Skybound – Chapter 7

Skybound Chapter 7 – Voices

A ball of light whizzed past and red lines swiftly appeared one by one, on the Were luxuphant’s trunk. Red liquid instantly turned into black blots, the skin around the lines shrivel and blackened. With every second passing, the amount of pain increased. The Were luxuphant made a sound that hurt without physical damage. Soon, it fell onto its side, flinching with every further damage. I could no longer describe it’s physical features.

“There, it’s fallen. Why did you wander out so late in the night? You shouldn’t ..” the ball of light spoke.

“Look behind us.” I interrupted her speech. A form of a lady appeared, after the glow disappeared from the ball. On two hands were daggers, no doubt made of some precious mineral; it has a colour and glow that does not fit the bill of any material I’ve ever seen. Pale complexion, long auburn hair. Not sure how one would fight without getting distracted and brutally attacked by the untied hair’s swinging about. Doesn’t look like an assassin. Then again, they don’t reveal their class, hence she would have done a pretty good job at hiding it, if we didn’t see her fighting with those daggers.

“Wereslukes? What are they doing here? They only get attracted to duel wielders… like me. Don’t tell me there’s one around here?” she cast aside the fact that I interrupted and continued.

“You want to introduce yourself before we give you any more information?” Jedidiah said instantaneously, fidgeting around, attempting to hide his guns.

“Miche. Miche Silverwing, a dual wielding assassin. Nice to meet you. I don’t belong to any group, a solo adventurer. Try too.” Miche introduced herself with a big smile.”Don’t have to hide your guns, saw it long ago!”

“Jedidiah Pierce, dual pistol user. These are my teammates. We’re an unnamed novice group. Kieris’ the leader.” Jedidiah continued grumpily”

I raised my rifle up. “Hello there, nice to meet you Miche. I’m Kieris, Kieris Borealis, a sniper as you can see. Our team consists of four, you’ve now seen three. We live around here, how about you?”

“I’m not native, came from the cities, veterens all over the place. I tend to avoid crowded places, don’t want to get unwanted attention, you see. Introduce yourself too, Shieldbearer!”

“Uh. Right. Ekahue Australis. I’m more of a support, so… I use the shield to protect myself while I tend to others.” Ekahue briefly explained about himself.

“This sounds fun. Can I join the party? I’d like to team with a dual wielder, at least I’m not alone that way!”

“Sur-” I tried to reply, but my chest suddenly became very tight. I could not stand any longer. What. Is. Going. On. I took a deep breath and hit my chest a little before standing back up.

Initiate dual sniper. Do it. 

A flash of light blinked in my room. It dimmed in an instant and flew towards me. What do I do? I can’t not show my actual abilities if this goes on. I looked around, with difficulty due to the pain still occurring. I try my best to resist the secondary sniper’s energy, yet the more I resist, the more it hurts. Jedidiah and Miche seems to be in pain too. Ekahue is just standing there, at a loss to what is happening. Moreover, where is the voice coming from?

Dual wielders are all in pain. Quickly!

“Enable.” I whispered, unable to see the rest take the pain any more.

The orb of light landed on my left hand, extending to form a second rifle in just a mere split second. A beam of light exploded from the very ground beneath and shot into the sky.

-Equipment Updated
+Clux Sniper Mk II [Left]
A replacement for the stock proxy. Suited to fit the left hand and has a bayonet fitted on the front of the barrel. Geared on the outside, when a bullet fires, the rifle is automatically cocked, so the user can continue to use it without the use of time to pull back the trigger. Ancient carvings of white as opposed to the right, blue, lined the barrel and glowed calmly.

The pair is complete. The two colours, blue and white form your aura. Blue for water and white for harmony, keeping the water together to form your aura, ice. Never separate the two.

Floating in the light beam, I’m isolated. I don’t know what the voice is telling me, but I will not risk anyone else finding out about the dual sniper. It is automatically disabled, but why is it still on my hand? I swing it onto my back before the light subsided. I fall onto the ground, everything else seems unchanged. Silence. Good sign, people in the village seems to be unaware too. Ekahue, unconscious on the floor, along with Jedidiah.

“The rest’s just fainted due to exhaustion being near the light beam. For your case… I won’t tell anyone else.” Miche gave a wink, before walking away from the scene. Did she mean the dual rifle?

Casting aside the questions in my mind, I opened Jedidiah’s houses’ door. Pipes lining the walls, heat and pressure sensors at different parts of the piping. Just like how it was when we came here before. I carried Jedidiah in and set him on his bed, letting him sleep. I managed to translocate Ekahue to his room within ten minutes. He was surprisingly light. I wonder how he’ll live without the shield.

