[Raw] Colours of Change – Chapter 6

Colours of Change – Chapter 6

The rest of the school days started and ended like everyday else. It started with guys following Kevina, and girls following Kelvin into the class. Then, it ended with guys following Kevina and girls following Kelvin out of the class. The problem was not with the following, but the people who were following. Many of them were not like they used to be. It was as if some magic was placed upon them to brainwash them. Outside school however, his classmates seemed to be all right… Weird.

The only people that were unaffected in class were Kierix and her. However much annoyed by how the class paid no attention to her, Ms Calidis could not do anything about it. What were the twins even trying to do? She could not do anything to Kevina and Kelvin for they were way stronger than her. Even if she was to be able to deal with them, the other classmate’s lives were at stake. Being a teacher, the act of risking student’s lives was out of the question. She could not do it. Perhaps she could deal with it out somehow if she worked with Kierix. But doing that would risk harming Kierix. She was in a dilemma, what should she do?

“Class dismissed.” School had ended, the twins left first as usual. They seemed to have no interest in the lessons. Rather, they seemed to have more interest in controlling the class. Right, they had no need to learn any of those. They were probably only in school because of his existence. Kierix did not know how to react to the situation. Ever since they came, all the friends he had were no more; they degraded to following the twins everywhere. Since then, he was alone. He couldn’t do anything though, since he knew for a fact that if he did anything the twins did not like, he would be against the whole class, inclusive of his friends… Correction, those people were not his friends. His friends had a mind of their own.

He walked out of the class room. Scratching his head, he tried to think of a solution. It was not within reach at all, everything seems so foreign to him now. These situations were very new to him, he could not react at all. He continued walking down the corridor, before turning right to head down stairs.

“Hey Kierix, you finally caught up, we were just heading out to eat lunch. Do you want to join us?” A friend of his was just standing up when he saw him walking from behind and asked. Behind him were other students who just stood up.

It was really weird. Really really weird. Why were they on the floor on the stairwell in the first place? Kierix was genuinely confused. Could they possibly be just released from the spell… Everything began to link up in his mind. The reason why they had been all right after school was that they were released from the spell in that secluded place after school, he deduced. The puzzle seemed to be nearly complete. One thing he could not understand was, how did they not remember anything about following? They seemed really happy too.

“Sure.” Kierix replied.

Then… was all of that a show to tell him that they had the power to do all that? All the puppeteering? He shivered at the thought of being used. He did not like the idea. They could not resist such things since they had no idea that were being forced to do things they probably never would and they had no ability to stop it if they had. He had to do something to stop all of it, he could not stand it any longer. But how?

He stared at the ceiling, whilst lying on the bed. It was a hard problem to solve… He didn’t have any out of the world abilities that could help him with these out of the world issues. He closed his eyes to think, but to no avail. It was not long before he reopened his eyes. What he saw got him frozen for a moment. A spider was on top of his face. He never liked insects and never will. He suppressed his urge to scream. He noticed one thing however. It was hanging by a thread.

Noticing that, he tried to sit up from his position while clapping his hands together. He saw…

“Gah!” The spider landed on his face as the thread was broken by his sudden movement. While screaming, he swatted his hands around his face frantically.

It was not until an hour later till he recomposed himself. He honestly felt relieved that Snow was not around to see that happening. He would be laughed at. The spider was no more, but he had the general idea. When he saw the thread that held the spider there, he formed a theory. It was highly possible that his classmates were controlled by a thread, like how puppets were hung on a thread. If that was so, it would be easily to solve the problem.

He could test his theory by swinging his knife in class… That’s one possible way, but what would he do afterwards when the twins realise? He definitely didn’t want to mess with them. Not alone.


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