[Raw] Colours of Change – Chapter 29 [Finale]

Colours of Change – Chapter 29

He was out of the room. He kicked off the slope that existed in front of the door outside the palace and started swimming as fast as he could back to the dock. The alarm sounded once more. It seemed like a very bad situation. Soldiers were swarming towards the entrance from all direction. Many came out of the palace, many ran from the marketplace.

“Excuse us.” Snow muttered and took a bow, before dashing out to catch up with Kierix.

“Such active youths we have here.” The Emperor smiled and waved in response.

“We were once like that four hundred years ago.” The Empress giggled in response. She could still fondly remember the time with the emperor when they were as young as the kids.

“It has been a long while.” he agreed.

He finally reached the tower. In front of him was more swarms of soldiers dashing into the tower. The tower have changed its mode to exit. The flow of water was reversed, pushing the soldiers up from the bottom as soon as they enter the tower. He waited for the crowd to clear before swimming into it and following the flow.

Just as he was about to enter the tower, Snow appeared from behind and swam into the tower at the same time as he did. The current was strong; without them swimming or pushing themselves upwards, they were able to be sent up the tower. It took less than five minutes to reach the top. That was a setting that was adjusted to during such emergencies. Many soldiers patrolled at the top. They held their two metre tall shields up, blocking in front of the tower. The great number of defence-based soldiers created a circular barrier around the tower. The shields link up together with a blue inscription band, and when all of the shields linked up, a hemispherical shield capped the whole area around them, covering the tower. The attack-based soldiers held lances and smaller shields that were more mobile. They stood on the water lining the inner side of the outer protective layer, preparing themselves for the upcoming attack. In the far distance, nearly the whole horizon was flooded with purple creatures approaching the dock at a tremendous speed.

Kierix hopped over the gigantic shield with his air step and watched the purple creatures move towards their current location above the defence-based soldiers. It was really quick. In less than thirty seconds, they arrived outside the barrier and started attacking it. The attack-based soldiers immediately reacted and started preparing to throw their lances at the threat that was facing them.

As soon as he saw the creatures that had purple strips on them, he could instantly tell that they were all class five virus that infected humans. He had better alert Alex to come up to help with the separation of the virus. He looked to his right, then left, spotting Snow.

“Snow, can you help me call Alex up here, I need him as fast as possible.” he said. He looked back to the battlefield. There was a little more time before anything else happens. For now, the quickest solution to deal with the situation was with Alex. However, if Alex did not arrive on time, the second quickest method would be to demolish each creature slowly.

In the next moment, all the lances were launched. As soon as the lances left their hands, they quickly moved, but slowed down immediately before they were about to leave the barrier. It was a beautiful scene to observe, all the lances moved slowly, if not stopped in the air. If one did not see the infected humans, they would have thought it was a grand performance. All the lances were thrown uniformly at the same time. On the lances were the bronze clocks, and the clock arms slowly ticked down. The soldiers muttered a spell each and the lances reappeared on their hands. Replacing the lances were lances that were made with highly pressurised water. The clock arms continued to tick down. The soldiers muttered another spell each, and the water lances started to boil, while keeping their shape. The first soldier from the left muttered a new spell to end the chain to the spells. At the same time, the clocks on the spears have finished their allotted time and shot out of the barrier. As soon as the first lance shot out of the barrier, the lance exploded, creating a chain explosion, causing the rest to explode along from left to right. Instead of a lance that could cut through one infected, the explosion created an explosion that threw all the infected that were nearest to the barrier and destroyed them completely, breaking the line of attack. However, there were more to arrive.

Mages behind the defensive line started to reinforce the shield. As soon as the lances blew, the reinforced shield shattered due to the impact and the old shield remained standing. The old shield were also quickly repaired by the mages. Looking at the scene ahead of him, he really could tell the soldiers had much training, seeing how the whole attacking sequence properly carried out without any flaws. Even after that hit, there were more infected ready to continue attacking. The soldiers started preparing for their next sequence when Alex dashed up.

“Start casting your spell. Rid the virus off them.” Kierix turned around to face his friend, getting a nod back as a response.

“Dispello Valens!” He whipped out his magic wand from his pocket and swung it. The white magic circle reappeared, and spikes started appearing out of the magic circle. The spikes shot out instantly when they were ready, piercing through the distant creatures, pulling the virus out of several humans and wrapping the virus, preventing the virus from reentering the humans temporarily. There was only ten spikes per shot, allowing only ten to be hit at once. The magic circle started spinning vigorously, reloading itself. When spikes appeared a little, the magic circle slowed itself down, and the spikes slowly extended, and in a short moment’s time, it shot out once more. The whole process took ten seconds. In a minute, about an eighth of the creatures had their virus detached.