— To be continued.

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Skybound – Chapter 6

Skybound Chapter 6 – Buffs

“Hey Kieris, what was that noise earlier?” Ekahue asked as he threw a piece of sluke meat into his mouth.

“What noise?” I replied. As nervous as I was, I tried to suppress my fears and speak calmly and innocently.

“I can’t describe the sound by words, but it sounded really soft yet swift.” Ekahue continued to elaborate.

“I must have been too busy packing my backpack to notice, didn’t notice any noise.” I lied.

“I see. Can’t help but continue to be curious!” Ekahue sighed and continued to eat.

Dinner was not delicious, but it was not as bad as I thought it to be. Sluke meat was actually edible. Being able to trick Ekahue, that’s another first. Usually, he sniffs out every single clue and uses them against me when I lie. I slowly walked towards my room to look at the loot I obtained.

“Kieris, I’ll head to bed first. We’ll be heading out after breakfast!” Ekahue shouted across the living room. I raised my arm and gestured a thumbs up to him.

Back in the room, I took out my Clux rifle again. I shifted my eyes to the annoying jumping button. To explore or not to explore? Dual sniper and Assistive sniper rifle enabled. I gave in to the curiosity. The beauty of the vibrations, the Clux rifle glowed magnificently, then lost its glow. Lines traced back and forth like before, from my left hand. At every bend, the lines glowed a little more, and the lines also produced a great amount of light. When the shape was formed, the lights died down and the proxy sniper appears once again.

As light as the proxy rifle is, I found a huge flaw in it. It was weightless. With the Clux rifle on my right arm and the proxy rifle on my left, it was hard to balance, one with a great deal of weight, one with close to none. How am I supposed to use both at once with such difficulty? Yes, it was beautiful and light, but if both rifles have different weight, how am I to use it? I’ll always be tilted to the right if so!

The proxy sniper lost its glow and shattered, just as I dropped it. As light as feather, it was still affected by gravity and fragile.

I looked out through the window and realised it was already rather late. The full moon hung high in the sky. I threw my clux rifle onto my backpack, thinking it would land without a sound, but a clang broke the silence of the night.

I bent down, about to grasp the rifle before I saw outlines everywhere. I remained contact with the rifle. Outlines of monsters showed that they surrounded the house, desperate for flesh. I dashed down the staircase and shouted for Ekahue.

“What’s happening?” Ekahue replied with a frustrated tone, confused by the sudden awakening.

“Monsters everywhere, outside our house. I see them through the sniper rifle.” I quickly explained.

“Let’s clear them up.” he spoke instantaneously.

Ekahue took his shield from his room and dashed out of the door. His fiery aura burst with light from the shield.

— Wereslukes —
Level: 12
Skills: Infect

The Weresluke were everywhere, their crimson eyes and bloodied fangs were more ferocious then their level one counterpart. Wereslukes piled on top of one another horizontally as soon as they touched the burning hot shield. I ran out of the door, following behind him to cover his back. Turning around 180 degrees, I noticed a Weresluke jumping and aiming for me. By reflex, I raised my sniper rifle and pulled the trigger, putting a bullet in its body. Not a time to rest, I immediately drew my aura, forming bullets and focusing it in the rifle. The red and silver auras shined brightly, lighting up the general area around us. Gunshots were heard repeatedly, only at most second between each shot.

“They are not dying down!” Ekahue exclaimed. His tired voice showed exhaustion of using his aura constantly.

“I think we can create a mountain with those.” I joked, but continued to be wary of the waves of Wereslukes.

We slowly moved, approaching Jed’s house as we pushed through the countless waves of Wereslukes. Ekahue shielded me from them while I attempted to wake Jedidiah up. A pair of pistols should do the trick in eliminating the waves.

The door opened, and Jedidiah appeared.

“Don’t enter!” Jedidiah shouted.

“Look outside, look at the situation.” I replied.

He pushed me aside and took a glance. Then, he continued.

“That’s bad… Never mind, I’ll come out and help you.”

He walked out of the door, holding a pair of pistols unfamiliar to me. Behind him were glowing objects, but he closed the door shut before I could observe further. He rushed out and started shooting. In seconds, the Wereslukes were eliminated.

“How in the…” Ekahue muttered, face in shock.

“Clux Pistol Mk II, for me. Got the piercing ability.” Jedidiah boasted.

