Colours of Change – Chapter 3

Colour of Change – Chapter 3

Snow stopped swinging her legs.

“He’s in trouble.” Snow muttered to herself as she detected fluctuations around the house. Things were becoming abnormal around the general vicinity. Such occurrences should not happen when she was watching. She felt that she was neglecting her duties, allowing such a weak creature to get near.

The Pandora’s Box is a creature from the darkness, and when neglected, it will expand and spew out its seemingly never ending contents, enveloping an enclosed location that is not exposed to the sun with it, hence the name Pandora’s Box. Similar to the tales that the older generations would tell their children, the Pandora’s Box when opened would cause havoc. However, it is able to walk and open on its own. What follows once the location is enveloped with the black goo is that the Pandora’s Box would crumble into dust, releasing its magic to the black goo, causing to solidify rapidly, and trap everything inside within. It is a lethal threat if there is no means to deal with it.

Knowing that fact, Snow bit her lips, annoyed at herself for being so careless. She should have been able to detect it, at least the presence of a non-human creature, even if she had a great distance in between her and the creature. She was still located at the bridge, bare-footed. Putting on her high heels swiftly, she thought that she had best hurry. She took a deep breath and immediately disappeared into thin air.

Kierix remembered. There was something else that was left for him besides the house and the furnitures that was in the house. He instinctively knew that it could help him out. What was it again? The door suddenly closed on him. He turned around and took a glance. The door was covered in black goo. Since he was unable to exit the room, to look for the thing outside was no longer an option. Could it be under his bed? He instantly bent down over, to check for it. That could be his last hope.

It glowed. As if he was meant to be saved, a miracle happened. The object that was left for him glowed brightly, allowing vision under the bed. Even the goo avoided it and made a path around it, not covering any area within ten centimetres of the object. It was a knife, made of an unknown object that was seemingly transparent. No need to think, he knew that the knife could eradicate the creature that created all these goo.He stretched out, trying his best to avoid any part of his body from touching the goo. He was afraid of what the goo might do, perhaps corrode him as they make contact? His hand fell short of a few more centimetres before he could make contact with the knife. He tried harder to reach it, pushing is body deeper, whilst stretching his fingers. As soon as he stretched his fingers, his hand was like a magnet, pulling the knife towards him.

The knife slowly dragged on the ground, before floating and landing on his palm, allowing him to have a good grip on it. He retracted his arms from beneath his bed, and as the knife was transported, the goo below it burned and nothing was left behind. However, the burning did not spread, making it harder for him to deal with the goo. He raised his head up and was shocked at what he saw. The room was almost covered. He knew the result was nothing good. He had no time to waste, he aimed at the Pandora’s Box and threw the knife at it. As soon as the knife was about to land and probably cut through the box, it bounced off, and fell on the ground. The box remained unharmed but the goo around the knife burned and disappeared.

“How could this be…” he muttered. With that, he concluded that he could not remove the box’s existence. He had no ability to do so. He took a deep breath to contain his annoyance. That was so unfair. He thought he had it right there, but it just did not work. He looked around once more. The box had covered every part of the room except for the area around the knife. He heaved a sigh of relief. As long as the knife prevented the last part of the room from being covered with goo, he should be fine, he thought.

The box shook. It started off gentle, vibrating slowly, before starting to rock left and right, shaking non-stop. Once the show ended, the lid started disintegrating. How could this happen. Perhaps the box knew that it was impossible to continue expanding its coverage? He continued to analyse the situation, whilst rooted to the ground. The container was disintegrating now. He felt uneasy. It was not a feeling that he recognised, but it just felt uncomfortable. He wanted to escape the room desperately. It was as if his body itself was violently rejecting what was about to happen.

“I’m near… Please be fine…” Snow muttered as she continued to move towards their location. She was very close. If she got there on time before Kierix was consumed, she would be able to get him out alive without harm. Such creatures were no match for her. She could definitely see something black blocking light from escaping the room, even from afar. The room seemed like it was about to be covered completely. She could, however, still detect Kierix’s presence, which signalled to her that she still had time. She just had to move fast before anything else happens.

