Colours of Change – Chapter 2

Colours of Change – Chapter 2

It happened once more. He was walking on the streets, passing by many shop houses. His house was just a few buildings away from the shop houses. Being a quiet person, he hardly talked to people and only minded his own business while he lived his daily life. The crowded market stopped moving in an instant. What seemed to be a sea of people that were also passing by the street suddenly stopped moving. Some were prepared to land another foot on the ground, some were just about to lift their legs up, no matter what they were doing, they just stopped. The human swarm just stopped.

He could move his body freely, however, which felt weird. He suddenly felt very lonely. He was the only one out of the hundreds around the area that could move… Except for the person to his left. It was the same white dress that floated past his left. The dress brushed his shoulder and it moved ahead of him.

She did a spin after she was ahead of him, facing him and started walking backwards, following his pace. She gave her usual smile to the male that faced her, he was interesting.

That continued until he reached his house, he continued to move forward, ignoring the lady that was ahead of him. He stopped once he reached his house. Everything was still in a standstill. He realised that when such a standstill occurred, everything became greyer to signify a halt in time, and for some reason, he could understand.

Noticing the house, she understood why he was not affected. He was who she was looking for.

“Hello Kierix.” she continued to smile.

“Who…” Kierix wanted to question her but she made a spin and walked away. When he turned around, the colours around became as vibrant as before. The shadow that belonged to the lady was gone. She was no longer around the area. Leaves resumed to fall down, sound from the market could again be heard and people continued to walk, oblivious of what happened.

That was definitely not an event that could be ignored. Being close up with the person who seemed to be able to stop time, it was as if he was in a fantasy story. What was all that about? It was only a short moment, yet he was able to feel warmth radiating within when she was nearby. What was the resonance between them?

He pinched himself, then winced in pain. No, he was not in a dream. It was very realistic, it was definitely not a dream. He shook his head frantically, trying to rid himself of the fantastical scene that he just experienced. It may very well be just his hallucinations. Such things do not exist in the world, he muttered as he continued to convince himself that it was all fake, but it was painfully real.

He walked into the house, feeling very tired. A sandwich for breakfast to last him the day was not enough. He regretted not eating anything during recess. It was soon dusk. Even chopping vegetables was a hassle for him. The events he experienced during the day was kind of absurd and a little too much for him to handle, and it have somehow taken a toll on his stamina. He was tired, really tired. It was beginning to become hard to even open his eyes. He should finish whatever cooking he have to do and start eating quickly. Sleep must come immediately after.

“He seems alright, he’s still living a normal life of his own. However, he seems to be able to see me.” the lady with the white dress spoke.

She took a sat on the bridge that floated on top of the ocean. Another man followed suit.

“I said hello to him too.”

“I see, glad to hear. Do me another favour would you, scout around the area, make sure it is safe.” the man replied.

“It’s my duty ever since, isn’t it?”

“I guess you can say so. I have other things to do for now though, I have to head elsewhere. Take care, Snow.”

The conversation ended. Snow remained on the bridge, staring into the vast horizon while the man stood up and walked away. Swinging her legs on the bridge, she relished the waves that were hitting onto her bare legs. It was the same feeling from before. The previous time she saw him. It felt comfortable. She did not like to wear the white high heels that she had to wear as she travelled, so having a break from then felt great. She did not understand why she was asked to wear that when she left her parents.

It was dawn once again. The sun rose slowly, covering the land with its brightness, washing the darkness away. There was one darkness that did not observe the brightness, however. There was a creature on the floor. It was black in colour, outreaching and spreading slowly to cover his room with itself. Kierix jumped and stood on his bed as he realised there was a foreign creature in his room. That was not normal… No, that was beyond abnormal. Never had he seen such a thing, but he had a feeling that once the thing fully spread and covered his room, he would be in danger. The severity however, he had no idea.

Instinctively, he jumped off the bed, landing with a thud at the door. He was stuck. What could he do? He had no weapons and he did not know how to deal with such a creature that was unfamiliar to him. Fear was all he felt.


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