-Equipment updated
–Clux Pistol Mk II–
A rusty looking yet with carvings that glowed. A mixture of ancient and current technology. Gears spun on the outside after every shot, loading the bullets before hand, providing the user with more efficiency for shooting.

The shield glowed vigorously, lights shining through from different points of the shield. The shield cracked and pieces slowly chipped off from itself. Slowly, from the bottom, the shield became dust and fell onto the ground. A glow appeared on his hand.

“Wait, what is ha-” Ekahue jumped.

Lines extended from his hand, forming and outline of a shield. The line stopped at every bent, creating a glowing point, and from there, more lines extended. Soon, the full image of the shield formed. Colours filled the shield, and it solidified.

-Equipment updated
–Clux Shield Mk II [V]–
A variation of the normal shield, taking a second branch. It has separate abilities from its normal branch but is less metallic. The borders are transparent and has carvings that glowed red.

My sniper rifle also glowed softly, this time, in a calm manner, unlike other Clux weapon upgrades. The light stopped glowing. my other hand appeared a bright glow, just like when my assistive rifle is on. I looked to the right of the Interface, it indicated that dual sniper is disabled. Lines traced the shape of the sniper rifle, but dissimilar from the assistive sniper. Is it solidifying a second sniper rifle? The lines collapsed into a ball of light, split into two. One jumped onto the Clux Sniper and the other headed straight in the direction of my room. The former merged with the rifle and exploded in the familiar silvery aura. The internal sniper shattered and another appeared in its stead.

-Equipment updated
–Clux Sniper Mk II [Right]–
An upgraded version of its previous state. Suited to fit the right hand and has an extendible butt. Geared on the outside, when a bullet fires, the rifle is automatically cocked, so the user can continue to use it without the use of time to pull back the trigger. Ancient carvings lined the barrel and glowed calmly.

Right? There must be another one with the label left then?

Thud. Thud. Thud.

“Now all our weapons are upgraded, we should be able to head deeper into the forest… right?” Ekahue smiled.

Thud. Thud. Thud.

“Do you hear that?” Jedidiah said.

Thud. Thud. Thud. I followed the direction of the sound and turned.

“Over there!” I shouted.

— Were Luxuphant —
Level: 30
Skills: Infect, Upwards thrust & Luxium Resonance

— To be continued.

Skybound – Chapter 5

Skybound Chapter 5 – Larps and Proxy

“Why?” Ekahue shouted as he panted, yet continued to run.

“I… will explain later,” I paused to catch my breath, “No time to explain!” I twisted my head just to catch a glimpse of what was was our predators. There was a group of them, running on twos like us human, and holding what seemed to me as crossbows. The crossbows glowed with a explosive blue aura, possibly possessing the element [Water].

Assessing the situation, I realised a few things. Ekahue’s element, [Fire], is weak against the Larps’ element, [Water], thus Ekahue would most likely not able to use his element, but what if he could find a way to deactivate the blue aura with his ability? Jedidiah’s element, [Lightning] is definitely a catalyst which would greatly increase the damage of the blue aura users, yet also harm them. Probably a good idea to stay far away and avoid getting hit by any bolts if Jedidiah were to ,activate the aura. In my head, I started to strategise with the pros and cons we had as we ran.

-Information Updated
Level : 12
Skills : Water Cycle, Extinguish

“HEY! They have water coating for their ammo too! That’s unfair!” Ekahue ranted.

I looked back to confirm, there was a blue tube sitting on the crossbow, linking to the riser. Right after I turned back, a bolt was shot one centimetre to the left of my head. That was definitely lucky. The terrain started to differ as we furthered the jungle, the trees started to lessen, the land became flatter, with lesser obstacles. It was a good place to start the battle after a long run. The Larps detected our decrease in speed and slowed down as well.

Surprisingly, after the long run, Bel hasn’t panted a bit. She took out her canteen, started drinking, and just calmly took out her hammer. I followed suit, drank water from my canteen and armed myself with my sniper rifle.

“Do NOT attack until I say so, Jedidiah and Kieris.” Bel commandeered and as she dashed, she started bursting with the grey aura, which enveloped her in a gust of wind, deflecting all bolts and redirecting them somewhere else. As she headed closer to the group of five Larps, her hammer disappeared out of the blue and then she went fighting unarmed with one of the Larps. She scooped the Larp up and slammed him down onto the floor, then she stretched her hand up in the air, grabbed her hammer, and struck the Larp in the chest, which instantly eliminated one target for us.

