[Raw] Colours of Change – Chapter 3

Colour of Change – Chapter 3

Snow stopped swinging her legs.

“He’s in trouble.” Snow muttered to herself as she detected fluctuations around the house. Such occurrences should not happen when she is around. She felt that she was neglecting her duties, allowing such a weak creature to get near.

The Pandora’s Box was a creature from the darkness, and when neglected, it will expand and spew out its seemingly never ending contents, enveloping an enclosed location that is not exposed to the sun with it, hence the name Pandora’s Box. Similar to the tales that the older generations would tell their children, the Pandora’s Box when opened would cause havoc. However, it was able to walk and open on its own. What follows once the location is enveloped with the black goo is that the Pandora’s Box would crumble into dust, releasing its magic to the black goo, causing to solidify rapidly, and trap everything inside within. It is a lethal threat if there is no means to deal with it.

Knowing that fact, Snow bit her lips, annoyed at herself for being so careless. She should have been able to detect it, at least the presence of a non-human creature, even if she had a great distance in between her and the creature. She was still located at the bridge, bare-footed. Putting on her high heels swiftly, she thought that she had best hurry. She took a deep breath and immediately disappeared into thin air.

Kierix remembered. There was something else that was left for him besides the house and the furnitures that was in the house. He instinctively knew that it could help him out. What was it again? The door suddenly closed on him. He turned around and took a glance. The door was covered in black goo. He was unable to exit the room, to look for the thing outside is now no longer an option. Could it be under his bed? He instantly bent down over, to check for it. That could be his last hope.

It glowed. The object that was left for him glowed. Even the goo avoided it and made a path around it, not covering any area within ten centimetres of the object. It was a knife, made of an unknown object that was seemingly transparent. No need to think, he knew that the knife could eradicate the creature that created all these goo.He stretched out, trying his best to avoid any part of his body from touching the goo. He was afraid of what the goo may do, perhaps corrode him as they make contact? His hand fell short of a few more centimetres before he could make contact with the knife. He tried harder to reach it, pushing is body deeper, whilst stretching his fingers. As soon as he stretched his fingers, his hand was like a magnet, pulling the knife towards him.

The knife slowly dragged on the ground, before floating and landing on his palm, allowing him to have a good grip on it. He retracted his arms from beneath his bed, and as the knife moved, the goo below it burned and nothing was left behind. However, the burning did not spread, making it harder for him to deal with. He raised his head up and was shocked at what he saw. The room was almost covered. He knew the result was nothing good. He had no time to waste, he aimed at the Pandora’s Box and threw the knife at it. As soon as the knife was about to land and cut through the box, it bounced off, and fell on the ground. The box remained unharmed but the goo around the knife burned and disappeared.

“How could this be…” with that, he concluded that he could not remove the box’s existence. He had no ability to do so. He took a deep breath to contain his annoyance. That was so unfair. He thought he had it right there, but it just did not work. He looked around once more. The box had covered every part of the room except for the area around the knife. He heaved a sigh of relief. As long as the knife prevented the last part of the room from being covered with goo, he should be fine, he thought.

The box shook. It started off gentle, vibrating slowly, before starting to rock left and right, shaking non-stop. Once the show ended, the lid started disintegrating. How could this happen. Perhaps the box knew that it was impossible to continue expanding its coverage? He continued to analyse the situation, whilst rooted to the ground. The container was disintegrating now. He felt uneasy. It was not a feeling that he recognised, but it just felt uncomfortable. He wanted to escape the room desperately. It was as if his body itself was violently rejecting what was about to happen.

“I’m near… Please be fine…” Snow muttered as she continued to move towards their location. She was very close. If she got there on time before Kierix was consumed, she would be able to get him out alive without harm. Such creatures were no match for her. She could definitely see something black blocking light from escaping the room, even from afar. The room seemed like it was about to be covered completely. She could, however, still detect Kierix’s presence, which signalled to her that she still had time. She just had to move fast before anything else happens.

She landed at the balcony, right outside of the window. Right after undoing the lock, she opened the window, allowing her access to the goo as well as access to the interior. The goo was slowly hardening, never a good sign. The surrounding temperature dropped abruptly. Her right hand reduced greatly in temperature and turned white at the same time, matching her outfit. She stretched her arm, to let her index finger reach the goo. Instantaneously, the goo had a layer of white in a fifty centimetre radius around the location she touched. It froze. Swapping her hands, she threw her left arm forward, shattering the frozen goo which turned into dust, sparkling in the sunlight. Kierix doesn’t look like he is in a good condition, he was squatting down, and had nearly no energy left in him. The box sucked him dry.

Seeing how he had not expire yet, she had to make sure he did not. She held up her right arm, and swiftly tapped at random different points of the wall. The layer of frost expanded from the points of origin where she tapped, and froze. It did not stop expanding. It was like a virus, expanding its territory, conquering the host. The frost covered the whole of the hardened goo-covered wall. She turned to face the non-existent Pandora’s Box. She snapped her fingers and the whole of the frozen goo wall shattered.

What was originally the Pandora’s Box became nothing when it began disintegrating to release the magic within. And as soon as the wall was hardened, energy would begin to be sapped out of anyone that was trapped. If the wall was to be destroyed before it finished sapping energy, the Pandora’s Box would be killed. However, if it finished sapping energy from whatever was trapped, the wall would collapse and return and reform into another Pandora’s Box, along with whatever that remained in the space within the wall. The box would then be all ready to move and prey its next victim.

The Pandora’s Box was now no more. He was safe.

“Are you alright? You better not die on me…” she looked at the person she had to protect.

“M-maybe.” Kierix was only able to force out one word from his tired body. That was unfair. Even if he had the ability to remove the goo, he was unable to break the box. In a short moment after the box disappeared, he was forced to kneel down. The overwhelming pressure that was placed on his body did not allow him to continue standing. He could feel his life getting sucked out of his very body. It was as if he was eaten without losing any part of his body. Perhaps, if he did not hold onto the knife while that happened, he would have died earlier, lacking the knife’s protection. There was some sort of warmth that the knife provided that made him feel safe. Nonetheless, he was still strengthless from the box’s absorption of his energy.

After he said that, he fell into a deep sleep. Snow just sat down and watched over him. She could not allow him to be in any further danger. After all, she was his guardian.


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