She landed at the balcony, right outside of the window. Right after turning the knob, she opened the window, allowing her access to the goo as well as access to the interior. The goo was slowly hardening, never a good sign. The surrounding temperature dropped abruptly. Her right hand reduced greatly in temperature and turned white at the same time, matching her outfit. She stretched her arm, to let her index finger reach the goo. Instantaneously, the goo had a layer of white in a fifty centimetre radius around the location she touched. It froze. Swapping her hands, she threw her left arm forward, shattering the frozen goo which turned into dust, sparkling in the sunlight. Kierix doesn’t look like he is in a good condition, he was squatting down, and had nearly no energy left in him. The box sucked him dry.

Seeing how he had not expired yet, she had to make sure he would not. She held up her right arm, and swiftly tapped at different points of the wall. A layer of frost grew from the goo that turned white at the points of origin where she tapped and started widening its coverage. It did not stop expanding. It was like a virus, expanding its territory, conquering its host. The frost covered the whole of the hardened goo-covered wall. In less than ten seconds, the room converted from the black to white. She turned to face the non-existent Pandora’s Box. She snapped her fingers and the whole of the frozen goo wall shattered.

What was originally the Pandora’s Box became nothing when it began disintegrating to release the magic within. And as soon as the wall was hardened, energy would begin to be sapped out of anyone that was trapped. If the wall was to be destroyed before it finished sapping energy, the Pandora’s Box would be killed. However, if it finished sapping energy from whatever was trapped, the wall would collapse and return and reform into another Pandora’s Box, along with whatever that remained in the space within the wall. The box would then be all ready to move and prey its next victim.

The Pandora’s Box was now no more. He was safe.

“Are you alright? You better not die on me…” she looked at the person she had to protect.

“M-maybe.” Kierix was only able to force out one word from his tired body. That was unfair. Even if he had the ability to remove the goo, he was unable to break the box. In a short moment after the box disappeared, he was forced to kneel down. The overwhelming pressure that was placed on his body did not allow him to continue standing. He could feel his life getting sucked out of his very own body. It was as if he was eaten without losing any part of his body. Perhaps, if he did not hold onto the knife while that happened, he would have died earlier, lacking the knife’s protection. There was some sort of warmth that the knife provided that made him feel safe. Nonetheless, he was still strengthless from the box’s absorption of his energy.

After he said that, he fell into a deep sleep on the spot. Snow just sat down and watched over him after that. She could not allow him to be in any further danger. After all, she was his guardian.


Colours of Change – Chapter 2

Colours of Change – Chapter 2

It happened once more. He was walking on the streets, passing by many shop houses. His house was just a few buildings away from the shop houses. Being a quiet person, he hardly talked to people and only minded his own business while he lived his daily life. The crowded market stopped moving in an instant. What seemed to be a sea of people that were also passing by the street suddenly stopped moving. Some were prepared to land another foot on the ground, some were just about to lift their legs up, no matter what they were doing, they just stopped. The human swarm just stopped.

He could move his body freely, however, which felt weird. He suddenly felt very lonely. He was the only one out of the hundreds around the area that could move… Except for the person to his left. It was the same white dress that floated past his left. The dress brushed his shoulder and it moved ahead of him.

She did a spin after she was ahead of him, facing him and started walking backwards, following his pace. She gave her usual smile to the male that faced her, he was interesting.

That continued until he reached his house, he continued to move forward, ignoring the lady that was ahead of him. He stopped once he reached his house. Everything was still in a standstill. He realised that when such a standstill occurred, everything became greyer to signify a halt in time, and for some reason, he could understand.

Noticing the house, she understood why he was not affected. He was who she was looking for.

“Hello Kierix.” she continued to smile.

“Who…” Kierix wanted to question her but she made a spin and walked away. When he turned around, the colours around became as vibrant as before. The shadow that belonged to the lady was gone. She was no longer around the area. Leaves resumed to fall down, sound from the market could again be heard and people continued to walk, oblivious of what happened.

That was definitely not an event that could be ignored. Being close up with the person who seemed to be able to stop time, it was as if he was in a fantasy story. What was all that about? It was only a short moment, yet he was able to feel warmth radiating within when she was nearby. What was the resonance between them?

He pinched himself, then winced in pain. No, he was not in a dream. It was very realistic, it was definitely not a dream. He shook his head frantically, trying to rid himself of the fantastical scene that he just experienced. It may very well be just his hallucinations. Such things do not exist in the world, he muttered as he continued to convince himself that it was all fake, but it was painfully real.