“NOW!” Bel shouted as she dodged out of our aiming range. We started sending a barrage of bullets into the Larps. When we were just out of ammunition and was about to reload them, Ekahue took out his shield and guarded us. The fiery red aura, although nearly extinguished with the water coating of the bullets, provided us enough time to reload, and as we were done, Ekahue went behind us and allowed us to continue shooting.

“Switch!” I shouted. Jedidiah and I instantly went behind Ekahue’s cover to allow Bel to continue her rampage. The group of Larps were almost eliminated. With the final swing of the hammer, and with the boost of wind, the whole group was taken out.

“Nice synchronisation there. And wow, you’re strong, Bel.” Jed admired.

“Well, I am a powerhouse after all.” Bel attempted to show off.

“Well, that’s just great! It’s so gonna help when you face a [Guardian] or [God] rank monster,” teased Ekahue.

Bel rolled her eyeballs and looked away. I ran towards the corpse and started to loot what is useful to us. As I scanned the scales of the Larps, I realised that our bullets were not strong against them, and was definitely not what defeated them. It was the hammer which damaged the flesh using the impact of the hammer. I turned and looked at Bel. Something caught my attention.

“Bel, the hammer!” I alerted her. Everyone diverted their attention to Isabel’s hammer. She reached her hands behind her back and loosened the grip of the leather sheath which was holding onto the hammer and stopping it from falling, and pulled the hammer out. It was glowing violently, not because of the ability of Clux. Clux only provided a calm glow. As soon as she touched the hammer head, particles exploded out of the hammer, only to leave a totally unfamiliar hammer.

-Equipment updated
–Clux Hammer Mk II—
A better and stronger hammer, with ancient word carvings on it. It may seem older and more ancient than its previous state, but it unlocks many more abilities for the user to discover.

“Ah, it’s so amazing, seeing a weapon evolve. My first, at that too.” Bel said, enthralled by the Hammer’s beauty.

“Time to catch up, no?” I turned to face the guys.

Jedidiah and Ekahue nodded their heads.

-Loot updated
–Larps flesh– x10
Remains fresh for a long period of time with the residue of water aura coating it. Good ingredient for cooking, but comes in small quantity.
–Larps scale– x5
Keeps the body of the larps moist constantly with the ability of the scales. Is bullet resistant. Material for armours, and ingredient for facial products.

–Location Update – Burningwood Village

“Ah, after a long trip, finally back at home!” I exclaimed.

“Don’t forget your task, Jedidiah. Make us some good equipment with the Luxium Crystals and Larps scales alright?” Bel reminded.

“Alright, alright. By the way, where’s Ekahue?” Jedidiah questioned.

Instantly, we fixed our gazes at something running about, holding the Luxuphant meat in the far distance.

“Always distracted. Well, let’s rest for the day before heading out again into the forest again!” Bel murmured before dashing off to her house.

“Alright, see you tomorrow, Jedidiah.” I waved and bid him good bye.

Dashing through the fields of green and avoiding the cows that were grazing in the pastures, I finally reached my house. At the doorstep, I was able to smell a fragrant smell of meat. I really hoped Ekahue didn’t cook the rare succulent Luxuphant meat this fast… I gripped onto the doorknob, twisted it, opened the door and dashed into the kitchen, about to scream in his face hundred reasons why he should not have used the Luxuphant meat.

“Don’t worry, I’m just cooking the Sluke meat. Not going to waste such good food now am I?” He instantly predicted what I was about to question him about and replied with such accuracy.

“Good.” I replied and slowly walked up to my room. I put my backpack on the floor, and took a look at the delicate Clux Sniper on my hand. I wonder, what do I do when the time comes when I require double sniper? How would I get another sniper rifle without my partners noticing? Knowing Ekahue was down on the first floor cooking the food, he would not head to my room unless there was an issue of utmost urgency. My curiosity got the better of me and the annoyance of the button jumping did not help at all. I gave in to my curiosity and enabled Dual sniper.

Another rectangle appeared. Enable assistive sniper rifle? Yes. The Clux sniper on my hand instantly vibrated vigorously, not vigorous enough to alert Ekahue fortunately. On my left hand formed appeared a line, then another, and another. It all started extending, bending around corners and started to form an outline of something familiar. A sniper rifle. What in the world… A proxy secondary sniper? The proxy rifle was not opaque, but translucent. It was weightless, and was easy to control.

