Journal Entry #3

Kieris’ Journal – Entry #3

Unexpected. This is highly unusual. Now I have two rifles that I have to carry on my hand. Ekahue is currently sleeping soundly, so it’s fine for me to experiment.

Firstly, how do I integrate it? Sniper rifles are meant to be a one shot wonder, with an extensive range, and a destructive power, but now with two, how would it work out? One with a retractible bayonet, the other with a extendible butt. What is it trying to tell me?

Secondly, how am I going to hide the fact tha- what is this? The whole of the second rifle can be folded into a small compartment! That’s no longer an issue then! I have to be extra careful though, even with a smaller size, it is possible for them to find out. I should not let any one else know that am also a dual wielder.

Lastly, who is that voice…? Guide me on, whoever you are.

Journal, that is all.


7th April, 199


Journal Entry #2

Kieris’ Journal – Entry #2

Today, I’ve learn a lot from the battle with the Larps. Each aura has unique properties which will affect the user when activated. Bullet s are ineffective against Larps… why? If only I could be the one dealing the most damage… Maybe the Lux sniper rifle would evolve, like Bel’s hammer? Hmm. Tons of loot from the Larps, and we’re all at Level 9. That was great improvement, no?

Proxy Sniper, how am I supposed to carry you and the Lux sniper at the same time? One thing I noticed however, the Lux sniper was lighter when the proxy sniper formed, and it was easy to lift both up… I might have to work on coordination of both hands if I were to use the dual sniper in future… I wonder if the Proxy sniper has a restriction?

Ah well, I’ll continue to keep the news of the dual sniper to myself. Don’t want to capture that much attention. Proxy sniper, we will meet again when the time is right.

Journal, that is all.


3rd April, 199

Journal Entry #1

Kieris’ Journal – Entry #1

It has been a day since the interface appeared. Guess I’m old enough! The colour of my Aura… Its the same as my favourite colour, white. Guess I’m gonna have the healing/sky element. Ability… I really like this, it says Dual Sniper. Being a dual wielder makes things a whole lot different, and furthermore people would do anything to get you on their team, so it is very dangerous. And how the hell am I supposed to wield two sniper rifles at the same time…?

But what makes me wonder is why there is another option under Dual Sniper. It is called “Sniper”. Whenever I remain in that mode for more than an hour, a pop up starts jumping non-stop with the message: “Enable Dual Sniper?”. I don’t know what that means, but I hope it does not have any negative impact on me. Just gonna keep “Sniper” on, not going to reveal anything about my dual wielding abilities.

Well, I’m just not going to tell the rest about it, in case anything happens to me. Don’t want people chasing after me to force me to join them, do I? I wonder if others’ abilities have been unlocked yet and if so, what are they??

Well, that is all, journal.


32nd March, 199