He walked into the house, feeling very tired. A sandwich for breakfast to last him the day was not enough. He regretted not eating anything during recess. It was soon dusk. Even chopping vegetables was a hassle for him. The events he experienced during the day was kind of absurd and a little too much for him to handle, and it have somehow taken a toll on his stamina. He was tired, really tired. It was beginning to become hard to even open his eyes. He should finish whatever cooking he have to do and start eating quickly. Sleep must come immediately after.

“He seems alright, he’s still living a normal life of his own. However, he seems to be able to see me.” the lady with the white dress spoke.

She took a sat on the bridge that floated on top of the ocean. Another man followed suit.

“I said hello to him too.”

“I see, glad to hear. Do me another favour would you, scout around the area, make sure it is safe.” the man replied.

“It’s my duty ever since, isn’t it?”

“I guess you can say so. I have other things to do for now though, I have to head elsewhere. Take care, Snow.”

The conversation ended. Snow remained on the bridge, staring into the vast horizon while the man stood up and walked away. Swinging her legs on the bridge, she relished the waves that were hitting onto her bare legs. It was the same feeling from before. The previous time she saw him. It felt comfortable. She did not like to wear the white high heels that she had to wear as she travelled, so having a break from then felt great. She did not understand why she was asked to wear that when she left her parents.

It was dawn once again. The sun rose slowly, covering the land with its brightness, washing the darkness away. There was one darkness that did not observe the brightness, however. There was a creature on the floor. It was black in colour, outreaching and spreading slowly to cover his room with itself. Kierix jumped and stood on his bed as he realised there was a foreign creature in his room. That was not normal… No, that was beyond abnormal. Never had he seen such a thing, but he had a feeling that once the thing fully spread and covered his room, he would be in danger. The severity however, he had no idea.

Instinctively, he jumped off the bed, landing with a thud at the door. He was stuck. What could he do? He had no weapons and he did not know how to deal with such a creature that was unfamiliar to him. Fear was all he felt.

Colours of Change – Chapter 1

Colours of Change – Chapter 1

This person lived a normal life, with his friends and everything. As per normal, on a school morning, he routinely grasped tightly on the sling of his bag and swung it upwards, followed by a spin and ending with the bag landing smoothly on his back. It was something he enjoyed a lot, how the physics worked and how cool he felt when he did it.

He knew he wanted to finish his studies, but similar to most teenagers, he was lost, no clue as to what he’d do next. Little did he know, he would soon enter an unfamiliar environment that he once thought was impossible. He continued by whipping out his pair of house keys, twiddling with it with his fingers, then slotting the piece of metal into the lock, and with a move of his muscle, the lock opened.

He left the place. No longer in the crowded place. He was alone at home, the home that was left behind for him. It was a rather big house; there was two storeys and of the eight rooms the house contained, he had five rooms that he did not have a use for. He only made use of 3 rooms, one as his bedroom, the other as a storage room and the last as his study room.

Nibbling on the sandwich which he made in a jiffy in the kitchen, he dashed swiftly to cover as much distance as he could, hoping that he would not be late for school. Dashing through the roads, he was able to experience the wind hitting on his face. It was something that he also liked a lot. Trees around him were swaying with the wind and birds flew in the bright blue sky. That day seemed like a perfect day to him. The sun was not too intense, it was windy and not too humid. He felt like sitting down and enjoying the weather on a patch of grass, but unfortunately time did not permit. He needed to reach school as soon as possible.

“You’re two thirds the way to school already, better reach there on time now… Twenty minutes left.” he muttered to himself as he looked at his watch. He never had time to look at the scenery; he always had to run throughout the journey, unable to stop to sightsee. He made a quick glance around. To the left was a field covered with flowers of different colours and to the right was a forest. Below him was the concrete pavement he was running on and ahead of him was many other students. A good sign. To see other students was the sign to him that he wouldn’t be late. Occasionally he would be late, and he would always be the only one. Never had any of the other students gotten to school late, except a few who were asked to run some errands by their teachers.

The clock tower was in view, and it was about to be eight o’ clock. It was five minutes to eight. The minute hand of the clock slowly neared the twelve mark. He was very close to school. Dashing past the gates, he arrived at the assembly hall. He was panting really hard. Whilst he was attempting to catch his breath, the student councillors were already on stage, preparing for the school song to be sung. He could sing along, just that no sound would escape from him.

“…rising tall.” He barely managed to finish the second verse. He skipped the first verse since he had been panting really hard. That was when he realised he was in a standstill; the music stopped abruptly, and other students did not move at all, not to mention even the fans that hung tall above stopped, ignoring the laws of physics. It was a complete halt in time. The only sound he could hear was from his breathing. What just happened?