The sound of someone walking on the steps was heard all of a sudden. What do I do? In a panic, I disabled Dual Sniper and reenabled Sniper. The proxy sniper disappeared in an instant, and at the same moment, the door opened. I heaved a sigh of relief and wiped the perspiration off my forehead. That was stressful.

“Let’s get eating shall we?” Ekahue asked.

— To be continued.

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Skybound – Chapter 4

Skybound Chapter 4 – New beginning

“I’m fine, don’t worry about me. Deal with that Luxuphant!” Ekahue stood up and took out his shield, running forward. The shield exploded with the colour red, his Aura. The red colour signified that his element is Fire. He dashed forward, touching the Luxuphant with his shield. The Luxuphant’s arm turned hot red, as if it was burnt.

– Ekahue
New skill
+ Scorching Shield
Burns the enemy when in contact with the shield

“Okay, let’s go!” I shouted. I took out my Clux Sniper Rifle, and focused. I imagined the shaping of my white aura, shaping it into bullets and filling the sniper rifle. The sniper rifle glowed with a silvery aura and the temperature around lowered. After that, I held the sniper rifle, held my breath, aimed at the Luxuphant’s arm, and pressed the trigger. The bullet hit its arm, and severely damaged it, preventing it from standing upright.

New skill
+Glacial Shot
Launches a bullet with a very cold temperature.

Jedidiah took out the two Clux pistols, holding it on both hands, and loaded it with ammunition created with his aura. His pistols glowed with a very bright yellow. Clouds started forming in the skies above, and as he pulled the trigger, the bullets left a deadly trail of lightning. The bullets hit the Luxuphant, and the Luxuphant collapsed, sending a shockwave outwards.

New skill
+Lightning Shots
Within a certain timeframe, all bullets will have the ability to stun in addition to the damage of every bullet. The bullets also leave a trail of lightning which damages anything that touches the trail.

Before Bel could take out her hammer, our weapons started to glow, not in the colour of our own aura, but purple in colour. The Luxuphant’s tusks also glowed brightly, and it started to stand slowly. The effects of the damage we dealt to it was slowly disappearing as it lifted itself off the ground. Slowly, we became a little fatigued as it continued to heal. It was the effects of the Luxium Resonance. It pulls energy from us through the Luxium Crystals and absorbed it to heal. As I slowly realised what was happening, I stopped the input of aura towards my rifle, which caused it to stop glowing in purple, as if it was dead.

“Stop the input of aura into your weapons! Its using the crystals to channel the energy!” I shouted. However, without the input of aura, abilities and ammunition can’t be produced, but melee weapons can still damage.

“I see. Ekahue and I should take this chance to distract it from using its ability, and when it stops channelling energy, go on and shoot him down, Jed and Kieris.” Bel assessed the situation. She dashed forward with her hammer, which was glowing bright grey, and started pummeling the Luxuphant’s tusks, preventing it from using the ability. The trees around us started to sway a little due to her aura, which allowed her to move easily with the wind. Ekahue took its shield and threw it at the Luxuphant like a boomerang. It flew, grazed the Luxuphant’s forehead and flew back to Ekahue, and he grabbed the shield, preparing for another shot.

New skill
+Wind Dance
As long as the skill is activated, the user will have little to no air resistance, reducing the amount of energy required for every movement.

Grabbing the chance, I started to reload my rifle with my aura, also aiming at the Luxuphant. It was busy, trying to swat Bel, yet she was nimble, dodging every attack from the Luxuphant with her lightning reflexes, along with help from her skill. I held my rifle, held my breath, and aimed at the Luxuphant’s head, wanting to land a headshot. Without a second thought, I pulled the trigger and watched as my bullet pierce its head, killing it. The Interface removed the Luxuphant’s health indicator, which told us that it was dead.

In no time at all, Isabel dashed to its tusks and started to harvest the crystals, yet was unable to do so.

“Isabel, I’m the miner here, let me do the job.” I told Bel, and took out the diamond tipped chisel I had used for removing useful minerals from stone since I was seven. As I started to carve the Luxium crystals out of the tusks, Ekahue went ahead to obtain the parts of the Luxuphant which was edible after being cooked. Jed continued on to explore the Interface, which showed us that we have been promoted from Level 1 to Level 5, due to killing a Level 10 Luxuphant. I momentarily paused to wonder what the levels meant and what would we gain from it, but continued to obtain the Luxium crystals.

“Today’s spoils in total, thirty Luxium Crystal shards, could possibly use it for many more equipment, a large piece of Luxuphant meat, should last us quite awhile, and gigantic tusks… What can we use it for?” I explained the loots we obtained from today.

