[Raw] Colours of Change – Chapter 27

Colours of Change – Chapter 27

Snow touched the door handle and paused for a second. The magic circle that detected the signature of the person appeared, showing the sixteen colours on each triangle outside the ring. After a split second, the colours turned green, unlocking the door. She pulled the handle downwards and the door opened.

She returned to the hotel room from her exploration. It was not exactly an exploration, though. As she moved from the hotel room towards a random direction without taking the main path, she somehow reached the market. After reaching the market, she was attracted to the different things that the different shops sold. But in the end, she did not buy anything, except for a bag of her favourite food – bright orange carrots. After that, she just headed back happily with her bag of orange coloured food.

It was not yet sunset, there was about another hour left. She held the bag on her left hand, opening the door with the right. Inside the room was Kierix, who seemed to be sleeping. There was only an hour left, two hours worth of sleep was usually not enough for anyone. She looked at the person who slept on his bed soundly as she moved towards her own bed. She decided to pull out another carrot, before sitting down on the bed. She began to nibble on the carrot. The only thing left to do was to wait for the time to come, which was an hour away.

“Wake up.” Snow pulled Kierix’s body up to a sitting position and shook his body back and forth.

“Wait, wait, wait, stop…” He opened his eyes slowly, looking at the blur white figure in front of him. He felt very disoriented, one moment he was resting perfectly, the next moment, he was shaken awake.

“You are going to get my brains squashed into brain juice if you continue to shake me…” He lifted his arms and rubbed his eyes. He felt a little bit more rested, but he would have felt better if he had a longer period of sleep. He stared past her and continued looking towards the far distance beyond the windows.

“It’s sunset now, we need to get to the lobby.” Snow hurried him, feeling a little impatient. She could imagine the others waiting for them in the lobby. They were probably there and wondering why they were not there yet.

“Alright alright, give me a minute.” Kierix pulled up his sling bag and made sure nothing was left behind before leaving the room. Following what Green instructed them to do, Kierix pulled out the card outside the room.

“Snow, put out your hand for a moment.” Kierix called.

Although not knowing what Kierix wanted, she pulled out her hand. She instantly received the card on her palm, with the side of her signature facing her palm and the other facing outwards. Instantly, Kierix placed his hand on the card above, connecting with her palm. Blue orbs of light shone outwards, floating upwards from the connection, before separating themselves and disappearing into their bodies. The card in between shook a little, before resting once more. When Kierix lifted up his hand, the signatures were no more. It became a blank room card.

He continued with Green’s instructions. He put the blank card and drop it into the small pocket that was barely visible due to being camouflaged in the wall. The card slipped downwards, and disappeared. His job was done.

“Let’s go.” Kierix mentioned as he completed the checkout for the room. Green also explained to him before hand that there was meant to be a fee for the room fees and they were supposed to head to the lobby to pay the fees, but those have been waived by the king as they came to the kingdom to help out.

He slowly walked towards the stairs and ran down the stairs. Snow followed close behind. He was probably not going to return to the Kingdom for a long time, there were other elementals slowly getting infected. The Plant Kingdom was supposedly safe, only if they quarantined themselves from the rest of the world. He hoped that the kingdom kept themselves safe; another infected kingdom was the possibility of ten around getting infected. Chaos would ensue.

“You’ve finally arrived. Late as usual.” Calidis joked. Kierix’s hair was a mess, it was as if he did not clean up for a long while. “Just woke up I assume?”

“Kind of…” Kierix rubbed his eye. If there was a whole day for him, he could sleep until the next day’s noon.

“So, are we ready to leave?” Calidis asked once more.

“Yup.” Alex replied, but the rest remained silent.

“Silence means consent. I’ll create the link then, give me a moment.” Taking all their words as a yes, she instantly pulled out her wand and threw at it at the ground. It pierced through the ground and disappeared. Water took its place at shot out of the hole, and started to move on its own. It spread outwards forming a magic circle with a water drop in the middle. It was the symbol of the Aqua Empire. It glowed magnificently, the blue light outweighing the moonlight from the outside.

“Stand within the circle.” Calidis spoke with the tone of a teacher instructing her students. Everyone instantly moved into the circle. The circle glowed brighter, before everything changed.

