the virus a problem. The smaller groups of Elementals that were of mixed breed were daring enough to attempt to attack the Plant Kingdom while they were under attack, adding fuel to the fire.

“What’s the current situation on the spread of the virus?” Snow asked, after considering about the situation. As far as she could see, no where in the kingdom had any purple mists. She thought of the previous encounter with the virus-infected plant. The purple mist were everywhere. Surely there would be some hint to the presence of the virus infection if they existed in the kingdom…

“So far, only a small group of plants near the opposite side of the gate you entered from were infected. There is another gate over there allowing entry and exit for people, but that was probably how they were infected. Most of the plants that were infected have been quarantined… The rest of the civilians are safe for now, until the virus mutates further.” The king reported.

“There was a few that escaped the infected though. All the others had to be put to sleep, but one was supposedly cured.” Green instantly added after the king finished his sentence, and it piqued his curiosity.

“Saved?” Everyone said in unison.

“There was a small flowering plant that went to the human world. He came back unscathed… except losing a flower that grew for awhile. His name is Dioris Floremia.”

“Losing a flower?” Kierix looked at Green. Could it be that he was talking about the infected that he dealt with? He received a nod.

“No idea. We faced one ourselves, we used salt to disable it though, before euthanising it…” Calidis spoke. Their fight was simple with just that tactic. They have not saved anything, they merely eliminated the threat they faced. Alex nodded along, not knowing what to add.

“Well, that was a young plant, so that plant could probably regrow a new flower in a short while.” Green continued.

“I think I might have found the cure for the Plant Kingdom.” Kierix spoke with a certain extent of confidence. That caught everyone’s attention, creating a complete silence. The plant he had dealt with had its flower sliced off by his knife, but he did not care about the plant after the flower was removed. He only noticed that the plant fell to the ground, but he did not bother to care. Instead, during that time, he was distracted by the drop in temperature by Snow’s spell. And he did not even take another look at the plant. He just carried the overly exhausted Snow back to his room.

“There’s a certain restriction though.” Kierix continued. He was only able to cure that young plant for one reason. The virus only resided in the plant’s flower. He merely cut off the link from the virus to the rest of the body. It was somewhat like amputating to prevent spread of virus. Everything would be different if the situation was different. If the plant was fully overtaken by the virus, the plant would not have been able to survive. Plainly cutting off the flower was not enough. He slowly explained what he thought to the people listening.

“That sounds about right. Furthermore, the plants can regrow their amputated parts, so there is not much of a sacrifice for cure. It just cannot be applied on any other Elementals.” The king understood what he meant. To be able to cure those that were quarantined, he would have to do that. But only if

“What is the current class that the virus infecting the kingdom is in?” Snow asked out of the blue.

“So far, six.” Green replied her. “Why?”

“Let’s head out to the quarantined location right now.” Kierix got the same feeling of unease as Snow. If they did not deal with the infected as soon as possible, the kingdom may be greatly endangered. The virus will mutate.

“Wait. I won’t be able to follow you, but take this. It will grant you access to the restricted zone.” The king picked out an emblem from his table and passed it to Kierix. “I’m very thankful for coming to help us today. Stay safe.”

Holding the emblem up, he looked at the precisely done emblem made out with leaves. It had the shape of the Kingdom’s icon and there were something within that he could feel. A sort of strength that he could not comprehend. He swiftly put the emblem in his pocket, before turning back. “Let’s go. Stay safe, your majesty!” Receiving a smile, he started to move out, along with the four people.

“I’ll be following them, King Grandior. Take care of yourself.” Green turned back to look at the king before turning back and walking away.

“Why are you here, Dioris?” Green looked at the plant that stood at the side of the entrance of the King’s residence. The golden door closed behind him.

“Mr Greenwich, I wanted to ask you if I could go to the restriction zone!” The small plant pleaded him.