He caught motion to the far left of the hall with his peripheral vision, and turned to face it. It was a lady with white hair who was donned in a white dress which was seemingly affected by a nonexistent wind.

She noticed his glance and turned over with a look of inquisitiveness. Why was this man able to move? She thought it was interesting and gave him a warm smile.

Right after he blinked his eye, everything reverted to normal, the school song continued to reverberate through the whole hall and the fan continued to turn. The lady disappeared and everyone else continued to sway ever so slightly. As soon as he realised he was not on the right verse, he immediately stopped his singing and corrected himself. But what was that phenomena he experienced a second ago? It was very unique and out of the world. He had never seen a lady in white hair in his school. Never had he seen a dress like that either, made with an unknown material and lined with symbols where it was supposed to be pleated.

He did not pay much attention to the rest of his classes. All that was on his mind was the white haired person that was moving in the standstill. She looked familiar yet he did not know who she was. The smile that was on her face provided him a warm feeling that he could not comprehend. He still could not understand why she was here in the first place and how he was able to move whilst the world stopped. He was certain, however, that he was the only one who could see her, amongst the other students.

As the bell for dismissal rang, he repeated the steps, flinging his sling bag onto his back before walking home. He decided not to put whatever he saw on his mind and wanted to continue with his normal life. That was just a minor difference from his daily life, a unique event that was possibly very rare, if not impossible, to experience.

Colours of Change – Prologue

Everyday, things occur. Along with the different things you do, what follows changes drastically. Sometimes, changes may not even occur because of what you do but because of what others do. Results are not necessarily beneficial to you all the time yet it continues to occur due to the flow of time.

On a certain time of the year, there was this young man that was born into this world, predestined to be abandoned by his parents.

“We cannot afford to keep him, we have to leave him.” A male voice spoke.

“Are you sure about this… It’s our children we are talking about. We can do something about this…” A female voice replied, with a hint of bitter in her voice.

“I …” he hesitated, then continued with certainty, “we have to do this.”

“If that is what you really want, then alright… I believe in what you are doing.”

He was left behind. The two shadows slowly became smaller and smaller until they disappeared in the horizon.

He closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Once he opened his eyes once more, everything around him was much different from what it used to be, it was not the plain wash of white like before, but a mixture of colours. That was when he realised he was once more, no longer alone.

Colours of Change – Synopsis

Colours of Change – Synopsis

Throughout your life, changes occur. Some may be drastic, some may be mild. It may occur due to decisions you make, it may occur due to decisions others make or it may also occur due to time’s flow. Often, changes are what people abhor, for they desire peace and stability. However, with peace follows unrest, as change will cause the course of time to change.

This young man, aged 17, named Kierix experiences a life changing experience that is out of the world. He was abandoned by his parents and left in this world to live on his own. He was left behind only a house and a knife. At the age of 8, he was told that he had a house that was left for him to live in, and was allowed to move out of the orphanage to live a life of independence.

However, one day, instead of a normal school day that he would imagine himself experiencing, time stopped. What follows next is a series of events that resulted in a change in his course of life, placing huge responsibilities upon him. The decision, belongs with him.

[Raw] Colours of Change – Chapter 29 [Finale]

Colours of Change – Chapter 29

He was out of the room. He kicked off the slope that existed in front of the door outside the palace and started swimming as fast as he could back to the dock. The alarm sounded once more. It seemed like a very bad situation. Soldiers were swarming towards the entrance from all direction. Many came out of the palace, many ran from the marketplace.

“Excuse us.” Snow muttered and took a bow, before dashing out to catch up with Kierix.

“Such active youths we have here.” The Emperor smiled and waved in response.

“We were once like that four hundred years ago.” The Empress giggled in response. She could still fondly remember the time with the emperor when they were as young as the kids.

“It has been a long while.” he agreed.

He finally reached the tower. In front of him was more swarms of soldiers dashing into the tower. The tower have changed its mode to exit. The flow of water was reversed, pushing the soldiers up from the bottom as soon as they enter the tower. He waited for the crowd to clear before swimming into it and following the flow.

