[Raw] Colours of Change – Chapter 28

Colours of Change – Chapter 28

His reflexes tugged him back to reality. The world slowed down a little and he had time to react. He turned his body around and faced Snow. He used his magic, and stepped on a newly created magic circle that floated beneath him, kicking him upwards. Meanwhile his arms already caught on Snow, and pulled her along with him. He flew upwards, creating another air step to allow him to rebalance himself, standing ten metres above ground. It was definitely an infected.

The creature was unable to reach them. It was frustrated. It surfaced out of the water, to reveal itself. It was the kraken that was heard in fairytales and myths. It stood on the bridge. The bridge was surprisingly very strong, able to remain in one piece when the kraken sat on top of it. Its tentacles started shooting the two’s way.

As the tentacle shot his way, he immediately let go of the lady in his hands, allowing her to jump away, before he dodged the attack. He had no attacking power; he would only lose his knife in the depths of the sea if he threw it and he would be flanked from all directions from all the tentacles. There was no way he could attack without any ranged abilities. He could only dodge. He jumped away as another tentacle was sent his way. He looked to his side, Snow seemed to be able to damage the kraken easily, with the kraken lack in mobility.

She put her hand forward, and a magic circle appeared, splitting into two and separating outwards slowly. When her staff fully appeared, the magic circle faded and she gripped tight on it. She pulled the staff to shoulder level and assumed a throwing posture. Without hesitating, she sent the staff the kraken’s way. Mid flight, the staff shredded and reformed itself, giving the tip a sharper edge and becoming a sharp javelin which headed directly at the kraken’s head.

In reaction to her offence, the kraken pulled up a tentacle, protecting its head. The javelin flew swiftly and in a split second, there was contact between the javelin and the kraken. The next moment made Snow drop her jaw. The ice javelin bounced off the kraken and fell onto the ground. But after awhile of thinking, she knew why it bounced off. She reformed the javelin on her arm, and instantly jumped away, dodging the kraken’s tentacle that shot her way. She could detect magical signatures from her javelin. There was a defensive magic spell that was casted just before the javelin pierced the kraken.

“Stop, guardian. We’ll take over from here.” The one who used the spell appeared from the cylindrical structure. That was the only kraken that was left after the humans killed many of its race and now it was infected. However, they had to protect it and not let it fall by anything. Many human shaped guards appeared from behind the man and dashed in front, holding shields high up to defend themselves.They walked on water, surrounding the kraken which was shocked by its enemies’ sudden increase in numbers. For a moment, it did not know what to do, but the next moment, it swung its tentacle at the guard. The guard held up his shield to protect himself, which succeeded. But the shield started to melt from top down. Noticing the corrosion of his shield, the guard dropped his shield on the ground to protect himself. Within seconds, the shield melted completely and even left nothing behind. The kraken continued to swing its tentacle towards the man who spoke. The man swung his arm, and a similar magical barrier that protected the kraken from Snow’s javelin appeared, blocking the kraken’s attack at him. However, the barrier that protected him broke down into countless shards, disappearing into thin air.

He felt afraid. He did not know what would happen if he went down to have a close-ranged fight with the kraken. But that made him wonder. The kraken had no clear or transparent body parts, and the thing that tugged on before the kraken appeared did not corrode him. What was the creature? He had better be cautious. Looking at the guards, he saw the guards holding a needle each.

After awhile, the kraken began to sink back into it’s enclosure. A glass sphere way bigger than the kraken appeared from below, closing its door after the kraken entered it. The kraken had no motion after the creature entered the enclosure. To cause the creature to be tamed, they probably injected a tranquilizing drug into it.

“Let’s head towards the meeting hall shall we. We are running late already.” The man instantly turned around without introducing himself and walked towards the structure. The guards followed close behind.

Kierix looked at the man ahead of him. He did not like any bit of his attitude, but he walked back to the bridge. Surprisingly, both their shoes were still on the bridge, intact and untouched. He put on his socks and shoes and stood up, looking at Snow, who was done putting on her footwear. She looked impassive however and did not seem like she cared about the man at all. They slowly made their way to the cylindrical structure which looked beautiful. Kierix realised why the structure looked bright. It was not because there were artificial lighting. Light from the moon shone on it, and the structure spread the light and amplified it, while spreading the remainder downwards, lighting up the entire building. It was a crystalline tower, and had a high level of transparency. There was a staircase and a hole in the middle. Beyond the height they were standing at, it was completely filled with water. Walking on the stairs were not ideal with the water resistance. It would take a longer time. Taking the middle path and sink… Even worse.

