[Raw] Colours of Change – Chapter 5

Colours of Change – Chapter 5

Surprisingly, it was still morning even after the whole series of events ended, the sun was still rising, not even at the top of the sky. It most likely had something to do with Snow’s ability. He felt tired. He felt as if the whole day has past. Looking at the clock, it was the time he should be leaving house to school to be early. Thinking about that, he felt strengthless. If this were to continue everyday, he would be dead due to fatigue.

He closed his eyes, then reopened it. What was he going to do in future? He really do not know how to deal with such changes of drastic scale… He opened his hand. The snowflake was still there. He could not deny the existence of it. Looking at the bright side, he finally had colours to the monotony of his life. Time to head to school, he thought. He was still early.

He quickly placed the snowflake in his wallet compartment that contained many of the other cards that he had. That way, it would not break easily. The knife disappeared when he was placing the snowflake into the wallet. Perhaps it disintegrated due shielding him? He continued to packed up his bag and swung it around his shoulders. He really liked the way he did it. Continuing his routine of movements, he unlocked the door with a click, exited the house and locked the door behind him.

Judging by the time, he would still be early if he strolled his way to school. It was only a twenty-minutes long walk. He finally had time to look around during walk. How did he get up that early, was it by instinct that danger was about to come? But if he had slept on, he would probably have died without knowing anything. That would be very sad, dying so early in his life and being unable to do many things that he could do with the rest of his life.

As he was strolling his way towards the school, something caught his eye. It was something really out of place yet no one walking on the same path seemed to pay attention to it. Walking on the opposite side of the road to his right, he saw a couple, wearing a full black attire with red outlines at sides of the apparel. In this hot sun, it’s illogical to wear such attire. Black clothing traps heat because it does not reflect light. Normal people would not be able to take such heat and would get heat stroke from the outrageous temperature. There were also similar inscriptions on their attires to the one he saw on Snow. There were a few on the sleeves and a few on the waist. Without paying attention to the world around them, they just continued walking forward. They gave an uncomfortable vibe.

With the amount of events that happened in the short span of two days, this should not be something that he should be surprised by at all. Instead, he just looked away. After awhile, he reached the school gates. It was very crowded, but it was to be expected as arriving early is the trend for students in this school, except for him.

“I haven’t seen you so early in school before.” Kierix’s homeroom teacher, who was walking into the school gates at the same time waved to him. She walked along side with Kierix, heading to the assembly hall.

“Good morning. I just happened to wake up early.” Kierix just made an excuse to cover up what happened. He knew that, if he were to say what exactly happened, his teacher would say that he was having a nightmare or would send him to the nearest mental hospital to get him a checkup. Neither of those were what he wanted as a response. Better to be safe than sorry.

“Glad to hear. What did you do, set your alarm to earlier time?”

“I don’t use alarms…” Kierix never used alarm clocks to wake him up. He relied on his body to naturally wake up, which is the reason why he was late in many occasions. While he replied that, he was already at the assembly hall.

“I see, you could try.” She put up a hand to wave to him and walked off to where the teachers assembled in the hall.

Kierix shrugged. he did not trust in electronic devices. But either way, having something or someone to wake you up abruptly was something he disliked. He did not want to be sleeping peacefully, then forced to wake up and feel tired in the morning. Putting the thought aside, he walked to where his class was and sat down in the row his classmates were sitting in. He remembered previous day he was rushing to this location and had the time stop on him. He fervently hoped that that would not happen once more.

And that did not happen. The school song ended in no time at all. Nothing out of the usual happened which led to a sigh of relief. However, what seemed to be normal did not last long.

The class moved into the classroom and waited for the teacher to arrive.

“Don’t worry, everything will be fine. Let’s go in now.” The two faces appeared. It was the couple that were walking in the opposite direction across the road. How did they managed to move that fast? Instead of their black attire, they came in with school uniform.

“Class, we have two new students joining us. They came from abroad and they have came here to join us in our classes, please welcome them!” Following the teacher’s speech is the sound of applause from the class. As soon as the two people entered the room, the guy looked at Kierix.

Time seemed to have stopped once more. The chatter caused by the class stopped too. The females who were giggling at one another, chatting about how the guy looked handsome and the like suddenly paused. Their mouths remained opened as if they were about to utter something yet they just froze in place. The guys who were ogling at the lady that entered also paused in their seats. Everything was in a standstill, just like before.

It was for a moment, he could feel the male’s stare. For that moment, the surrounding became grey. Both the male and female gave a smile that seemed like a smile yet seemed to have no emotions behind any of it. Immediately after, colours refilled the surroundings. They continued moving forward, moving to the middle of the class. The chitchat resumed instantaneously.

“Please introduce yourselves!” The teacher continued once they stopped in their tracks.

“Hello, I’m Kelvin Ignis. Beside me is my twin.” the male spoke. The girls in the class started with their conversation again.

“I’m Kevina Ignis. Nice to meet you.” the female spoke and gave a smile. Somehow the guys in the class all got a cupid’s arrow each through their heart and were paying all their attention to her.

“Alright, there are some empty seats behind, take a seat.”

“Thank you, Miss Calidis Aqua.” Kelvin muttered so that only she could hear, or so he thought. No one else noticed that he said something except Kierix. He took the seat behind Kierix which was second from the back and third from the left. Swinging the bag, dropping it onto the ground, all of which created oohs and aahs from the ladies around him.

As Kevina walked down the path, she felt the glances coming from all directions. She decided to be playful and set the guys even further off course by giving them a wink before heading to sit on the seat next to Kelvin.

As for the teacher, she was stunned for a moment when Kelvin said that. How did he know her true name? She recomposed herself and stood up straight. Fortunately the whole class’ attention was placed on the newcomers. She could feel their overwhelming pressure that was formed from their strength. It was not a small difference between them. Trying to ignore the pressure, she did what she usually did every day, pulling a marker from her pencil case and wrote away on the whiteboard, before clearing her throat to obtain attention.

What seemed like an eternity of teaching was very unbearable for her. The pressure was affecting her as a whole. She wanted to escape and hide in a place that cannot be found by them. Fear was surfacing from her.

Kierix was not feeling any better. The twins were giving him weird and uncomfortable vibes, even more powerful since they are right behind him. Fortunately, class has ended.

“I won’t hurt you. Not now.” Kelvin muttered into his ear as soon as he headed out of class, followed by a swarm of girls from his class. Similarly, as Kevina exited the classroom, a swarm of guys from the class followed her closely. Only the homeroom teacher and Kierix was left behind. He could see that the homeroom teacher felt a little nauseas. Comparing himself to her, he was in a better shape. As he exited the room, the homeroom teacher muttered two words.

“Stay safe,” was what he heard.


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