“These tusks… Much better than the rest. Allows you to grow crystals in it, and even, make gears with it. If you imbue the Luxuphant Gears with the Luxium Crystals, they make good gears for machinery, rarely any gear slips. ” Bel answered my query with her expertise in engineering. After much debate on what we should do with the remaining bones, we decided to let it decompose, to become fertilisers for these Petch trees.

Thirty minutes after, we started to head deeper into the forest, being complacent of our abilities. Fortunately, after a twenty minutes walk, there was no sight of any creatures. We were deep into the forest, fleeing back to Burningwood Village was no longer an option. There were many flora in the area, unknown to me, yet beautiful. Vines extended downwards, from the canopies of the trees high up above ground. Remembering what Jed mentioned about my Sniper Rifle, I took it out and used it to scan the area of any hostile creatures that were hiding. Then, I realised something. We was ambushed, not from ground, but from the sky. The canopies of the trees around us had highlights on them, revealing hiding hostile creatures.

“Crap. Run, trust me!” I shouted to my group members while we were about to be killed by many unknown creatures.

Level: 12
Skills: ?

— To be continued.

Skybound – Chapter 3

Skybound Chapter 3 – Adventure begins!

Dad has always been the one who taught me how to use a sniper rifle, but now he’s away and cannot help me. How am I supposed to wield two of them at once…?

“Wake up, Kieris! You have been chanting the words ‘Sniper rifle’ for about thirty minutes already!”

“Who.. are you?” I rubbed my eyes as I sat upright on my bed. Ekahue was sitting on the chair beside my bed.

“Oh its you.” I became sober.

“Well, glad you recognise me. Go on and wash up, today’s a big day!” Ekahue cheered.

Big day… That could only meant that we were heading out on this very day. Darn, I haven’t complete packing my backpack yet! I hastily packed my backpack and ran down to the living room, where breakfast was laid out on the dining table. Ekahue has always helped us prepare food. Every time I watch him make breakfast, it was as if his cooking ingredient listened to him, played well together and turned into good dishes just for him.

“Are you ready? We should leave now, Jedidiah came to me earlier and said our weapons were ready and we should head out to collect our weapons at his house. Then, we should also wake Isabel.” Ekahue surprised me from behind.

“Oh yeah. I almost forgotten that she always oversleeps. Well, I am ready, so let’s head out!” I replied.

Opening the door, I prepared myself from any sort of surprise attack from the monsters. Usually there are monsters ready to ambush you outside your door. Taking out a wooden sword, I opened the door and ran out, with Ekahue following behind.

A creature, also called Sluke, with a dog-like head and a snake-like body slithered towards me, attempting to attack me. Being experienced in dealing with it, I held my sword and slashed downwards, knowing it would jump. The interface displayed data I have never seen before, perhaps due to the fact I have never fought one since the interface appeared.

Level : 1
Skills : NIL

It displayed only very little information, but was enough to tell me I was weak. A second later, the Sluke split into two and it fell onto the ground.

“Good ingredient. I think I could make good food with it,” Ekahue picked up the two halves of the Sluke with a smile on his face.

After the encounter with a Sluke, there were no more encounters of monsters. We continued the walk and headed up the mountain to Jedidiah’s house. It looked completely different from the outside. From the outside, it looked just like a normal house, yet in the inside, there was a boiler, steam engines, furnaces and molds. Tubes were everywhere, channeling steam and water to different location, fulfilling the needs of every machine in the house.

“Welcome guys, your weapons are ready!” Jedidiah said, proud of his creation. The weapons greeted us with its glow. They look wonderful. I went ahead, and picked up the sniper rifle. It was marvelous, every part of it delicately made.

“Also, Kieris, I only realised this when I made your sniper rifle. When the sniper rifle was made, it has glowed very brightly, which only meant that there was a unique ability, which was an ability that highlights enemies that are hiding.” Jedidiah continued.

“That’s not fair, why doesn’t my shield have a special ability?” Ekahue whined.

“That is because you weren’t lucky enough. Now stop whining and let’s go wake Bel up.” Jedidiah retorted.

I picked up Bel’s hammer from the table and admired its beauty. I didn’t expect Jedidiah to be so good at smithery. After that, we waited for Jedidiah to finish his preparations, before we headed out. While waiting, I tried drawing my aura and solidifying it, as I was taught by my dad before he went out for work. He was a strong sniper, the one who taught me how to shoot. Drawing my aura was easy, yet tiring, but I wasn’t able to solidify it to form a bullet.