Just as he was about to enter the tower, Snow appeared from behind and swam into the tower at the same time as he did. The current was strong; without them swimming or pushing themselves upwards, they were able to be sent up the tower. It took less than five minutes to reach the top. That was a setting that was adjusted to during such emergencies. Many soldiers patrolled at the top. They held their two metre tall shields up, blocking in front of the tower. The great number of defence-based soldiers created a circular barrier around the tower. The shields link up together with a blue inscription band, and when all of the shields linked up, a hemispherical shield capped the whole area around them, covering the tower. The attack-based soldiers held lances and smaller shields that were more mobile. They stood on the water lining the inner side of the outer protective layer, preparing themselves for the upcoming attack. In the far distance, nearly the whole horizon was flooded with purple creatures approaching the dock at a tremendous speed.

Kierix hopped over the gigantic shield with his air step and watched the purple creatures move towards their current location above the defence-based soldiers. It was really quick. In less than thirty seconds, they arrived outside the barrier and started attacking it. The attack-based soldiers immediately reacted and started preparing to throw their lances at the threat that was facing them.

As soon as he saw the creatures that had purple strips on them, he could instantly tell that they were all class five virus that infected humans. He had better alert Alex to come up to help with the separation of the virus. He looked to his right, then left, spotting Snow.

“Snow, can you help me call Alex up here, I need him as fast as possible.” he said. He looked back to the battlefield. There was a little more time before anything else happens. For now, the quickest solution to deal with the situation was with Alex. However, if Alex did not arrive on time, the second quickest method would be to demolish each creature slowly.

In the next moment, all the lances were launched. As soon as the lances left their hands, they quickly moved, but slowed down immediately before they were about to leave the barrier. It was a beautiful scene to observe, all the lances moved slowly, if not stopped in the air. If one did not see the infected humans, they would have thought it was a grand performance. All the lances were thrown uniformly at the same time. On the lances were the bronze clocks, and the clock arms slowly ticked down. The soldiers muttered a spell each and the lances reappeared on their hands. Replacing the lances were lances that were made with highly pressurised water. The clock arms continued to tick down. The soldiers muttered another spell each, and the water lances started to boil, while keeping their shape. The first soldier from the left muttered a new spell to end the chain to the spells. At the same time, the clocks on the spears have finished their allotted time and shot out of the barrier. As soon as the first lance shot out of the barrier, the lance exploded, creating a chain explosion, causing the rest to explode along from left to right. Instead of a lance that could cut through one infected, the explosion created an explosion that threw all the infected that were nearest to the barrier and destroyed them completely, breaking the line of attack. However, there were more to arrive.

Mages behind the defensive line started to reinforce the shield. As soon as the lances blew, the reinforced shield shattered due to the impact and the old shield remained standing. The old shield were also quickly repaired by the mages. Looking at the scene ahead of him, he really could tell the soldiers had much training, seeing how the whole attacking sequence properly carried out without any flaws. Even after that hit, there were more infected ready to continue attacking. The soldiers started preparing for their next sequence when Alex dashed up.

“Start casting your spell. Rid the virus off them.” Kierix turned around to face his friend, getting a nod back as a response.

“Dispello Valens!” He whipped out his magic wand from his pocket and swung it. The white magic circle reappeared, and spikes started appearing out of the magic circle. The spikes shot out instantly when they were ready, piercing through the distant creatures, pulling the virus out of several humans and wrapping the virus, preventing the virus from reentering the humans temporarily. There was only ten spikes per shot, allowing only ten to be hit at once. The magic circle started spinning vigorously, reloading itself. When spikes appeared a little, the magic circle slowed itself down, and the spikes slowly extended, and in a short moment’s time, it shot out once more. The whole process took ten seconds. In a minute, about an eighth of the creatures had their virus detached.

Taking the opportunity, Kierix dashed ahead in the air and held his knife on the end most of the hilt with the tip of his fingers, giving him the greatest possible range. Right after, he jumped out of the barrier, before beginning to massacre at the floating virus strips. The creatures below began to look up towards him. He was a threat to them. The creatures began to jump towards him to attack him. As soon as one was about to reach him, he noticed it and instantly dodged away, but the next one jumped straight towards him. Just as it was landing on him, a white spike pierced through it and pulled the virus out, allowing the body to drop on the floor and the virus to stay afloat. Kierix cut it into two, allowing it to disintegrate before he moved on to the next. The whole process took a long while but the amount of infected seemed overwhelming.

