Colours of Change – Chapter 1

Colours of Change – Chapter 1

This person lived a normal life, with his friends and everything. As per normal, on a school morning, he routinely grasped tightly on the sling of his bag and swung it upwards, followed by a spin and ending with the bag landing smoothly on his back. It was something he enjoyed a lot, how the physics worked and how cool he felt when he did it.

He knew he wanted to finish his studies, but similar to most teenagers, he was lost, no clue as to what he’d do next. Little did he know, he would soon enter an unfamiliar environment that he once thought was impossible. He continued by whipping out his pair of house keys, twiddling with it with his fingers, then slotting the piece of metal into the lock, and with a move of his muscle, the lock opened.

He left the place. No longer in the crowded place. He was alone at home, the home that was left behind for him. It was a rather big house; there was two storeys and of the eight rooms the house contained, he had five rooms that he did not have a use for. He only made use of 3 rooms, one as his bedroom, the other as a storage room and the last as his study room.

Nibbling on the sandwich which he made in a jiffy in the kitchen, he dashed swiftly to cover as much distance as he could, hoping that he would not be late for school. Dashing through the roads, he was able to experience the wind hitting on his face. It was something that he also liked a lot. Trees around him were swaying with the wind and birds flew in the bright blue sky. That day seemed like a perfect day to him. The sun was not too intense, it was windy and not too humid. He felt like sitting down and enjoying the weather on a patch of grass, but unfortunately time did not permit. He needed to reach school as soon as possible.

“You’re two thirds the way to school already, better reach there on time now… Twenty minutes left.” he muttered to himself as he looked at his watch. He never had time to look at the scenery; he always had to run throughout the journey, unable to stop to sightsee. He made a quick glance around. To the left was a field covered with flowers of different colours and to the right was a forest. Below him was the concrete pavement he was running on and ahead of him was many other students. A good sign. To see other students was the sign to him that he wouldn’t be late. Occasionally he would be late, and he would always be the only one. Never had any of the other students gotten to school late, except a few who were asked to run some errands by their teachers.

The clock tower was in view, and it was about to be eight o’ clock. It was five minutes to eight. The minute hand of the clock slowly neared the twelve mark. He was very close to school. Dashing past the gates, he arrived at the assembly hall. He was panting really hard. Whilst he was attempting to catch his breath, the student councillors were already on stage, preparing for the school song to be sung. He could sing along, just that no sound would escape from him.

“…rising tall.” He barely managed to finish the second verse. He skipped the first verse since he had been panting really hard. That was when he realised he was in a standstill; the music stopped abruptly, and other students did not move at all, not to mention even the fans that hung tall above stopped, ignoring the laws of physics. It was a complete halt in time. The only sound he could hear was from his breathing. What just happened?

He caught motion to the far left of the hall with his peripheral vision, and turned to face it. It was a lady with white hair who was donned in a white dress which was seemingly affected by a nonexistent wind.

She noticed his glance and turned over with a look of inquisitiveness. Why was this man able to move? She thought it was interesting and gave him a warm smile.

Right after he blinked his eye, everything reverted to normal, the school song continued to reverberate through the whole hall and the fan continued to turn. The lady disappeared and everyone else continued to sway ever so slightly. As soon as he realised he was not on the right verse, he immediately stopped his singing and corrected himself. But what was that phenomena he experienced a second ago? It was very unique and out of the world. He had never seen a lady in white hair in his school. Never had he seen a dress like that either, made with an unknown material and lined with symbols where it was supposed to be pleated.

He did not pay much attention to the rest of his classes. All that was on his mind was the white haired person that was moving in the standstill. She looked familiar yet he did not know who she was. The smile that was on her face provided him a warm feeling that he could not comprehend. He still could not understand why she was here in the first place and how he was able to move whilst the world stopped. He was certain, however, that he was the only one who could see her, amongst the other students.

As the bell for dismissal rang, he repeated the steps, flinging his sling bag onto his back before walking home. He decided not to put whatever he saw on his mind and wanted to continue with his normal life. That was just a minor difference from his daily life, a unique event that was possibly very rare, if not impossible, to experience.


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