Colours of Change – Synopsis

Colours of Change – Synopsis

Throughout your life, changes occur. Some may be drastic, some may be mild. It may occur due to decisions you make, it may occur due to decisions others make or it may also occur due to time’s flow. Often, changes are what people abhor, for they desire peace and stability. However, with peace follows unrest, as change will cause the course of time to change.

This young man, aged 17, named Kierix experiences a life changing experience that is out of the world. He was abandoned by his parents and left in this world to live on his own. He was left behind only a house and a knife. At the age of 8, he was told that he had a house that was left for him to live in, and was allowed to move out of the orphanage to live a life of independence.

However, one day, instead of a normal school day that he would imagine himself experiencing, time stopped. What follows next is a series of events that resulted in a change in his course of life, placing huge responsibilities upon him. The decision, belongs with him.