“Don’t worry, just jump into it.” She spoke after she placed her finger on Kierix’s head. She casted two spells on him, one that allowed him to breathe in water and the other that allowed him to see without eye irritation. Seeing as to how he stood still and not jump into what seemed to be a never ending flooded hole, she pushed the finger, pushing Kierix down into the water before jumping into it. Every time the staircase reached the point where the staircase started, creating a full loop, the tower has a three-inch line of inscription that ran across the level. On other parts of the tower, there were windows that allowed others to view the places in the sea, but it was night time, there was hardly any light to be able to see the surroundings.

After awhile, they reached the base of the tower. It took about 5 minutes of sinking to reach that far, swimming downwards did not help to make it any quicker. At the base, there were signs to show the way, but rare. It was different from the Plant Kingdom, the marketplace was not located anywhere near the entrance, but the light of the marketplace was visible from the entrance. The noise of the crowd could be heard too. They looked at the signs. Following the one that said palace, they continued on. There was no sign that wrote meeting hall, but palace was the most relevant of all, so they went that way.

The seabed was not as flat as they thought to be. There was many small underwater hills and trenches. The path they were walking on was built on top of a trench, so they were hidden by underwater hills from both direction. On the path, there were not many people going the same way. It was rather quiet. The path was lit up by glowing corals and rocks. After all that he have experienced, he was no longer surprised at the uniqueness of the world unknown to humans. While he swam forward, Snow followed close behind.

When a huge building came into view, they were out of the trench and they were in front of a somewhat flat seabed that surrounded the building. Instantly, he could tell they were there.

“Guardian, please head this way.” A uniformed fishman… or guard pointed towards the interior and lead them forward. Kierix gave him a nod and followed. The interior was huge, with much space within. It was well decorated, with red banners with golden lining that contrasted with the blue sea placed in many places, as well as golden chandeliers that held glowing candles. Every nook and cranny of the palace was intricately designed with complicated patterns. When they reached the meeting hall, the guard opened the door and left them behind, allowing them to walk in by themselves.

Inside the meeting hall was a large rectangular table, with the Emperor seated at the end of it. The Empress and princess sat left and right of him respectively. On the other hand, Calidis sat to the right of the other end, with Alex sitting next to her.

Still unfamiliar with the formal greetings, Kierix walked in and bowed down as he entered. Snow followed suit and took the seat next to him.

“Welcome to the Aqua Empire, Kierix, the guardian of the Central Party and Snow, the Ice Kingdom’s Princess.” The emperor greeted the ones that just joined with a smile. The empress and the princess gave a smile to their guests.

Kierix returned a smile, before sitting at the end, facing the king, while Snow sat at his right. The room was surprisingly big, and in the middle was the table. The emperor and empress looked like they were middle aged, if not very young. The princess on the other hand looked like she was between seven to ten.

“We’re very sorry to have come at such a late timing, we hope we have not intruded upon your resting time.” Kierix instantly spoke, breaking the silence. It was really late, and he hoped that they would accept his apology.

“No worry, guardian. Honestly, most of the people of the Aqua Empire hardly sleeps.” The emperor replied him. “We have to move most of the time, but when we rest, we do not really sleep like the other races.” The emperor understood Kierix’s misunderstanding of the Aqua Empire.

“What brings you here, Snow?” The princess spoke.

“I’m Kierix’s guardian.” Snow replied coldly, but she seemed to know the princess.

“The water around the empire is very polluted, and since the humans have been infected, their virus have been transmitted into water too, polluting most of the sea. Even with the sea’s natural filtration and recovery system, it cannot keep up with the input of trash. Fortunately, with the barrier that is constantly renewed by our mages, the virus cannot enter the Empire, just as how pollution cannot.” The king explained their situation.

“But what is the issue at hand?” Kierix asked.

“The virus is eating away at the barriers, creating small holes here and there, so the mages have to be on duty and be more active from now on. However, infected creatures are entering and with that our security is getting worse. We have our ways of dealing with the infected, but sometimes the number is just overwhelming. That is where we need help. We need help with foreign invasions.” He answered.

“There’s one about to begin right now.” The young princess frowned and looked up. She seemed to have sensed something. Nothing but the ceiling was above her, but she was not looking at that. In another second, the emergency alarm sounded.

“All citizens near the outskirts of the Empire, please return to your houses immediately. The guards will head out immediately to keep everyone safe. I repeat, all citizens near the outskirts of the Empire, please return to your houses immediately. The guards will head out immediately to keep everyone safe.” the alarm repeated itself.

“Where do we head to?” Kierix asked the princess who looked like she could detect the enemies.

“They are at the outside of the dock. There is an… ” the princess frowned and paused awhile, before continuing, “astonishing amount of them outside, stay safe.” She received a rub on the head by the Emperor.

“Then I’ll move out first, let’s resume our talk later.” Kierix pushed out his chair and immediately ran out of the room. Astonishing amount of them huh…


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