“Why do you want to go there?” Kierix looked at the young plant. He was small in size, about knee length. He was no longer the colossal creature he saw back at his house. Indeed, the flower was no longer there, instead there was a bud where the flower used to be, replacing its existence. There was no sign of purple on its body at all. It was a perfectly healthy elemental. Even so, bringing him into the restriction is utterly dangerous. The virus only started spreading awhile before, so there was not much data to reference from. He could only assume the worst – if the young elemental was hurt once more by the infected, it would be infected once more. His body was not immune to the virus. He removed the virus before adaptation could begin.

“My parents, they are infected and they are quarantined! I want to see them…” he looked downwards.

“As long as you don’t get infected once more, it is fine. Follow us, we are going there too.” Greenwich replied, to Dioris’ happiness. Dioris beamed with happiness, jumping around the area. It was the happiness of an innocent child.

“Don’t worry, I can protect Dioris with my defensive magic.” Calidis added.

“Let’s get going.” Snow instantly reminded them. Time was running out. At any point of time, the virus can mutate and cause more trouble to them. Who knew if the virus could even be cured then?

Assuming the enclosure was a full circle, it should take them as long as they took to reach the Tree of Worlds from the entrance they entered from. If that was the case, they had better made haste to get there.

About an hour have past and they were nearly exiting the other side of the forest that grew around the Tree of Worlds. Kierix felt a tug on the left side of his shirt. He turned to look at what was tugging on his shirt.

“Hey Mr Guardian, thank you for saving me.” He spoke, but he did not seem too happy.

“You are welcome. Do you know the two more that were euthanised that day?” Kierix replied.

“They were my friends… I don’t like it that they died and I lived. I feel guilty.”

“Hey, look. I don’t think they wanted it to end this way either, but it usually is never fair. Changes have to happen here and there. I think it would be a better choice to live the life that was saved to the fullest. That would probably be what they wanted to see, if they could.” Kierix tried to comfort him. It seemed to have worked, seeing his frown gone.

“Do you remember what happened that day?” Kierix continued to ask as he received silence on his end on the previous statement.

“I don’t remember anything, except that I woke up without my flower in the house… I immediately ran away, while seeing my friend disappearing in front of my eyes…” Dioris looked down. That day was the scariest day ever. He woke up after a long while just to wake up to see his friend fade from this world. No one should ever experience such an event, he thought. He tried to blink away his tears

“Did I hurt you?” he looked up to the person beside him with sore red eyes.

“Yeah, a little, but it’s fine. Take a look.” He spun around while showing his arms and legs to Dioris. “It’s all healed now.” He smiled to Dioris.

Dioris smiled back, feeling more comfortable.

They were in a new zone, the area around looked like it used to be a market, with all the same treeshops lining the side of the road. However, the place was deserted. No one could be seen in the location. The people living in the area probably moved to a safer location when the infected broke out in the market district. Ahead he could see a fenced enclosure. Guards stood outside the enclosure, preventing civilians from wandering into it.

A foul smell radiated from the smaller enclosure. The smaller enclosure was fully sealed, and was the size that could hold massive creatures like the ones he saw before. Slowly, the pungent smell was not only affecting the sense of smell, but also sight. Purple mist appeared, and flooded the place in an instant.

Noticing the change in atmosphere, Calidis created water cages around Alex, Green and Dioris, as well as the guards around. They need to be protected. Snow instantly reacted to Calidis’ actions, freezing the cages, adding an extra layer of protection. Liquid water never worked well on plants, making them solid was more effective.

Suddenly, the top of the enclosure was punched through. A puff of concentrated purple mist was expelled from the hole. In no time, the enclosure keeping the infected within was no more. They were destroyed.

“Class 7s.” Snow muttered in shock as she saw the creatures.

But that was not all. The creatures absorbed all the mist around, growing bigger in size. The creatures were gigantic plants with a bunch of flowers growing on its body. The whole body turned purple in a second. Dioris’ froze instantly and in the next moment, he started to wail. He could recognise them. They were his parents. They were fully purple. His heart sank.


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