“Move now!” Alex shouted to him. The highly pressurised water lances shot out in an instant, exploding in the infected’s faces. There were more that were reinforcing the ones ahead. He was not keeping up to the amount of viruses and soon, there were more strips of virus in the air than the infected. As soon as the next wave of spikes shot out, all the infected were no longer infected; their virus stayed afloat in the air and they were temporarily immune. The scene looked a little menacing even without the infected hitting the barrier. Kierix jumped away from all the strips, standing thirty metres away from the nearest one. Pressure seemed to emanate from the great amount of viruses.

The white spells were slowly corroded by the virus, and in no time, they were free. However, the strips did not return to their hosts. They started sticking to one another, creating one gigantic ball of virus when they were done.

Knowing it was not a great time to be outside the barrier, he wanted to head back in. But he had a feeling he had to deal with it. It looked very menacing. He could hear Alex shouting at him to go back in, but his body would not move. He looked back at the virus. He knew it was becoming a class eight virus. This class eight virus had no host yet could fight on. No one behind him could easily destroy it, neither could he. He knew even with the sequential hits, they could only deal minor damage to the thing.

He pulled out his magic book from the air instinctively. He just knew. He did not know how he knew what to do but he did. It glowed brightly. He flipped to the next page after the air step. The words reformed themselves. Air Flow. The page glowed with a bright gold, before settling back in the usual light brown of a book. The words themselves turned gold however.

“Aer Imperium!” he pointed his palm at the virus ahead of him. He could feel the wind blowing stronger and stronger, but he was not affected. He just wanted to destroy the virus, and he felt he could. He could feel himself with the wind. The calm wind started moving. From a transparent air flow, golden orbs started appearing in the air, flowing along with the wind. He commandeered the wind to focus around the virus. Big waves began to form around the area, but the dock was unaffected within the barrier. His hair was blown along by the wind, but it did not matter. He closed his finger and wrapped it into a fist, and the wind sped up instantly.

The virus was surrounded by the raging wind and gold orbs gathered around it. The virus had a new form. It was a full fledged sentient creature, able to control itself. The virus started to move towards him, but the wind was too strong for the virus to get near him. The virus could not move. The wind was pushing him back to a position where it was and every time it moved, not only did the virus waste energy and spent a few virus strands, the wind cut it from all directions, damaging more of its virus strips, causing them to turn grey and disintegrate. The ball of virus was still huge, bigger than Kierix if they were compared.

She were confused. How was the virus not able to move? Suddenly, a great wind entered the protective dome barrier. The wind swept across the entire dome and her hair started flying. She saw gold glowing light orbs in the midst of the fierce wind and realised what happened. The book on his hands unlocked a new spell for him. She found it familiar. It was similar to the one she have seen before… Swift Zephyr’s spell.

The wind continued to blow fiercely from behind him. The virus was slowly getting smaller. The virus could not move. He looked at one of the guards, before speaking softly. “Cast the time spell and the explosive spell on my knife.” He passed the message instantly with the winds, allowing the guard to hear him over the sound of the wind. Everyone was looking at him from below.

The guard heard what he said and instantly began the casting procedure. The other guards looked back at the guard and noticed his actions. Instantly, a clock appeared on the knife. The arms have not yet began ticking. He held it on his hands and as soon as the knife was armed with the explosive spell, he flung it out. He moved his body to the opposite side of where he was facing, behind the virus and stood in the way of the knife. He counted down. The knife started to vibrate, and a bronze ring expanded from the knife when the time was up, allowing it to work as per normal and with the assistance of the wind, the knife instantly shot through the virus, exploding within and returning to his hands. The virus strips were instantly disconnected from one another, losing the tethered state, and started to disintegrate.

Kierix was tired. He have never casted such a spell with such strength, but he knew he did it. He closed his eyes, started to fall. The spell book disappeared as it left his hands. He did not know what happened after that, but he knew one thing. The change that occurred in the last moment allowed him to destroy the virus. Change was beautiful.

[Raw] Colours of Change – Chapter 28

Colours of Change – Chapter 28

His reflexes tugged him back to reality. The world slowed down a little and he had time to react. He turned his body around and faced Snow. He used his magic, and stepped on a newly created magic circle that floated beneath him, kicking him upwards. Meanwhile his arms already caught on Snow, and pulled her along with him. He flew upwards, creating another air step to allow him to rebalance himself, standing ten metres above ground. It was definitely an infected.

The creature was unable to reach them. It was frustrated. It surfaced out of the water, to reveal itself. It was the kraken that was heard in fairytales and myths. It stood on the bridge. The bridge was surprisingly very strong, able to remain in one piece when the kraken sat on top of it. Its tentacles started shooting the two’s way.

