Skybound : Encyclopedia



– Luxium (Glowing Crystal, for illuminating effects)

– Copper (Good metal for handling steam)

– Clux (A good alloy that glows and is also strong. Has properties of both Luxium and Copper)
Luxium is a crystal that illuminates without the need of any energy and copper is known to be good for handling steam. Copper weapons are not the strongest weapons, but when fused with Luxium, it produces a very good alloy called Clux that glows, and is also strong. Clux also has the properties of both Luxium and Copper.

– Tritonium (Ultra Rare Metal)

– Living Shards (Ultra Rare Crystals)

– Nixin (Rubber like substance, insulant)

– Petchwood (A type of wood that burns for a long time, great source of fuel.)
Our village is called Burningwood. The name comes from the trees we have here which are called Petch. They last very long and is a great source for fuel. Since Ekahue’s parents are not in Burningwood, he had to live with me, in my house. 

– Sluke body (Ingredient for food, common food)

– Luxuphant meat (Ingredient for food, rare food)
“Today’s spoils in total, thirty Luxium Crystal shards, could possibly use it for many more equipment, a large piece of Luxuphant meat, should last us quite awhile, and gigantic tusks… What can we use it for?” I explained the loots we obtained from today.

– Luxuphant Tusks
“These tusks… Much better than the rest. Allows you to grow crystals in it, and even, make gears with it. If you imbue the Luxuphant Gears with the Luxium Crystals, they make good gears for machinery, rarely any gear slips. “

– Larps Flesh (Ingredient for food, uncommon food)
Remains fresh for a long period of time with the residue of water aura coating it. Good ingredient for cooking, but comes in small quantity.

– Larps Scale (Material for armour)
Keeps the body of the larps moist constantly with the ability of the scales. Is bullet resistant. Material for armours, and ingredient for facial products.


– Sluke
A creature, also called Sluke, with a dog-like head and a snake-like body slithered towards me, attempting to attack me. Being experienced in dealing with it, I held my sword and slashed downwards, knowing it would jump. The interface displayed data I have never seen before, perhaps due to the fact I have never fought one since the interface appeared. 

Level : 1
Skills : NIL
Drops: Sluke Body

– Weresluke
The Weresluke were everywhere, their crimson eyes and bloodied fangs were more ferocious then their level one counterpart.

— Wereslukes —
Level: 12
Skills: Infect

– Parske
Parskes which have  sharp teeths, small heads and swims very fast, making them deadly.

Level : ?
Skills : ?

– Luxuphant
Suddenly, Ekahue flew out of the forest, and face-planted onto the ground, and behind him came a gargantuan elephant with Luxium Crystal lining its tusks. 

Level : 10
Skills: Upwards thrust & Luxium Resonance
Drops: Luxium Crystals, Luxuphant Meat, Luxuphant Tusks

– Were Luxuphant
Thud. Thud. Thud. “Do you hear that?” Jedidiah said. Thud. Thud. Thud. I followed the direction of the sound and turned. “Over there!” I shouted.

— Were Luxuphant —
Level: 30
Skills: Infect, Upwards thrust & Luxium Resonance

– Larps
“I… will explain later,” I paused to catch my breath, “No time to explain!” I twisted my head just to catch a glimpse of what was was our predators. There was a group of them, running on twos like us human, and holding what seemed to me as crossbows. The crossbows glowed with a explosive blue aura, possibly possessing the element [Water].

Skills: Water Cycle, Extinguish
Inventory: Water Coating


-Clux weapons
+Clux Hammer Mk II
A better and stronger hammer, with ancient word carvings on it. It may seem older and more ancient than its previous state, but it unlocks many more abilities for the user to discover.
Obtained by leveling up the Clux hammer to its max level.

+Clux Pistol Mk II
A rusty looking yet with carvings that glowed. A mixture of ancient and current technology. Gears spun on the outside after every shot, loading the bullets before hand, providing the user with more efficiency for shooting.

+Clux Shield Mk II [V]
A variation of the normal shield, taking a second branch. It has separate abilities from its normal branch but is less metallic. The borders are transparent and has carvings that glowed red.

+Clux Sniper Mk II [Right]
An upgraded version of its previous state. Suited to fit the right hand and has an extendible butt. Geared on the outside, when a bullet fires, the rifle is automatically cocked, so the user can continue to use it without the use of time to pull back the trigger. Blue ancient carvings lined the barrel and glowed calmly.

+Clux Sniper Mk II [Left]
A replacement for the stock proxy. Suited to fit the left hand and has a bayonet fitted on the front of the barrel. Geared on the outside, when a bullet fires, the rifle is automatically cocked, so the user can continue to use it without the use of time to pull back the trigger. Ancient carvings of white as opposed to the right, blue, lined the barrel and glowed calmly.

-Proxy weapons
+Proxy Sniper
Formed on the left hand, after lines draw out its outline. Weightless and translucent. Uses only aura bullets. Only available while Dual Sniper is enabled.


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