[Raw] Colours of Change – Chapter 8

Colours of Change – Chapter 8

“Your blood runs with royal blood, which amplifies your powers. It does not end there, but I will leave the answer as is.” Snow said. “Basically, without control, you can easily become the person that can destroy the balance of the world. But for now, you don’t have a single ounce of power.”

“I don’t understand, what does that mean?” Kierix was a little annoyed. He did not understand what Snow was trying to say. What did he do in his past life to deserve this unwanted destiny? He just wanted to be normal and be with everyone he had.

Snow ignored his complaints. It was not time for complains yet, he did not understand.

“That’s why they hunt you. And I’m here to protect you. Do not die on me.” Finishing her sentence, she stood up and turned her head towards the staircase. Her white hair glowed a little as it floated through the air before settling down. The ice chair sublimated instantly as she left it. She turned around once more to look at the human behind him. The oblivious kid looked especially cute dumbfounded and powerless, just like a baby. She turned back and smiled to herself, before beginning her stride towards the staircase.

He took a glance to the moving figure, it was heading towards the staircase. He looked back down. He was very confused. He felt weak, how was he even going to become someone that powerful with no abilities? He scratched his head in frustration, he knew no magic, he had slow reaction time, how was he to survive in this world he was totally foreign to? He stared at his palms, there were nothing that seemed to be radiating magic or any other funny things. He could not stop questioning himself.

“No, don’t leave me behind! Bring me along with you!” He stretched his arm outwards to reach them. They just went further and further, he could not catch up.

“You must take care of yourself.” The male figure turned his head and shouted. A hint of sadness could be heard. The male looked back and continued walking forward. He should not waver, it was a choice he made.

He tried running, he was not making any progress. He forced himself to move forward, but they were still faster and soon, they were just a dot above the horizon. He tried to blink away the tear, but it still leaked. It followed down his cheek, and down to the corner of his lips. The bitter taste of the moisture did not help. When he opened his eyes, a face floated above. It was a face that he recognised, he felt warmer that someone was next to him.

“Kierix, why is there water coming out of your eyes? Are you okay?” The curious face that hung above his face opened her mouth. Why was there water leaking from his eyes, was it something that occurs to all humans? She did not understand. The kid did not seem to have any powers, how did he make water appear from his eyes? Furthermore for what purpose? Questions constantly popped out from her mind.

“Nothing, it’s nothing.” Kierix closed his eyes and swiftly dragged his fingers across his eye lid and wiped his tears away. It was not his first time experiencing this. For the past few months, the dream had been resurfacing from his memories weekly, if not daily. He smiled, he was really glad Snow was here. He did not like being alone.

“Okay. Outside, there are people waiting for you.” Snow mentioned as she moved away, standing up. The people outside did not seem friendly. They each wore a black coat and a black hat, seemingly from the same clan. To add to that, they broke the defensive layers. “You want to prepare your knife before you leave the house, I don’t think they are here to make friends.” She added. She did not feel safe to let Kierix go without any form of defence. She had to make sure he safe.

He sat up straight on his bed and thought for awhile, before he left the bed and packed it up. He picked up his knife from the table beside his bed, followed by slinging his bag over his shoulders. He had a bad feeling, he did not know whether he would be returning here. He continued his pace and walked forward until he reached the door. He looked back once more at the room. There was a connection between him and the room he had since young.

“Okay, let’s go.” Looking towards Snow who was ahead of him, he muttered. He did not understand the weird feeling he was having. He continued down the steps of the staircase. Not even at the first floor, he could see their shadows extending outwards towards him, away from the direction of the sun. He swallowed, before continuing downwards.

“Nice to meet you, Mister Zephyr. I am the leader here and call me John.” one of the men in black who stood in the front spoke. “We are from the Central Party, we work between kingdoms and maintain stability between them.” He stood back as he finished his sentence. Another man in black coat walked in front to take his place.

