Skybound : Character Profiles


In the team –

-Rabbit/Kieris Borealis
He is the main character and he is called rabbit for a tool he made with the help of Jedidiah.
Ability -> Sniper
(Uses an accurate and lethal rifle)
Profession -> Mining
Aura -> Silver
Element -> Ice
Lives down the hill, far west of Burningwood Village.

-Ekahue Australis
He is one of the people in the team and he is one of Kieris’s good friend.
Ability -> Tank
(Able to take damage, has high health and has a big shield to defend.)
Profession -> Chef
Aura -> Red
Element -> Fire
Lives with Kieris.

The one who makes technology that no one does. She is an engineer which helps Rabbit and Ekahue in the team greatly
Ability -> Powerhouse
(Uses Hammer to deal great damage but has long cooldown)
Profession -> Engineer
Aura -> Grey
Element -> Wind
Lives down the hill, far east of Burningwood Village, beside the forest.

-Jedidiah Pierce
Famous for finishing smithery in just a day
Ability -> Dual pistols
Profession -> Blacksmith
Aura -> Yellow
Element -> Lightning
Lives in a house uphill Burningwood Village

-Miche Silverwing
Ability -> Assassin
(High speed dual dagger)
Profession -> [REDACTED]
Aura -> [REDACTED]
Element -> [REDACTED]

Not in the team-

-Mother, also known as [REDACTED]
Stays with Kieris and Ekahue
Ability -> [REDACTED]
Profession -> Seamstress
Aura -> [REDACTED]
Element -> [REDACTED]

-Father, also known as [REDACTED]
Working away
Ability -> Sniper
Profession -> [REDACTED]
Aura -> [REDACTED]
Element -> [REDACTED]


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