As the tentacle shot his way, he immediately let go of the lady in his hands, allowing her to jump away, before he dodged the attack. He had no attacking power; he would only lose his knife in the depths of the sea if he threw it and he would be flanked from all directions from all the tentacles. There was no way he could attack without any ranged abilities. He could only dodge. He jumped away as another tentacle was sent his way. He looked to his side, Snow seemed to be able to damage the kraken easily, with the kraken lack in mobility.

She put her hand forward, and a magic circle appeared, splitting into two and separating outwards slowly. When her staff fully appeared, the magic circle faded and she gripped tight on it. She pulled the staff to shoulder level and assumed a throwing posture. Without hesitating, she sent the staff the kraken’s way. Mid flight, the staff shredded and reformed itself, giving the tip a sharper edge and becoming a sharp javelin which headed directly at the kraken’s head.

In reaction to her offence, the kraken pulled up a tentacle, protecting its head. The javelin flew swiftly and in a split second, there was contact between the javelin and the kraken. The next moment made Snow drop her jaw. The ice javelin bounced off the kraken and fell onto the ground. But after awhile of thinking, she knew why it bounced off. She reformed the javelin on her arm, and instantly jumped away, dodging the kraken’s tentacle that shot her way. She could detect magical signatures from her javelin. There was a defensive magic spell that was casted just before the javelin pierced the kraken.

“Stop, guardian. We’ll take over from here.” The one who used the spell appeared from the cylindrical structure. That was the only kraken that was left after the humans killed many of its race and now it was infected. However, they had to protect it and not let it fall by anything. Many human shaped guards appeared from behind the man and dashed in front, holding shields high up to defend themselves.They walked on water, surrounding the kraken which was shocked by its enemies’ sudden increase in numbers. For a moment, it did not know what to do, but the next moment, it swung its tentacle at the guard. The guard held up his shield to protect himself, which succeeded. But the shield started to melt from top down. Noticing the corrosion of his shield, the guard dropped his shield on the ground to protect himself. Within seconds, the shield melted completely and even left nothing behind. The kraken continued to swing its tentacle towards the man who spoke. The man swung his arm, and a similar magical barrier that protected the kraken from Snow’s javelin appeared, blocking the kraken’s attack at him. However, the barrier that protected him broke down into countless shards, disappearing into thin air.

He felt afraid. He did not know what would happen if he went down to have a close-ranged fight with the kraken. But that made him wonder. The kraken had no clear or transparent body parts, and the thing that tugged on before the kraken appeared did not corrode him. What was the creature? He had better be cautious. Looking at the guards, he saw the guards holding a needle each.

After awhile, the kraken began to sink back into it’s enclosure. A glass sphere way bigger than the kraken appeared from below, closing its door after the kraken entered it. The kraken had no motion after the creature entered the enclosure. To cause the creature to be tamed, they probably injected a tranquilizing drug into it.

“Let’s head towards the meeting hall shall we. We are running late already.” The man instantly turned around without introducing himself and walked towards the structure. The guards followed close behind.

Kierix looked at the man ahead of him. He did not like any bit of his attitude, but he walked back to the bridge. Surprisingly, both their shoes were still on the bridge, intact and untouched. He put on his socks and shoes and stood up, looking at Snow, who was done putting on her footwear. She looked impassive however and did not seem like she cared about the man at all. They slowly made their way to the cylindrical structure which looked beautiful. Kierix realised why the structure looked bright. It was not because there were artificial lighting. Light from the moon shone on it, and the structure spread the light and amplified it, while spreading the remainder downwards, lighting up the entire building. It was a crystalline tower, and had a high level of transparency. There was a staircase and a hole in the middle. Beyond the height they were standing at, it was completely filled with water. Walking on the stairs were not ideal with the water resistance. It would take a longer time. Taking the middle path and sink… Even worse.

“Don’t worry, just jump into it.” She spoke after she placed her finger on Kierix’s head. She casted two spells on him, one that allowed him to breathe in water and the other that allowed him to see without eye irritation. Seeing as to how he stood still and not jump into what seemed to be a never ending flooded hole, she pushed the finger, pushing Kierix down into the water before jumping into it. Every time the staircase reached the point where the staircase started, creating a full loop, the tower has a three-inch line of inscription that ran across the level. On other parts of the tower, there were windows that allowed others to view the places in the sea, but it was night time, there was hardly any light to be able to see the surroundings.