“We want to invite you to join us as a guardian to protect -“

“No, we reject.” Snow coldly replied. She had no interest in joining them, or getting Kierix mixed in with them. They were a mysterious party, but they had authority to stop fights between Kingdoms, to maintain stability. If they were finding people to join their party, they were either eying their abilities or had a lack of talented people. Neither of that sounded good. In this case, it sounded like they caught wind of Kierix’s ability and it was the former, rather than the latter. It was too soon.

The confused Kierix just stood still behind Snow and kept quiet. He did not understand and he felt that letting Snow do all the decision was a better idea. Who would come to one’s house and start inviting him to their clan, organisation or party? It sounded really suspicious, much like a human trafficker.

“I don’t think you understand the severity of the issue at hand, Princess.” Another men spoke. “Recently, something a drastic change in stability occurred. A meteorite from another world crashed on Earth. Humans seem to be the prime target of whatever that caused the meteorite to fall upon Earth. The virus that infected men from the meteorite spreads like wild fire. They force the infected to unlock their abilities at the cost of their lives. Humans naturally do not have the Alteratio abilities, but they can be created with a specific source, their life.”

Snow remained silent this time. How did she not have heard of such an incident? She continued to pay attention.

“This lethal virus is called the Mutatio Vitium. Humans that come into contact with another with such a virus will obtain it. And when the humans obtain it, their unique life force will slowly decay, and form a unique ability. However, their minds would be overrode by the virus. They will have ability to see people of the other Kingdoms and slowly demolish them. Just a cut from a human with Mutatio Vitium to a young from any kingdom will infect it with a poison and cause it to die in a short moment, if not tended to instantly.”

Kierix twitched with unease, he did not like that people are dying without their own will. He felt like he should deal with them. But he understood a little bit more about the situation. Then again, why him?

“Why me of all people?”

“You are infected with Mutatio Vitium.” John walked forward and replied instantly after he finished his sentence. That sentence left Kierix in a daze. “Do not worry, you are not going to die soon.”

Kierix instantly recovered. He felt like he wanted to give John a punch, only to be stopped by Snow. How can life be something to joke about. He was still young.

“One that is infected has three ways to go. A slow but painful death if he is human, a swift way to death if he is not human, or the body of his adapt to the virus, surviving it. However, not all can survive it. Those who do, will have unnatural abilities, surpassing many. And you are one of them who we are looking for. Give a thought about our offer, we will return soon enough.”

“We re-“ Snow wanted to reject them right away.

“Wait, what benefit do I get from joining?”

“You’ll have the duty of safeguarding the balance of the world. I will tell you more if you accept.” John stopped in his tracks and turned to look at Kierix.

“I’ll think it through.” Kierix looked at Snow, she was agitated that he actually considered.

“I’ll see you in a week’s time.” John waved his hand in the air without looking back this time. His group of black-attired members followed him out of the gate.

It was back to the same scenario, Kierix sitting at his usual seat, on the wooden chair across the small desk in the living room, while Snow sat across him on her ice chair.

“I need to redo the defences now. Those people were strong.” Snow stood up after the long amount of thinking and silence since the Central Party left. She swung her right arm in front of her as she walked to an empty spot. Her gem-embedded white staff appeared once again on her hand. Repeating what she was did the last time, the house felt safer.

“Alright.” Kierix looked down at his toes and gave the offer more thought. He wanted to participate, he wanted to have abilities. Since he was in this world, if he did not adapt to the changes, he would be left behind. The man said he was infected with it and had unnatural abilities; it matched what Snow said, yet he did not seem to be able to do anything. He felt annoyed being powerless. Suddenly he felt something hit his head.

“Do not get too power hungry. You will change and mutate if you do that too much. Not even I can help you then. When the time comes you will have abilities.” Snow paused her chanting halfway to poke him with the end of the staff. She continued her chantings albeit annoyed.

Kierix looked at himself. He realised he almost lost himself, what was he thinking? He did not need any of this. When did he start wanting all this? All he wanted last time was a peaceful life.

“What in the world? A class 5?” Snow looked at the floor as the magic circle cracked and shattered into powder before disappearing into the air. She have not even finished her last spell before she got interrupted. She did not even notice its appearance! “Prepare yourself. Contact is imminent.”


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