[Raw] Colours of Change – Chapter 23

Colours of Change – Chapter 23

He stared at the scene in front of his eyes while a square appeared beneath them. The perimeter was made of four lines of blue, inscriptions on the lines. Ignoring the water spouts that was shot from the lines, he continued watching. He prayed hard that his parent’s were still able to be saved like he was. Even as the water spouts solidified into ice poles, he did not shift his vision. But it began to blur. His heart sank immediately, seeing the body purple. Warm tears start to flow down from his face. He felt arms going around his small body.

Alex sat down, pulling the small plant close to him. Silence remained in the air. No one wanted to break it. Everyone just stared as Dioris’ parents broke apart from their enclosure. Purple mist exploded out as soon as there was a gap for it to leave. Realising the danger, the guards that were in the area started to run from it. If they did not run, the only outcome was becoming monsters themselves. Being committed to protecting their kingdom, they could not do such a thing. Instead, they left the job to the ones that had the ability to deal with infected, the guardian of the Central Party.

Kierix looked back to the little one, before turning back to the class seven creatures in front of him. They looked as if they were expanded and dipped into purple paint, nowhere close to what Dioris looked like. They were nowhere close being able to be saved. The whole body have been infected. He felt a little sorry for him. Being so young and losing his parents… No one deserved such treatment, but changes occur. Spinning his knife carefully, he held the knife backwards, pointing the blade outwards. There was no other way to deal with those creatures, if their body have already been overtaken. He hoped the little one had mentally prepared himself for this day. He lunged forward.

Snow dashed forward, following Kierix’s movement. She pulled her staff forward. The staff shredded from the front to the back, revealing the blade within. Holding the sword ahead of her, she spun it around, before stabbing the sword into the ground, and swinging it upwards. A small path of ice was created in front of her. She stopped in her tracks, and with a swift bent downwards she jumped. Midair, her white stiletto heels melted, turning into a flat blade beneath her her shoes. She landed on the ice platform, and continued to slide forward. Her heels became snow blades, sliding on the thin ice that was form from the atmosphere when she pulled her sword up. The platform formed in front of her, forming wherever she wanted to go, giving her the freedom of movement. Moving up was no problem, with the ice pulling her upwards from behind. The platform that was left behind after she slid past sublimed instantly. She was heading directly towards the creatures flower.

Calidis stayed behind, watching the duo move ahead. She had to stay behind to take care of the ones in the cage. She walked backwards, before leaning on the ice cage. She was not suitable for combat either, in this situation. Her type of spells would not help in the situation.

“Dioris, you want an apple?” Green pulled out a bright red apple and put it in front of the young plant that was excessively losing water.

“No…” Dioris’ red eyes turned to look at the apple that was placed on the green grass for a split moment, before turning back to the scene ahead of him.

“Run away from here, find a way to recover and live a better life.” His father told him. He knew it was time to part.

“If you found a cure, stay strong, Dioris… We cannot follow you, we are too tired…” The mother with a purple rose told her son, who have only one purple petal. He was nowhere near fully infected, there was time for him to find a way to recover.

“But… how about you two…?” He said as tears dripped onto the ground.

“Well, you cannot be with us forever, we’ll be leaving to a better place. Now go.” The father said as he gestured for Dioris to move from the location.

Looking back for one last glance of his parents, he headed straight and ran, not knowing where to go. He wiped his tears away, trying to stop his tears but to no avail.

The mother started crying in the father’s shoulders as soon as the shadow of Dioris disappeared. The father hugged the mother and tried to comfort her. He could not help that he had to leave Dioris, everything changed in a short moment when they walked into that purple mist. But that kid was too young…

Dioris continued running forward. He could only run forward, and run away from the situation. He could not bear to lose his parents. He did not want believe anything was true. Ahead was the only way to go. In a short moment he was out of the kingdom. Beyond the kingdom was also patches of grass, but there was so little variety to what lived in the area. Everything was so foreign to him. Running at his fastest speed, he could, in no time, slowly see his surroundings change in colour.

He have entered human territory. He looked at the tall foreign creatures that was known to have occupied most of the world. He decided to ignore them, and continue running straight. By then, he have already had another of his petal turn purple.

“Let’s go together.” A voice came from behind. It was his neighbour, along with his other friend. Both of them had two petals infected, just like him.

Nodding, Dioris joined the duo, and they continued moving ahead. After hours and hours of running their petals were finally fully infected. They lost control of their own bodies, and started expelling purple mist in the area. Dioris and his neighbour unknowingly entered this open house that had some form of attraction, and stood in the middle of the house. At that time, he had no control of his body at all, and he became huge. But he did not have any idea what happened next; he blacked out.

Dioris opened his eyes once more. He was lying on the floor, without his flower. But that also meant he was no longer infected, without any purple spots on his body. Was that the way to cure? Probably. He could always regrow the flower in future. He was really happy. But there was no one around him. His neighbours were no where to be seen. They probably ran away or went back. Since he found the cure, he had better get back to the Plant Kingdom. Time was running out.