“Let’s go, Kieris!” Ekahue shouted to me. I guess forming ammunition will be for another day. We headed down the hill, heading east. Isabel’s house was very close to the forest we would be exploring. We knocked on the door and prepared ourselves to hear her yawning as per usual.

“Hey guys!” Bel shouted from behind. Surprisingly, she wasn’t asleep, but already well prepared. Wearing a sleeveless blouse and checkered skirt, she looked elegant. She prepared another wrench in case she had to do anything mechanical. I hid the Clux Hammer, wanting to surprise her.

“Pass me the Clux Hammer and stop hiding it from me. I saw you hiding it before you even arrived.”

“Man, you really saw through me, spoiling all the fun. What made you so attentive to what I had done?” I asked.

“Well, excitement! I wanted to see my Clux Hammer,” she stared at me, then I passed the Hammer reluctantly to her, “but it seems to be wonderfully made. I wonder how much damage I could deal to you, maybe knock you out with this?” Bel stared at me.

“Knock it out you guys. Can we head out already? I can’t wait to see how much damage I can deal to those creatures in the forest. With this shield, I think I can face anything!” Ekahue exclaimed.

Without much thought, Ekahue dashed into the dense forest. Being so close to the forest, I finally got to admire its magnificence. Towering Petch trees with dense canopy overshadowed me, making me feel small. Many creatures live in the forest, ranging from tamable flying pigs to Parskes which have  sharp teeths, small heads and swims very fast, making them deadly.

Suddenly, Ekahue flew out of the forest, and face-planted onto the ground, and behind him came a gargantuan elephant with Luxium Crystal lining its tusks.

Level : 10
Skills: Upwards thrust & Luxium Resonance

To be continued.

Skybound – Chapter 2

Skybound Chapter 2 – Preparation

There are many ways to train, but who knows which is efficient? Training is just one way to get stronger and raise your level, but there are many methods of training.

“Training can wait, Jed.” Bel countered, and broke of my trail of thoughts.

“Why?” Jed asked.

“I have something for you to do. I have some materials here, make us some weapons. Armours can wait.”

“What materials do you have, Bel? Tritonium? Living shards?”

“Go to hell, I’m not that rich for those materials. I have some Luxium. I know they are not much, but you can make fancy stuff with that. I’ll give you some copper too, steam-powered weapons are nice.” Luxium is a crystal that illuminates without the need of any energy and copper is known to be good for handling steam. Copper weapons are not the strongest weapons, but when fused with Luxium, it produces a very good alloy called Clux that glows, and is also strong. Clux also has the properties of both Luxium and Copper.

“I see. I’ll make beautiful weapons for you guys. Do you have any mold that I can use or do I have to…”

“Damn it, don’t ignore us… we’re still here! Anyway, Clux weapons are not bad, and I have some Nixin, which is an insulant for the grips, don’t want to get burnt just by wielding the weapons do we?” Ekahue shouted.

“I’m sorry, Ekahue and Kieris, didn’t mean to separate the wheat from the chaff… Just wanted to get everything done. But, Jed, I don’t have a mold, though that would be better than having a mold. You can personalise the weapons for each of us right?” Bel continued.

“Yes Ma’am! Hammer for you, sniper rifle for Kieris, sword and shield for Ekahue and dual pistols for me,” he studied our shocked faces and continued, “Yes, I am a dual wielder who uses pistols.”

Jealousy was on all our faces, getting to be a dual wielder is very rare, but at the same time is dangerous. If you’re known to be a dual wielder, people will try anything to obtain you, anything. And thus, they don’t reveal themselves to just anyone. Well, a dual wielder has a more interesting life.

After Ekahue and Bel passed the materials to Jed, we parted ways.

Night has fell and it was dangerous for us to be out. Monsters are more aggressive at night and are even more daring. They even dare to enter the village and thus we cannot remain outside at night.

Our village is called Burningwood. The name comes from the trees we have here which are called Petch. They last very long and is a great source for fuel. Since Ekahue’s parents are not in Burningwood, he had to live with me, in my house.

“We’re back, Mum!”

“Welcome back, Kieris and Ekahue!” My mother welcomed us home. Father had been out for work for a long time, so we were used to being alone. She works as a seamstress and most of the villager’s clothing are made by her. I wondered what would happen when we venture into the wilderness and leave her alone at home… The thought alone made me want to cry, I sincerely hope she can cope being alone.

We took off our shoes and ran upwards to our room.