Taking the opportunity, Kierix dashed ahead in the air and held his knife on the end most of the hilt with the tip of his fingers, giving him the greatest possible range. Right after, he jumped out of the barrier, before beginning to massacre at the floating virus strips. The creatures below began to look up towards him. He was a threat to them. The creatures began to jump towards him to attack him. As soon as one was about to reach him, he noticed it and instantly dodged away, but the next one jumped straight towards him. Just as it was landing on him, a white spike pierced through it and pulled the virus out, allowing the body to drop on the floor and the virus to stay afloat. Kierix cut it into two, allowing it to disintegrate before he moved on to the next. The whole process took a long while but the amount of infected seemed overwhelming.

“Move now!” Alex shouted to him. The highly pressurised water lances shot out in an instant, exploding in the infected’s faces. There were more that were reinforcing the ones ahead. He was not keeping up to the amount of viruses and soon, there were more strips of virus in the air than the infected. As soon as the next wave of spikes shot out, all the infected were no longer infected; their virus stayed afloat in the air and they were temporarily immune. The scene looked a little menacing even without the infected hitting the barrier. Kierix jumped away from all the strips, standing thirty metres away from the nearest one. Pressure seemed to emanate from the great amount of viruses.

The white spells were slowly corroded by the virus, and in no time, they were free. However, the strips did not return to their hosts. They started sticking to one another, creating one gigantic ball of virus when they were done.

Knowing it was not a great time to be outside the barrier, he wanted to head back in. But he had a feeling he had to deal with it. It looked very menacing. He could hear Alex shouting at him to go back in, but his body would not move. He looked back at the virus. He knew it was becoming a class eight virus. This class eight virus had no host yet could fight on. No one behind him could easily destroy it, neither could he. He knew even with the sequential hits, they could only deal minor damage to the thing.

He pulled out his magic book from the air instinctively. He just knew. He did not know how he knew what to do but he did. It glowed brightly. He flipped to the next page after the air step. The words reformed themselves. Air Flow. The page glowed with a bright gold, before settling back in the usual light brown of a book. The words themselves turned gold however.

“Aer Imperium!” he pointed his palm at the virus ahead of him. He could feel the wind blowing stronger and stronger, but he was not affected. He just wanted to destroy the virus, and he felt he could. He could feel himself with the wind. The calm wind started moving. From a transparent air flow, golden orbs started appearing in the air, flowing along with the wind. He commandeered the wind to focus around the virus. Big waves began to form around the area, but the dock was unaffected within the barrier. His hair was blown along by the wind, but it did not matter. He closed his finger and wrapped it into a fist, and the wind sped up instantly.

The virus was surrounded by the raging wind and gold orbs gathered around it. The virus had a new form. It was a full fledged sentient creature, able to control itself. The virus started to move towards him, but the wind was too strong for the virus to get near him. The virus could not move. The wind was pushing him back to a position where it was and every time it moved, not only did the virus waste energy and spent a few virus strands, the wind cut it from all directions, damaging more of its virus strips, causing them to turn grey and disintegrate. The ball of virus was still huge, bigger than Kierix if they were compared.

She were confused. How was the virus not able to move? Suddenly, a great wind entered the protective dome barrier. The wind swept across the entire dome and her hair started flying. She saw gold glowing light orbs in the midst of the fierce wind and realised what happened. The book on his hands unlocked a new spell for him. She found it familiar. It was similar to the one she have seen before… Swift Zephyr’s spell.

The wind continued to blow fiercely from behind him. The virus was slowly getting smaller. The virus could not move. He looked at one of the guards, before speaking softly. “Cast the time spell and the explosive spell on my knife.” He passed the message instantly with the winds, allowing the guard to hear him over the sound of the wind. Everyone was looking at him from below.

The guard heard what he said and instantly began the casting procedure. The other guards looked back at the guard and noticed his actions. Instantly, a clock appeared on the knife. The arms have not yet began ticking. He held it on his hands and as soon as the knife was armed with the explosive spell, he flung it out. He moved his body to the opposite side of where he was facing, behind the virus and stood in the way of the knife. He counted down. The knife started to vibrate, and a bronze ring expanded from the knife when the time was up, allowing it to work as per normal and with the assistance of the wind, the knife instantly shot through the virus, exploding within and returning to his hands. The virus strips were instantly disconnected from one another, losing the tethered state, and started to disintegrate.

Kierix was tired. He have never casted such a spell with such strength, but he knew he did it. He closed his eyes, started to fall. The spell book disappeared as it left his hands. He did not know what happened after that, but he knew one thing. The change that occurred in the last moment allowed him to destroy the virus. Change was beautiful.


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