[Raw] Colours of Change – Chapter 4

Colours of Change – Chapter 4

She used to be a wanderer. She left her parents at 15, to be able to have freedom and explore the world. She had been travelling around aimlessly. She was a lone adventurer, she had no partners whatsoever. Though lonely, she had more freedom, able to go any where she wanted without any hindrance. She did not need to worry about her partners safety and can unleash her powers when required. That was, until she met the couple.

The women was pregnant and his husband was supporting her both morally and physically. They were a powerful couple, only a handful were able to rival their strength. Supporting one another back to back, using their abilities to make combinations that were powerful, it was no wonder that they were unrivalled for many decades.

The couple met this lady that was adventuring and as they were analysing her, they noticed the high heels she wore. It was a set of high heels only given to females that had royal status. Why would one with royal blood be venturing out in this place, they wondered. They were nearby the Water Kingdom, on top of the long wooden bridge.

There was no fences put in place on the bridge, so she did something she wanted to a long time ago. She stopped at her tracks and sat down at the side of the bridge, oblivious to the couple’s arrival. She put her hands over the high heels. A small magic circle appeared over it. The lacings that wrapped around her foot and a little up her calves immediately loosened, allowing her foot to come out of the footwear. Placing it beside her, she swung her legs back and forth, relishing the cool water that came into contact with her legs. She gave a sigh. After few years of travelling, it was time she got to experience such a relaxing feeling.

“Enjoying yourself?” the man looked at Snow. She seemed really lonely to him. An aimless bunny that was trying to go many places yet bounded in some way. He felt that way too, before he met the person beside him. He gave smiled unknowingly.

She did not respond, but turned around and looked at the couple inquisitively. She haven’t seen either of them before. However, she could tell their caliber was a few notches above her. She remained silent, she really did not feel like speaking; she wanted to rest whilst enjoying the waters.

Without hesitation, the wife took off her shoes and sat beside her. As soon as her feet touched the waters, water nearby her foot froze a little.

“Let us join you.” she continued, smiling to her. The husband followed her and sat beside her. After a short moment of silence, the wife spoke again, “What’s your name?”

“Snow, Snow Konejo.” she felt no danger from them. She felt it was alright to give them her name. She closed her eyes, it has been awhile since she spoke since she hardly met people that walked up to her to talk. She did not like to go to people unless of utmost necessity, there was no need for any of that, she felt.

“That’s a nice name you have there. I’m Swift Zephyr.” the husband told her his name in exchange. He was right about the girl being from a family of bunnies, the last name Konejo gave it away. It would probably be a royal family of the Ice Kingdom, he thought. Usually, one of royal blood had tremendous abilities, but looking at her lack of energy in her, he felt something was wrong. Perhaps her powers were sealed away or perhaps she needed time to develop. In any case, she was still young and had much time to grow.

“I’m Liz Gelum, nice to meet you Snow. You know, we’d like to invite you to join us in our adventures.” the wife continued from his husband.

As soon as Snow heard the invitation, she turned around and looked at Liz. No one had ever asked her to go along with them in a team before. For some reason, she was really excited. She wanted to accept the request instantly. She really hated being alone, but she was usually ignored. She wanted to be seen and wanted to be noticed.

“Can I..?” she murmured. She could not believe that she was actually invited into a team. One from the Gelum family even! They had the highest of highest rankings in the Ice Kingdom, they were also a royal family! For once since she left her parents, she was really happy.

“You’re awake.” Snow said as she was jolted back from her past memories by Kierix’s movement. She was in the couples team for a year before it disbanded. Now, she was this boy’s guardian. She watched as the boy sat up straight.

“Don’t kill me…” he muttered before noticing the whole room was back in its original form. The black goo had been removed. No trace of that substance anywhere. What was added, however, was this lady.

“Uh… Hi.” he blushed a little and looked down. He did not know what to do when a lady appears in his room out of nowhere. Not to mention letting her see him utter nonsense. It was very embarrassing. He looked up again. He saw a familiar face… It was the lady with the peculiar white dress! Why was she here? Either way, he could not remember what happened right before he passed out.

“Hello.” Snow continued to give a warm smile. She found Kierix uttering irrelevant things as he woke up very amusing, but she did not want to laugh. Instead, she looked around and analysed the area around for more dangers.

“Who are you?” Kierix asked. He never got to know her name, the last time he tried to ask, she disappeared before he could finish the sentence.


“Kierix Zephyr,” he stretched out his arm, “nice to meet you.” He wanted to have a proper introduction, so he reintroduced himself.

Snow did not know what to do when he stretched out his arm. She never had an introduction with someone living in a human world before. What was she supposed to do? She panicked and just looked away.

Kierix was left with his hand in the air. That was awkward. He got rejected! Thinking about that, he curled up into a foetal position. He felt depressed, having rejected by a girl.

Snow still did not know how to react to the situation. Instead she touched the floor with her index finger and stood up. A magic circle appeared at the point she touched. From the air, she pulled all the water molecules and slowly solidified her staff. Holding up the staff, she muttered a spell and created a stealth layer around the house. A grey sphere slowly expanded from her staff and went past the room, and stopped when it hit the edge of the house, before disappearing. Now most low class enemy that wanted to target him would not be able to detect him. She continued by muttering a second spell, creating a protective layer on top of the stealth layer, to have additional protection if an enemy of higher class were to attack. Lastly, she ended her chain of spells by chanting the complicated final spell for the barrier. She swung her staff around and stabbed the end onto the middle of the magic circle. The barrier now have reflective capabilities, able to reflect damage dealt inwards back at the person who dealt it, but only up to a certain range of damage.

Kierix watched in awe as the magic circle drew in front of his eyes. It glowed brightly and had inscriptions of unknown language. It started spinning as she started chanting. The staff formed out of nowhere into her hands and started emitting spheres of varying colours outwards. It was a sight to behold. Then, after she started spinning her staff and hit the staff on the magic circle, the magic circle slowed down and disappeared into thin air. Two days ago, he was experiencing his normal life, and had nothing unusual like this. He really did not know how to react to this. He did not know what was normal any more. Was he the only one that did not know all these? He was really confused.

“Time will tell.” Snow returned to sitting on the ground and muttered. She knew what he was thinking and that he was confused. But being lazy, she pushed the responsibility to time.

“I just added a few protection to the area around the house. Such creatures like the one you were ambushed with earlier will probably not be able to enter any more.” she explained what she did earlier.

“You should be fine, as long as you don’t leave the house now. Others can sense your energy and will hunt you down. You know how the strong prey the weak?” Snow passed him a snowflake. “I’ll have to head elsewhere now, if you face any problems, break it.”

With that, the conversation came to an end, leaving Kierix more confused than ever. After putting the snowflake on his hand, the surrounding had turned grey, before she jumped out of the window and disappeared. Every colour returned to the surrounding once she disappeared.

That’s too much for him to accept. He was just living a normal life on his own, and here he is, in a world that he does not recognise any more. Without any abilities, he probably cannot survive if he were to leave his house. He looked down at his knife. What could he possibly do now?


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