After awhile, they reached the base of the tower. It took about 5 minutes of sinking to reach that far, swimming downwards did not help to make it any quicker. At the base, there were signs to show the way, but rare. It was different from the Plant Kingdom, the marketplace was not located anywhere near the entrance, but the light of the marketplace was visible from the entrance. The noise of the crowd could be heard too. They looked at the signs. Following the one that said palace, they continued on. There was no sign that wrote meeting hall, but palace was the most relevant of all, so they went that way.

The seabed was not as flat as they thought to be. There was many small underwater hills and trenches. The path they were walking on was built on top of a trench, so they were hidden by underwater hills from both direction. On the path, there were not many people going the same way. It was rather quiet. The path was lit up by glowing corals and rocks. After all that he have experienced, he was no longer surprised at the uniqueness of the world unknown to humans. While he swam forward, Snow followed close behind.

When a huge building came into view, they were out of the trench and they were in front of a somewhat flat seabed that surrounded the building. Instantly, he could tell they were there.

“Guardian, please head this way.” A uniformed fishman… or guard pointed towards the interior and lead them forward. Kierix gave him a nod and followed. The interior was huge, with much space within. It was well decorated, with red banners with golden lining that contrasted with the blue sea placed in many places, as well as golden chandeliers that held glowing candles. Every nook and cranny of the palace was intricately designed with complicated patterns. When they reached the meeting hall, the guard opened the door and left them behind, allowing them to walk in by themselves.

Inside the meeting hall was a large rectangular table, with the Emperor seated at the end of it. The Empress and princess sat left and right of him respectively. On the other hand, Calidis sat to the right of the other end, with Alex sitting next to her.

Still unfamiliar with the formal greetings, Kierix walked in and bowed down as he entered. Snow followed suit and took the seat next to him.

“Welcome to the Aqua Empire, Kierix, the guardian of the Central Party and Snow, the Ice Kingdom’s Princess.” The emperor greeted the ones that just joined with a smile. The empress and the princess gave a smile to their guests.

Kierix returned a smile, before sitting at the end, facing the king, while Snow sat at his right. The room was surprisingly big, and in the middle was the table. The emperor and empress looked like they were middle aged, if not very young. The princess on the other hand looked like she was between seven to ten.

“We’re very sorry to have come at such a late timing, we hope we have not intruded upon your resting time.” Kierix instantly spoke, breaking the silence. It was really late, and he hoped that they would accept his apology.

“No worry, guardian. Honestly, most of the people of the Aqua Empire hardly sleeps.” The emperor replied him. “We have to move most of the time, but when we rest, we do not really sleep like the other races.” The emperor understood Kierix’s misunderstanding of the Aqua Empire.

“What brings you here, Snow?” The princess spoke.

“I’m Kierix’s guardian.” Snow replied coldly, but she seemed to know the princess.

“The water around the empire is very polluted, and since the humans have been infected, their virus have been transmitted into water too, polluting most of the sea. Even with the sea’s natural filtration and recovery system, it cannot keep up with the input of trash. Fortunately, with the barrier that is constantly renewed by our mages, the virus cannot enter the Empire, just as how pollution cannot.” The king explained their situation.

“But what is the issue at hand?” Kierix asked.

“The virus is eating away at the barriers, creating small holes here and there, so the mages have to be on duty and be more active from now on. However, infected creatures are entering and with that our security is getting worse. We have our ways of dealing with the infected, but sometimes the number is just overwhelming. That is where we need help. We need help with foreign invasions.” He answered.

“There’s one about to begin right now.” The young princess frowned and looked up. She seemed to have sensed something. Nothing but the ceiling was above her, but she was not looking at that. In another second, the emergency alarm sounded.

“All citizens near the outskirts of the Empire, please return to your houses immediately. The guards will head out immediately to keep everyone safe. I repeat, all citizens near the outskirts of the Empire, please return to your houses immediately. The guards will head out immediately to keep everyone safe.” the alarm repeated itself.

“Where do we head to?” Kierix asked the princess who looked like she could detect the enemies.

“They are at the outside of the dock. There is an… ” the princess frowned and paused awhile, before continuing, “astonishing amount of them outside, stay safe.” She received a rub on the head by the Emperor.

“Then I’ll move out first, let’s resume our talk later.” Kierix pushed out his chair and immediately ran out of the room. Astonishing amount of them huh…