[Raw] Colours of Change – Chapter 9

Colours of Change – Chapter 9

He did not even have time to prepare himself when it collided with the wall, creating a great explosion. The impact sent everything to his left flying. With his reaction, all he could manage was to hop off from the chair to the floor before it collapsed on him. The impact also created a large hole that revealed the house to the outside.

“Sever all links between this space and the outside world, Spacium Laceratis!” Snow shouted from behind. The light from the outside became no more. There was nothing beyond the gate. Nil, nought, nada. Everything just disappeared beyond the gate, it was a total darkness, but light retained within. Everything seemed to be retained, that is, within the gate.

The creature that caused the impact continued its way towards Kierix. It was a large creature that had no similarities to anything he had seen thus far. The monster had two horns on its head and two tusks extending from its neck. The body had multiple lines which connected with its limbs. As the creature raised it’s body up, it created a loud noise that he could not stand, it was very uncomfortable.

“It is an infected human.” Kierix muttered without knowing how he knew.

Snow took the opportunity to strike. She spun her staff around, before jumping towards the infected’s belly. When she almost made contact, the swung her staff at the infected. As the staff rotated at a high speed, the form changed. Snowflakes were expelled as the staff moved, as if it was shedding. In its place was a white blade, which sliced the creature’s belly. She followed the course of the blade, turning to follow, allowing her to exert more strength, before landing down on the floor. The creature gave a kick at Snow, but with her reaction speed, she was able to dodge the attack with a jump backwards.

Suddenly, a crackling sound could be heard. The creature’s wound started glowing with purple. In matter of seconds, the wound was recovered. But that did not last long, a cut reappeared at the same spot. A glint of white could be seen as it formed from left to right, before a thud was heard. The infected looked to its left, realising its target’s movement. It instantly roared, and rushed against him.

He realised Snow made a move and began. He did not want to kill that human, but in that situation, there was only two outcomes, the infected dead or him deceased. He had to make a move too. He went to his side, and threw the knife upwards at the infected. As Snow dodged behind, the knife sliced across the creature’s belly and it tore apart once more. Seeing as to how the infected changed its target, he had to run. He had no way of taking any hits from it. His path was an arc, he had to pick up the knife from where it landed – across the room. Running backwards, he knew with the loud thumps and the vibration that followed that the creature followed him closely behind. He had to focus on picking the most efficient route, reducing time to reach there. He continued dashing, jumping on the fallen chairs and wall debris, before he jumped at the peak of the debris mountain, grabbing onto the knife as he fell on one knee. Turning around, he threw it again at the creature.

Snow ran up the piles of debris, wielding her blade facing downwards. The creature fell backwards with the impact of the knife, and as time paused for a split second, she followed gravity and pierced her blade into the creature, ending the suffering of the life within. In seconds, the purple lines flew out from the creature, decolourising itself and disappearing as powder. What remained was the creature’s original body, one of a human’s.

“He is too weak to continue surviving. His life source is near fully consumed.” Snow looked at Kierix and spoke. The corpse of the human was collapsing into dust due to the virus. It slowly disintegrated and left no trace behind. “Spacium Coagmentatio.” She mentioned, just as her blade turned into snowflakes when she let go of it.

Light returned to the outside world, sunlight continued to shine upon the house. However, the broken wall did not return to its original form. It remained broken. Debris still filled the entirety of the first floor.

Kierix stared at the broken house. He felt really depressed that something as such happened to his house. He looked at the entrance of the gate, just to see another scene that will make him faint.

“Looks like we should not stay here any longer. More company.”

He realised how there was many of the virus infected humans waiting at the entrance. At the front most, he saw many large size creatures, strips of purple lined their bodies. It seems to be the virus itself. The large creatures seemed to be the final stage of their growth. What was he to do? In the middle, he could see the smaller once growing bigger as the lines expanded across their bodies. Further back, there were humans with purple light glowing from their eyes, preparing to evolve into the second stage. It was a disgusting thought to see so many humans that were consumed by the virus.

“Those are all Class 5s, with that many, I don’t think I can finish them off alone.” Snow looked at the group of infected.

One of the infected at the front opened its mouth.

“I’ll ask about the classes later, but what do you mean by alone?” Kierix continued to look forward with a poker face.

A ball of light appeared in its mouth.

“You’re a deadweight.” Snow grinned.

The ball of light expanded.

“We’ll see about that.” Kierix grinned as well.

At the same moment, Kierix and Snow dodged the beam that shot out of the mouth of the infected. The beam separated not only separated both of them, but also separated the flooring into two. Snow stood still and recreated the separation in space. The space outside the gate resumed its darkness. Neighbouring houses are now separated from the place they were and will not be affected.

Kierix held his knife backwards and dashed ahead. He knew what he was doing. Aiming for the nearest one, he jumped as he approached it, pulling his right arm upwards. Before he could even cut it, another infected pushed him aside, causing him to fall onto the ground whilst midair. He closed his eyes to take the impact. The impact caused a trench to be created out of the dirt of his lawn. He swiftly got up on his legs and made a run for his life, he was too close to the group for comfort.

Snow reformed her ice blade and started moving forward. Kierix could deal with the situation himself, she thought as she headed for another infected. Bending downwards, she dodged a swing by the infected. Right after was a high jump which caused her to fly above the infected. However, another infected started to fire a beam at her. The beam was also aimed downwards so as she fell, she would be hit by it. She noticed it and panicked. She was falling downwards to the ground due to gravity, and she could not move horizontally to dodge, how was she to react?

He continued running towards his backyard. Several infected chased after him. After he stopped, he turned around and started dashing towards the things that were targeting him. He swung his right arm around, leaving cuts. As soon as the first infected started to react, he ran backwards to avoid the hit, but another infected dashed towards him and punched him, sending him flying towards the void. As he hit the darkness, a great pain resonated from his back, and he fell forward. The darkness was like a strong wall, he could not get out of it. He fell onto the ground, but he unable to stand due to the pain he was getting.

The creatures walked forward, and waited. The target was on the ground, but something seems very wrong. The target was not getting any weaker. The virus wanted to continue but the body did not want to, they were scared. The virus continued to spread throughout the body further, using up the life source to the very limit. They were about dead, their life sources are nearly depleted. The infected continued moving and used its horn to poke him.

He could hear the screams coming from the infected. He wanted to just huddle up and cry since he could not do anything. Out of nowhere, a light source appeared that seem to even rival the sunlight. The infected stopped their attacks, seemingly affected by the light. The light originated from Kierix’ bag. Kierix used his left arm to shield his eyes, whilst using his right arm to flip over the cover of his slingbag. His school textbook was glowing brightly. It seems to have dimmed down, however, allowing him to see it. He reached his fingers into the bag and as soon as he touched it, a burning flame swept across the book, renewing it into a different object, but of the same size.

It had many unknown inscriptions on it, but he somehow knew what it said. Book of Sorcery.


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