[Raw] Colours of Change – Chapter 26

Colours of Change – Chapter 26

“Now everyone is here, let’s enter.” Green mentioned, before leading the rest in to the King’s residence.

The huge wooden door opened once more in front of all of them and allowed them to enter.

“What do you think is the reason for the huge door? It is so huge…” Alex asked her homeroom teacher as he slowly entered the room.

“I have no idea about the Plant Kingdom, but in the Aqua Empire, huge doors were made for the larger sentient creatures, allowing them to pass through.” Calidis stated what she knew.

“I think that is pretty much what huge doors are made for. There are huge trees that may want to visit the king or may have been summoned by the king, so the huge doors were made to allow Elementals of all form to enter.” Dioris, who was sitting on Alex’s shoulder, added what he knew, elaborating on.

“King Grandior.” Green began, with a bow. Everyone in the room followed, muttering the same phrase and bowing at the same time. The king returned with a bow.

He felt a little weird. The king was supposed to be more well-respected, and yet Green seemed to not bother about traditions and just entered and lead them into the room without any form of announcement. Would the king not be angry? The king seemed to be happy and had no sign of annoyance or irritation.

“I would assume that the Kingdom is clear of infected now?” The king spoke with high expectations.

“There was only two fully infected plants. The two viruses that infected the plants were class seven.” Green explained.

“Class seven? It mutated once more?” The king asked.

“Yes, but many were used as a medium for that.”

The king turned around to look at the person who replied him whilst cocking his eyebrow. “What do you mean?”

“There is a pattern for their mutation. Let me ask, how many were there in the enclosure, infected, discounting Dioris?” Kierix continued.

“Ten… Oh!” Green noticed, and clapped his hands together once. There was only…

“Two. Two were all we found back at the enclosure. Where did the rest of the eight go? We noticed something like this back in the human world, when we witness the mutation of the virus from Class five to Class six.” Kierix explained, “when they were class five, the virus could leave the host, returning them back to their previous state, the human form. That’s not the point though. When the virus left their hosts and clustered together, a new form was born, the class six. However, the class six was able to infect the Elementals…”

“Thinking about it, if the virus strands were to use that pattern to mutate, they would be unstoppable. No one would even wish to find out what class they were on. Seeing their slow growth, they probably have a prerequisite to their mutation.” Calidis added. “They are probably not like us where our class level is determined by our strength and capabilities.”

“Their strength and capabilities are determined by their class level, on the other hand.” The king nodded as he comprehended.

“Now we know the prerequisite of the mutation from class six to seven. It is to gather multiple infected elementals… We don’t know the next requirement though. The next requirement would be their next target…” Kierix tapped his forehead.

“But in any case, the Plant Kingdom is safe for now, right?” The king asked his guardian, who stood at the side..

“About that… Yes. It will be safe for now. The infected we cleared are Dioris’ parents. They were the test subjects for the mutation. The other eight were the sacrifices… In the end, we dealt with his infected parents and now he is a orphan. He told me he wanted to join the army and protect the kingdom.” Green replied him, looking at the kid behind him. Even if he was a small child now, it did not mean he could not become a strong soldier in the future.

“I will protect the kingdom and not let any infection get pass the walls!” He felt his will pushing him on. He will never let any one else suffer from the same fate. He will protect the kingdom with his body, even until his body crumbles.

“I see. I wish you luck in becoming a great soldier in the future. Stay strong, little kid.” The king smiled at the young child. It was a really familiar sight. He saw himself in the kid. He was once like that too, all determined to become a strong soldier to avenge his family. Of course, after a long period of time of reigning the throne, he still have not forgotten his past, but the feeling have dampened, he no longer feel the urge to take revenge.

“I have a letter for you, young guardian. It’s from the Central Party.” Grandior pulled out a white envelope from the table behind him and stretched forward, passing the letter to Kierix. “There is nothing else now, and since the infected have been dealt with in this kingdom, your task here is complete. I greatly appreciate your help, young guardian. I hope this experience will aid you in your journey in the future.”

Kierix took the envelope from him, bowing down. “Thank you, King Grandior.” he muttered, before moving back. He felt more confident of his missions. It have not been very tough, except for taking much hits from the leaf blades. He sincerely wondered what would he face when he reached the Aqua Empire.

“Green, help me make the necessary adjustments to move this young plant to the Young Soldier’s Academy. Guardian and the guests, you are all more than welcome to stay in our hotel for a longer period of time if desired. I thank you once again.”

“Thank you.”

Everyone took a bow, before heading out the door.

The door shut behind him with a loud bang. He stood at the edge of the platform, leaning on the fence. He pulled out the white slip of paper from the envelope.

Dear Kierix,

I have heard that your team have succeeded in clearing the newly mutated class 7 creatures. You have my congratulations for that. It is also your first mission that you have completed!

However, there are more issues. The Central Party is aware about the evolving prerequisites of the virus and since the only way for viruses to mutate from class six to seven is to combine the virus from multiple class sixes of elementals, we should move quickly. There will be more class sixes, hiding to invade the Elementals from all about the world. You must be prepared to tackle that challenge. I would like you to head over to the Water Empire to assist them. They are the second most human interacted empire, as water is one of the mediums of human’s transports. They are very vulnerable to the viruses and the water have already been infected with the virus. The virus is slowly spreading to other parts of the water, so better head there to assist them out, in case of any virus outbreaks in the sentient creatures.

As usual, to properly enter the Empire, you have to show your wrists to them, allowing them to verify that you are a guardian and are not hostile to them. However, unlike the other kingdoms, Empires generally do not take action on creatures that get near them. They have higher securities on where no one are supposed to go, hence that means that the place is easily invaded and the security is not strict. Therefore, many things, even dangerous people can enter the Empire. I wish you all the best.

Good luck.

He closed the piece of letter before continuing on to his room. Calidis asked him to meet at night at the lobby, before heading towards the Aqua Empire. He kept the paper in his bag and started walking down the stairs and into his room. It was now afternoon, and in about two hours, the sun would set and it would be the meeting time. He better catch on some rest before moving out. That might take a while if he was to be walking for such similar distances. He opened the door of his room, and jumped onto his bed.

Snow said she wanted to explore the place on her own, so she was not in the room. She probably knew how to access these doors, he thought. With that, he closed his eyes, and started resting. Two more hours was all he had.


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