“You know how Jed is famous for finishing his smithery in a day? Yeah. Prepare your items for the adventure because we’re heading out into the wilderness tomorrow. I told Bel to prepare too, so let’s just hope she wakes up on time.” Laughter filled the room. We were imagining how Bel can wake up with the hair strewn over the place, making her look like a ghost, but that was not what made us shudder. The thought of her chasing us with her hammer did though. Never would want to anger her. After that, we rushed to complete our preparations.

“Well, let’s just take a nap and prepare for tomorrow. Don’t want to wake up being very tired and have no stamina to run and explore.” I smiled.

I switched off the lights and something popped up at the side of my view, a rectangle was jumping. Enable Dual Sniper?

— To be continued.

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Skybound – Chapter 1

Skybound Chapter 1 – The new technology

“Hey, Kieris! Did you hear about the first airships? They are so awesome, floating in the skies and stuff!” Ekahue shouted, attempting to tell me the news. Unfortunately, I was paying attention on the news and had just read about it on the newspaper, telling me how it all worked, and thus did not hear him.

“KIERIS!” Ekahue took away the newspaper and shouted in my face. “WHAT?” I replied, angrily due to him taking away the newspaper.

His eyes shifted along the first line of the article. “Oh it seems like you have read about it.  Never mind then. You want get Isabel to make something like that with us? As you know, she is a professional engineer, she is very likely to be interested in doing that. You are a sniper and your side profession is mining, and I’m a tank. So, venturing into tough locations is easy stuff.” He seemed excited about it, but he was right, looking at my sniping level, I could probably deal some damage while he tanked the damage from the monsters for me.

“Well, why not. I’d like to get to higher levels on my sniping skills. I bet Isabel would like this thing, she always tries to make something complicated but never has enough materials. She would be glad to make stuff with enough materials for once. Could also get Jedidiah to help us, since he is a Smith who can help us make stronger weapons, who knows his potential?” I agreed as I readied my rifle, showing that I was ready.

In this world, we have no shops to sell ammunition, but the shops or smiths sell coatings. Bullets are not made by Smith or any weaponry, but gunners have the natural ability to create rounds out of “Aura”. Basically, all humans have their own ability , some are snipers, some are tanks, some are  bladers, and even rarer, some are dual wielders, who have the ability to wield two of a single type of weapon, depending on what they are firstly trained with. Dual wielders get to choose their weapon of choice unlike others. All our abilities are born at puberty, which they get notified with their Aura.

The notification system tells the human what their ability is and they can only use that ability, and not anything else, meaning, a human with the sniper skill can never forge weapons. People with abilities to use guns can create their ammunition with their own Aura and different auras create ammunition of different elements, but that aura can only create a single element, and thus coating is created. Coating allows additional element, but weaker damage with that element. Of course, the basic element is strongest.

Professions are also random, so if you are a Smith but do not have a harvesting profession, its a pity such that you have to rely on others to obtain materials for you or buy from shops. For me, I have the mining profession, which can be used to harvest material rocks or crystals for smiths to create tools, for engineers to create contraptions. For Ekahue, he have the Chef profession. He can make food out of any type of edible ingredient, and depending on the quality on the ingredient, the taste and effects of the food differs.

“Isabel! Have you heard the news?” Ekahue shouted as we reached her house. The door was opened not long after and Isabel came out, then yawned. She seemed as if she just woke up, but awaken by Ekahue.

“Oh hello, Ekahue and Kieris… What news should I know of, Ekahue?” she greeted us.

“The first airship have been created and they told us of how it works! I think you can try to remake it and make it even better, right?” Ekahue asked excitedly.

Isabel’s ears twitched a bit as she payed attention to what Ekahue was saying, apparently very interested in news related to contraptions. “Well, that seems interesting, but hard to do. Materials of that quality are hard to come by. Gears, Engines, well they are pretty expensive to make. I don’t think that just you,” Isabel looked at me, “can obtain the materials required. There are other materials that a miner cant get.” My excitement ceased a little, hearing that we require another type of harvester. “Do you know Jed’s ability?” she asked. Not knowing much about Jedidiah, we shook our heads.

“All we know is that Jed’s a smith, could probably make tools for you to build with, high quality tools, more efficient and stuff.” I answered, calmly. “That is good, to a certain extent. In conclusion, to make a good ship, we need high quality tools and materials, and to get high quality materials, it seems like we have to venture deep into the wilderness, but I don’t think we are of high enough caliber to venture such deep locations.”

“Then the first thing to do is… Train!” A voice came a distance.

— To be continued.