He lost footing once more. There was literally nothing to stand on. The floor below him became water instantly. The brown of the Tree of Worlds and the green of the leaves blurred out and disappeared. Darkness replaced the lights. He was sinking into the depths of the water, he could not even swim upwards if he tried. But in a short moment, the surroundings returned. It was a huge blue sea, instead of the insides of the tree. He was slowly sinking down and losing breath quickly. Just as he thought he was about to suffocate, a hand gripped his wrists, pulling him upwards. Tolerating the urge to breath in, he pushed himself upwards with the other hand, along with the pulling force of the other hand. As soon as he resurfaced, he took a deep breath and attempted to float.

The hand that gripped his wrist belonged to Snow. The others were on the water, standing on an ice platform that Snow created. He could not use the magic he had; he was in water. He hook his arm over onto the ice platform’s edge, and with the force of Snow’s pulling and his arm, he was able to move up onto the platform and stand on it.

“Eh?” He could see nothing in sight. It was just the vast sea from all directions. Dark blue came from all directions, moonlight shone and reflected off the sea, making it a really beautiful scene. One thing was wrong however, there was no Empire whatsoever, wherever he looked.

Seeing Kierix look around with a confused look, she knew what was happening. “If you can see it in plain sight, then humans should have been able to see it and detect it with current technology.” She smiled to Kierix, who still had a confused look on his face.

He stared behind her blankly. There was nothing there, nada. Elementals would want to hide themselves from the human to prevent chaos would they not? He realised. The reason why he could not see it was because he was not meant to in the first place. It was done so that he could not see.

“Let’s continue moving.” Snow mentioned. People can be watching them from afar or anything, and to prevent that, moving into safety regions should be their first priority. The platform extended slowly, as far as Calidis stepped; she was leading the group into the empire. The platform sublimed from behind slowly. As she slowly walked forward, she let the wind blow against her. The mild salty smell of the sea was familiar.

He felt a slight resistance coming from the front as he walked with the people around him. He could but barely see a thin layer of translucent white in front of him. It hardly differed from the background around. There were multiple such layers, he felt different resistance when he entered each of them.

“We are nearly through. We just got past a few of the Empire’s barriers, there are more ahead of us before the Empire is visible.” Calidis mentioned as she continued to walk in. Suddenly, she disappeared from view, after she walked ahead. It was probably the stealth layer at the end, where nothing can be visible from behind.

Kierix looked behind. He was the last. He felt really scared; he was left behind once more. The platform slowly sublimed towards him. He had to move, yet he could see no one. He stepped another step in, his leg disappeared. Not caring about anything else, he continued moving in. When his head passed through the stealth layer, he was on a wooden dock. Ahead of him was a small island, connected to a wooden bridge that floated above the sea before reaching a large cylindrical structure.

It was the same bridge that had no fences on it. That was the same place she met his parents. She could imagine their presence, but they were not there. Where did they go? She really felt like sitting down by the bridge.

“Calidis, can you go ahead without me? I wanna rest.” He felt tired. He wanted to continue his sleep. It was about to be the time he slept. He could forgo with that though and take a short break while enjoying the scenery though. Receiving a nod from Calidis, who walked away with Alex to head to the inner depths that were unfamiliar to him, he took off his shoes and socks and placed it beside him. He sat on the edge of the bridge and looked down.

Snow looked at Kierix. Did he read her mind or was it all coincidental? She could not tell, but she followed suit, pulling out her high heels and placing them beside her. She swung her legs, whilst enjoying the waters, just like a few years ago. She could reminisce the past. Something was wrong though. The water had a slight tinge of purple. It was heading her way at a dangerous speed. She pulled her legs up and stood on the bridge before the purple liquid reached her. Kierix should be safe, due to him being immune, but it was dangerous however.

He could observe lights from below and around. He turned his head to his right and he could see the remainder of the bridge as well as the cylindrical structure that extended deep into the sea. Lights followed downwards to the seemingly endless depths, washing the entire structure that extended deep with light. Below him, he could also see white glows, perhaps they were housing structures but it was far to distorted to be able to tell. He heard a squeal to his left and saw Snow jumping up. He looked back down to the direction where Snow looked at. A translucent purple covered the white light, causing him to cock his eyebrow. What was that?

The purple swirled around his legs and tugged on him. While the purple looked like it was a liquid and felt soft, it had a strength that was beyond imagination. The sudden action caused him to not be able to react. It happened all too fast. He turned around and held the bridge, hoping he would not slip and fall. The same hand that gripped his wrist before did the same thing and pulled him backwards. This time, he recomposed himself and kicked the thing that tugged on him. It flinched for a moment, letting him loose. However, the tension caused him to be flung towards Snow and they fell backwards, to the other side of the bridge. Purple swarmed to the other side of the bridge’s water. They were in trouble.


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