[Raw] Colours of Change – Chapter 7

Colours of Change – Chapter 7

He kept thinking about what to do as he walked. As usual, on the opposite site of the road, he could see the familiar dark coats. How they entered school with that attire was beyond him. Averting his gaze back to himself, he continued looking downwards, thinking about his plans. Should he ask the teacher for help? He supposed the teacher would be more than willing, but how would she help out when she was teaching? He tugged on his hair, trying to find ideas, but none were surfacing.

As per normal, he sat at where he sat in the class and waited for Ms Calidis to enter the room. Thinking back at his plan, he thought his actions were rash. What would he do if all that failed? What if his theory was false? He prayed hard and wished that his theory was right and failure would not be the result. He grasped hard on the knife on his right hand. He put his right hand under the table, just to make sure no one could see it except him. He turned behind.

“Hello.” Kelvin gave a smile to him that was emotionless as usual. When no reply was heard, he sniggered.

He felt uncomfortable. He can feel Kelvin’s eyes on him. What should he do next? He had his textbooks all laid out so it should not be suspicious to anyone. His plan was near perfect.

The teacher walked in. She turned around and took a look at Kierix. He could tell Kierix felt uncomfortable too. If only she could do something… No, she would just have to wait until something happens… She was not in a position to begin anything.

Kierix looked at the teacher. He wanted to signal to her to help him out with this operation. He knew since Kelvin mentioned her name that she was not a normal human being. She should have abilities sufficient to help him out. He held the knife even tighter. He was nervous. On his left hand was the snowflake. He should break it if anything happens.

“If you face any problems, break it.” the voice of snow resounded in his mind. He felt a little more confident. He knew he could overcome his fears. Getting ready to begin the assault, he made sure he had proper grasp on the knife. If the knife fell out during any of his attacks, it would provide him a lot of disadvantage and a handful of awkwardness.

Tightening his left fist, the snowflake broke. The whole world turned grey for him. It was no longer coloured. He knew what that meant. People without powers would be affected by the time magic and slow down. That was a lot of help, he did not expect that to happen when he broke the snowflake. Perhaps that was a bonus to what he thought it would do? He had to move quick, time is of essence and surprise is the greatest advantage he had now.

He stood up right away and turned behind, swinging his arm to the right. He made a cut. He felt strings fall on him. He was right. His instincts did not fail him. However, he did not cut through all of it. He could not.

“Too slow.” Kelvin grabbed on Kierix’s right wrist. He locked his wrists, preventing him from doing anything.

Instead, Kierix swung the knife with his fingers and from a position where the knife blade was once facing upwards, he turned it around in a second and stabbed it downwards. His hands were free. He swung once more in the air and more strings broke. He could see the strings falling through the reflections on the blade.

“This is how it …” Calidis just noticed that the surrounding turned grey. She did not know what it was, but she realised that her students stopped moving, the fan stopped turning but the people behind did not stop fighting. They were the only things moving. Kevina just realised as well and turned to look at Kelvin. Things were moving too fast to catch up. Calidis instantly knew what she had to do. Kevina stood up and was about to move towards Kelvin to help before Calidis stopped her. A jet of water shot out from her palm that was glowing. Instinctively, Kevina dodged and looked back.

Kierix was free and so was the rest of the class. He stumbled backwards a little due to the force he exerted to free himself. He looked back at Kelvin. A flame was lit above Kelvin’s finger. He traced the finger down onto the logo of the school which started catching on fire. In a short moment, his uniform burnt away without leaving any thing behind. The fire revealed his black attire underneath.

“Why are you doing this?” Kierix muttered. He did not understand why Kelvin came here in the first place. To flaunt his abilities? That does not sound right at all. There are so many other mediums to flaunt his abilities. Moreover, why was he the target of practice?

“Have you ever felt despair?” Kelvin replied. He was really angry. The gap on his wounded arm was instantly replaced by a blaze of fire. He took out his lash with his right hand and moved his left hand across the lash. It lit on fire as the hand passed by. He could not hold back his anger. The fire glowed brighter, with a hint of gold in the flame. He did a spin, pulling the lash along as he turned, exerting a greater force to hit Kierix.

Calidis glanced to the side, just to witness golden flames on the lash Kelvin was holding. It was a sign of royal blood. She had never seen any one else possessing golden flames except for the King ruling the Fire Empire. When she realised that Kierix was in deeper trouble than before, she became worried. She could not help, she had to prevent Kevina from joining the battle. She casted another spell. A sea blue magic circle appeared under Kevina just as she was about to move towards Kelvin while Calidis was looking away. However, Kevina halted her motion. The magic circle glowed underneath her and started spinning slowly. In no time at all, a wall of water shot out from the edge of the magic circle beneath her and prevented her from moving outwards.

One watching the the fight between Kevina and Calidis would say Calidis was winning. She had the upper hand, with the water element, which would be able to extinguish the flames. Kevina tut-tutted. It was a hassle to deal with it. She did not want to use her abilities, but if she must, she would. She was lucky to realise the water was about to spurt out from the ground, If she had not avoided it, it would cause damage to her that would take a long while to recover from. Calming herself down, she thought of a way to deal with the water.

Kierix was a little slow. He did not dodge in time. Instead, he lifted up his knife, holding it tightly, to defend himself. Closing his eyes, he waited for the hit to hand. He braced himself.

