[Raw] Colours of Change – Chapter 25

Colours of Change – Chapter 25

He opened his eyes. He was still in the room. Even from the height his room was, the sound of the crowds in the market was still audible, albeit a little soft. But that all worked for the better, it allowed the person next to him to sleep soundly without any interference. He stood up and walked to the window, staring out to the open space. He stretched his arm. He have not been sleeping well ever since infected began invading his life, but for once, he felt more reinvigorated for some reason he could not tell. His body was no longer screaming pain at him. He lifted his arms and noticed his wounds have all healed up. The medicine that he used was definitely very effective in what he was doing. As expected, the Plant Kingdom had better medication.

He looked to the lady that lay on the bed beside his. She seemed to be sleeping soundly. The red lines that blemished her light coloured skin disappeared, and she looked like the Snow when he first met her – flawless and beautiful. Another evidence that proved that the kingdom’s medication was second to none. He have never seen such fast recovery in deep wounds, that was his first. In any case, he should let the lady continue with her beauty sleep. Remembering that there was the market, he felt that he should head there to explore. He have never seen a place like that, so he might as well explore while he had the opportunity to.

He picked up his sling bag, before moving towards the door. Not forgetting about Snow, he quickly took the keycard and placed the other side of the keycard which was blank on her finger. The magic circle appeared, imprinting her signature on it. She now had the ability to enter and exit on her free will. Finishing what he had to do, he placed the card back in his pocket and left the room, heading out.

He felt a little sad, not having the ability of teleportation. Everything would be faster and he would not be tired after reaching the market, he thought as he slowly walked down the stairs. There were so many floors that it was frightening. He remembered the height of the tree itself. It was tall, but to first hand experience moving up such great heights, he felt scared, rather than mesmerised by the majestic size of the tree. His impression changed. How did he not notice the amount of floors the entire place had when he was climbing up?

In another ten minutes, he finally reached the ground floor. He passed by many people as he headed down the lofty tree. Many people were also heading to the market, similar to him. He suddenly remembered. He was not in the human world, how was he to pay for anything he bought? He hoped that they accepted human currency…

In the morning, the scene was more beautiful that he expected. Warm soft light passed through the leaves from the Tree of Worlds and hit the grass on the ground. The grass on the ground reflected through the dew and created a sparkly effect on the ground. Flowers of varied colours lined the path that he was walking on. He felt like jumping on the patch of grass and lying on it, relishing the warm sunlight that was not strong in this weather. Further ahead, he could see short trees and a smaller crowd than before. The noise from the crowd was contradictory though. It was rather deafening. Fortunately, the crowd was smaller, and with that, he concluded that if the crowd grew, he should leave as soon as possible.

The small crowd enabled his body to manoeuvre easily around the place, compared to the time where he followed Green past the market district. That time, he was forcing his way through, pushing here and there. He took a look at the shops around. There were a great variety of things the shops sold, ranging from trinkets to food to daily necessities. The shops together could make up an entire supermarket.

He went to the first shop from the left. He planned on visiting most of the shop. Usually if such a unique thing occurred to one, it would be a one time experience. Therefore, he planned to make full use of such an experience. He had a bit of time. The sun was nowhere near the top.

The first shop was a stationery shop, with unique stationery placed throughout the counter. There were pens that had the shape of small logs, erasers with the shape of leaves and much more, there were too much to count. Not intending to buy any stationery, he moved on to the next shop. It was a shop full of different styled hair clips on the counter. He remembered. He picked up two hair clips, one white clip that was ornamented with a snowflake and one pink clip with a cherry blossom on it.

“Um, hello.” Kierix held the two hair clips that he decided on purchasing.

“Welcome to my store! How may I help you?” The female shop owner looked back at her possible customer with a smile.

“How do I pay for this?” Kierix tried to smile back but failed miserably and it ended up with an awkward smile.

The female instantly giggled. She knew he was not local when he said that. “We don’t have a currency, most of the time, we barter!”

Realising what he was supposed to do, he stared downwards. What did he have that could be worth any value? He instantly thought of the money he had back in the human world. That might work. He pulled out a piece of two dollar note, passing it to her. “Does this work..?”

The female gave a shock. She could not believe a customer had such a rare object to find. Hardly would anyone have a piece of dollar note from the human world. In the elementals’ world, human objects were rare to obtain, just because they fear to go near them. Only the few brave ones that managed to perfect their human form would head out into the human world to work and live there. They were hard to come by, even.

“Yes it works! You can even take a few more if you would like to!”

He shook his head. He did not need any more. But obviously, the human currency was worth a lot in the elementals’ world. He did not expect it to work, but it did. He put the clips into a small tote bag that was passed to him by the shop keeper, keeping it there before placing it in his bag. He continued on to the next shop before he heard more giggles from behind. He could feel that many were gazing towards him. He knew that he was getting attention because of the worth of what he had. He had better leave before anything happens.

His stomach grumbled, breaking the tense mood. He felt hungry. Looking left and right, he finally found a food store. He needed to fill his stomach, he had not eaten much the day before. He looked at the stall in front of him, standing about three foots away, looking at what they had to offer. There were labels labelling the food the shop sold. Listed there was fried apples, fruit salads and the most unique of all, lettuce-wrapped fruit mix. The lettuce was not a small piece. In fact, the meal was a whole bowl with several layers of large sized lettuce, with fruits within. That looked the most appetising for him, and he decided to purchase it.

“Two bowls of lettuce-wrapped fruit mix please.” He took out another two dollar bill from his wallet. The man behind the stall happily accepted the bill and passed him the two bowls, each with a fork and spoon in it. After receiving the bill, the man turned around and started inspecting it with excitement. He have probably also never seen a two dollar bill before. Kierix decided not to purchase anything else. If he gave out any more of the bills, the economy in the marketplace would be ruined. Looking at the sky, it was still far from midday. He better bring back the bowls, she would probably be famished when she woke up.

She sat up straight and opened her eyes. Her body felt as light as before. Pain no longer haunted her from every corner. She was fine, her wounded body was healed. She looked around, an unfamiliar setting. The last thing she remembered is using two spells in succession and destroying Dioris’ mother. She felt guilty. She turned her head around, noticing Kierix’s presence. He was sitting beside on another bed looking at her. They shared the room for the night? Snow felt a little weird.

“Want something to eat?” Kierix held up the bowl of fruits that were wrapped with pieces of lettuce.

Her stomach grumbled softly as she saw the food. She quickly adjusted her hair, before picking up the bowl and tucking into the meal. Her fringe drooped down and went in the way of her food. She pushed it to the side of her head, before continuing. Not long after, a hand pushed her hair to the side and the obstruction was no more. Kierix also passed a tote bag to her. She looked up to look at Kierix, who smiled at her. She did not bother to look back, and continued on her food.

When she was done, she threw the disposable bowl and utensils away, and cleaned herself up. She jumped back on her bed, opening the tote bag. Inside was a clip, a pink one with a cherry blossom ornament on it. Then what was the thing he used to keep her hair there? She pressed on it, unclipping it, and a white clip fell onto her hands.

“Two to change around if you liked to.”

“Thank you.”

Kierix stood up from his bed.

“It’s already nearly noon, let’s head to the entrance of the king’s residence. We are to meet there.” The day before, before they entered, they had already determined at the corridor to meet at midday outside the king’s residence for a meeting.

“Okay.” She nodded, wearing her shoes. She looked at Kierix, before heading towards the door.

She looked back down. What was that weird feeling?


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