He ran back to the Plant Kingdom, taking half a day to reach. It was midday when he arrived. But the gate was sealed. Even the place his parents were in was sealed. The place was marked as a restricted zone. Only those who had permission from the king could enter such zones. Annoyed, he turned and ran along the outside perimeter, heading to the other gate. In a short moment’s time, he got to the Tree of Worlds. He was excited though, there was a cure for his parents! He ran up to the lobby outside the King’s Residence. He could request for access to the restriction zone to save his parents!

And he thought he could save his parents! He ran so far, and when he could save people with that method, save himself with that method, why could he not save his parents? He was very angry. Was the world against him? Did he do something wrong that he deserved that?

He just wanted to get close to his parents. He stood up with a shocking speed, causing Alex to jump. Dioris swung his small leaf blades at the ice that blocked his way. He could not hold back the feelings that were spewing out. Anger fueled his strength. In no time, the ice pole broke, and gave way. The magic beneath began to work once more, spewing water out. Standing within the water, he felt reinvigorated. His body started to grow as he took in water that spew out. When he felt full, he dashed as fast as his legs could provide.

Calidis noticed her magic reactivating. She looked to her left, noticing the lack of ice pole. In its place was what used to be a small plant. It lost water from tearing, but after standing in the water, it regained what it lost, allowing it to grow.

Petals filled the air as he lacerated the flower into two. Instantly, a vine was shot out of the laceration, whipping Kierix with such as strength that he passed through the magic circle he was on which shattered to the impact. He still have not mastered the ability yet, but he recreated a magic circle below him, kicking off it immediately, and repositioning himself to a standing pose before creating another magic circle, allowing him to regain footing. He fell a long way though. If the height he was at was a little lower, he would have probably lost his life to the impact even if he used the ability to create platforms beneath him. The only methods to stop the virus in that scenario was to either end the creature’s life by forcing the virus to deplete the host’s energy or destroy the virus itself. Destroying the virus was out of the question in that situation. The virus have already expanded itself to the whole body, removing it with Alex’s spell was near impossible, considering that he could not even pull the class six’s virus out before. He had to try to damage the plant as much as possible to the point it could not recover.

Snow found a way to stop the creature from moving. It’s body was mainly made of water, which allowed it to remain sturdy and turgid. If the water could not move, the body itself would not be able to move. Her body have already been hurt badly, by the leaf’s swinging. Fortunately, she haven’t faced anything fatal, she dodged most of the attempts to cut her into two. She held her sword by the hilt, in a pose where one would hold a javelin, and held it tight.

“Crystallos Desillunt.” She muttered. A silver magic circle appeared on her hand. The shape of the snowflake that formed from the middle of the magic circle extended out of the magic circle by a little. It branded on a two dimensional plane where her palm met the sword. “Tempus Tardus!” A bronze ring expanded out from where she was, greying out the surroundings by a little. Her motive was not to prevent humans from seeing anything, but to delay her magic. She threw her javelin and the silver magic circle followed, before expanding slowly. There were two bronze clock arms on the magic circle. One remained still, but the other spun clockwise as the javelin travelled. When it pierced through the creature, the clock arm that was moving matched with the still one, and the arms disappeared. Colours returned to the world, and the silver magic circle expanded outwards. The javelin glowed a bright white, before expanding, growing with a similar way that crystals grew, except within a second, the crystal expanded to about a floor’s height before staying in place. The creature did not have time to react before it’s body started to turn white, and the entire body started growing frost. The creature was settled in a minute. There was no longer any life in that thing, within the extreme cold temperature.

He felt a drop in temperature. It did not help with his sadness. And there went his mother. He continued to cry.

By then, both he and the creature was filled with cuts that lined throughout the body. The drop in temperature was abnormal. He turned to the right, Snow have already finished her side of her job. He had to be quicker. He looked at his knife. To cause maximum damage… He jumped his way to the top of the creature, dodging the hits that went his way. He stared at his knife was more. He needed speed. On the knife, a magic circle appeared. It was of translucent grey. He threw it straight from the top. He felt something cut his finger as he threw the knife. The knife was like a bullet that was fired from his arm. The knife shot out of his hand, and in an instant, the knife landed on the ground with a thud. It created a gigantic hole in the creature. He did not know what happened, but the creature’s life was ended.

Both creatures landed on the ground, and started disintegrating. The purple mist was expelled from the host’s body, allowing the plant to lose their purple colour. The purple mist turned grey, before falling on the ground as ash, disappearing as the wind blew. No one spoke after that. Kierix ran to the princess that fell onto the ground. She seemed to have used her energy up once more. Kierix picked her up and held her on his arm, before walking away. He felt really guilty.

And that was his father. Both were gone now. He was nearly there, nearly able to touch his parents for the last time. They were gone.

Calidis lifted her magic. The cage that melted poured onto the ground. It allowed Alex to run to Dioris.

Alex picked up Dioris, put it in his arms and hugged him tight. The silence was painful.


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