It hit.

But he felt no pain. The lash swung around the knife, and curled around it. He slowly opened his eyes to see a confused face around an arm’s length away. He looked down at his knife. There was no flame. What happened? He felt like Kelvin was just as confused as he was. He tugged onto his knife, releasing it from the lash’s grip. The lash instantly reignited with golden flames.

“So you came prepared. I was wondering why the strings were so easily broken as well…” Seeming to understand something, Kelvin put up a grin. He would imagine it was an anti-magic weapon, preventing magic from working when in contact. He had no idea how this kid got such a weapon, but either way, killing him would be easy. That kid could avoid death once, but surely not twice. He swapped the weak magically created fire to the pure energy flame that he was more familiar with, one that was part of him. The lash burnt out for a moment, before getting relit with a golden red clear flame.

The surrounding got darker and darker. It was as if the energy of the flame itself was reacting with the time magic. The time magic seemed to be trying to protect what was behind, cutting the space where they existed away from the space that the humans existed.

The whip continued to head his way, now with a greater change in pressure. Kierix could feel his body rejecting his control and trying to force him to drop to his knees. He resisted against the pressure and held his knife in front of him. That was his only means of defence. He was scared and he could dodge backwards no further. He was back to back with the white board. He saw the lash swinging his way. That was his end, he thought.

A force pushed him down and to the right. It was cold. Before he could turn around and see what hit him, a voice halted the attack. It did not sound like Calidis’ but it was one that was familiar.

“Prince and Princess of the Fire Empire, pardon my rudeness, but I will advise you to stop your attacks instantly.” The voice was cold and sharp. “He is a person that the Ice Kingdom is protecting over. Attacking him has the same meaning as attempting to attack the Ice Kingdom. And an attempt to attack provides the victim a chance to take revenge no matter the scale of attack. I assume you know that.”

“I did not know he was under your protection.” Kelvin looked at the person who intruded out of nowhere. He retracted his flames and kept the lash. He scratched his head. Things have gotten a little messy, why was he under their protection?

Understanding the situation, Calidis stopped her spell. The water wall disappeared with no trace of wetness in the area. Kevina was free to leave.

“Now you know.” The white figure continued. “Within ten seconds, if you do not leave the area, I will not hesitate to launch an all out attack.”

“I had my fun, time to go, Kevina.” Kelvin looked forward and walked away. Kevina followed behind.

“Calidis Aqua, deal with the human’s memories. I’ll borrow Kierix for the day.” Snow held Kierix’s wrist and tugged him towards the windows.

“You arrived just on time, Princess Snow. Thank you for saving our lives.” Calidis did a bow and stood where she was.

Snow turned around and smiled, before continuing towards the window.

“Wait, where are we -“ Kierix had no chance to continue his sentence before he was pulled out of the window. The next second was the moment where Kierix made a sound he never knew he could. Snow landed on the floor like a feather, no impact whatsoever. That did not apply to the person next to her. The screaming ended to a sudden halt when he was abruptly stopped when Snow casted a magic spell to allow him to land smoothly.

Kierix felt like his soul would escape at any point of time. He thought he was about to have his little life ended then. He was so close to touching the ground. Whatever remained was about to run away and hide in a corner where he assumed no one would find.

“I’ll answer your questions to your queries one by one in a later time. Now follow me, before we get into any further danger.” Snow continued to tug his wrist, not giving Kierix any breather. She was trying to head back to his home, where it was safer. She set up a more permanent protection there, rather than one that will protect on the move. There, there was no one to eavesdrop on them either.

“That was reckless.” She grabbed his wrist tight. Why did he do such a dangerous operation when he was alone and was supposed to be taking care of himself? She was annoyed. If she had been late by a moment or two, he would have lost his life.

She kept her pace at a quick speed. He thought he heard her saying something from the front, but he thought he should just catch up. He would fall down if he did not keep to her speed. He really do not want to be towed along the road. He did not expect at all that she had such monstrous strength, pushing him out of the way, tugging him out of the window and out of school. It was frightening. Even more frightening than the thought of being burnt alive by Kelvin. He did not know and did not want to know what she could do to him if she wanted.

As they reached the house, he saw a film of something transparent at the gate, enveloping the entire house like a bubble. He pushed his way in, just to realise that there was no resistance. He entered in no time at all. There was three layers of transparent film, one with a hint of grey, one with a hint of blue and one with a hint of red. He assumed that it represented the spells she casted in the house the other day. He did not see those films the other day…

After they closed the door, Snow moved to an open space and sat down. Behind her, ice formed from the water vapour in the air, shaping a chair for her. Kierix did not find such things surprising any more, there were much more he have yet to see, but these are soon going to become norms. He didn’t think he was lucky enough to get a chair made from her either so he decided to settle down on a wooden chair nearby.

“I will only answer a few questions today. I will not answer the other questions yet. Some, I will reveal as time pass by, but the others, you have to discover as time reveals.” She answered his first question that he have yet to ask. To be exact, he did not have the chance to even say anything before she answered it.

“The question you have been curious about all the time. You were targeted because of one single reason. You were made… to have abilities to surpass everyone else.” Snow hesitated awhile before muttering the most absurd answer ever.


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