[Raw] Colours of Change – Prologue

Colours of Change – Prologue

Everyday, things occur. Along with the different things you do, what follows change drastically. Sometimes, changes may not even occur because of what you do but because of what others do. Results are not necessarily beneficial to you all the time yet it continues to occur due to the flow of time.

On a certain time of the year, this young man was born into this world, and abandoned by his parents.

“We cannot afford to keep him, we have to leave him.” A male voice spoke.

“Are you sure about this… It’s our children we are talking about. We can do something about this…” A female voice spoke, with a hint of bitter in her voice.

“I …” he hesitated, then continued with certainty, “we have to do this.”

“If that is what you really want, then alright… I believe in what you are doing.”

He was left behind. The two shadows slowly became smaller and smaller until they disappeared.

He closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Once he opened his eyes once more, everything around him was different from what it used to be, it wasn’t the plain wash of white, but a mixture of colours. That was when he realised he was once more no longer alone.


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